(1310-06-30) A Chance Encounter
Summary: Tavi and Lily both finds themselves at the pool on a beautiful summer day and there is talk about family, among other things.
RL Date: 2018-06-30
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La Cascade

Taking a smaller path that splits from the main one, following it through the trees and down a small slope, and a person would find themselves in a large glade at the foot of a waterfall. Entering the glade is like stepping into another world; for no views of the city, or the sea that can be heard in the distance, are possible from here due to the trees that surround it. It's here that the river which has wound its way through the Eisandine fields, tumbles over a fifty foot cliff and into a pool at its base before continuing on its way. Over the centuries the rocks surrounding the pool have worn smooth, and the natural hollows and formations of which they comprise allow for sitting or bathing in the sparkling clear waters, or for stretching alongside the pool in the warmth of the Eisandine summers. Trees around the edge of the glade offer respite for those that prefer to seek shade when the sun is high, and one large flat rock that overhangs the pool is a popular spot from which to dive.

At some point in history, someone carved a small grotto into one of the rocks behind where the water cascades, and lovers will often place a devotion to Naamah here, asking her for blessings.

It is a brilliant summer day, although it is a bit too warm for many despite the clouds. Perhaps that is why Le Cascade has a sole occupant, a young man stripped down to his trousers and laid out on a blue robe to read in the shade by the pool, idly dipping his feet in and out of the water.
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It was likely one of the most beautiful places in the area and perhaps a draw to others around who knew of its existence. One of those is Lilyana and with the warmth of the summer day having a few clouds dotting the sky, it would protect her from the direct rays of the punishing sun. At least until it came back out from behind the clouds. Her complexion is perhaps darker than some around, a testament to her heritage, but the sun was still a danger for burning her. As she approaches the larger rock, she reaches down and removes her slippers, leaving them carelessly on the grass beside it and with a laugh of pure delight and without being aware of the man there in the shade, she dips her feet into the pool, splashing them around, kicking it up in the air to splash back down on her as if it were raining.

Tavi blinks a little bit as he hears someone else coming over, and grins as he sees someone come over and start splashing in to the pool without a care. "Careful, my lady," he calls out, pulling up to his feet and wandering over to where she is dipping her feet. "Some rogue might steal those slippers and ransom them back to you," he teases playfully.

It was unexpected, hearing another speaking, but Lilyana turns when she hears and looks at him with a wide eyed gaze. Apparently he comes across to her as non-threatening and her smile only widens. "Perhaps should there be a rogue near who steals my slippers, he may need them far more than I do." There is laughter in her eyes and she leans back slightly on her hands. "That will be the day I will commission a new pair of leather ones from the merchant in town. Perhaps a pair to match my new gloves." With her skirts hiked just a little, she continues to splash her feet, pleased that he had been dipping his feet as well, she nods to the place beside her. "Will you join me?"

Tavi grins at that. "Or maybe he thinks you have pretty feet, and thinks you should show them off more," he responds with a twinkle in his eyes, before he beams at her invitation. He moves to slide down next to her. "I'd love to. I'm Tavi Delaunay," he introduces himself politely as he puts his own feet back in the water.

Crinkling her toes at that suggestion, Lilyana laughs softly and lifts one up out of the water to look at it with a tilted head. "I never considered feet being pretty." Of course her eyes drop to his then to compare. "Are you a rogue I should worry about?" There's teasing in her voice and as she tilts her head back to look up at him, the sun comes from behind the clouds and she closes one eye to watch as he sits down beside her, making it much easier to look at him. "You have nice feet also, Tavi Delaunay." A smile as they disappear into the water. "I am Lilyana, but you can call me Lily."

Tavi continues grinning, and playfully leans over to tickle the foot that lifts out of the water. "No, I'm not a rogue, I just enjoy playing pranks. And everything about a person can be pretty, Lily; or in some cases, all of a person." He laughs, and wiggles his toes. "Well, thank you. It's a pleasure to meet you," he offers, leaning back slightly to rest on his hands.

The tickle was unexpected but not unwelcome and Lily laughs in response, something like a girlish giggle without the high pitched sound. "Does this mean when I leave my slippers will disappear with you and I will have to seek you out to find them again?" Watching as he wiggles his toes, she does the same before kicking her feet and letting the water splash and rain some droplets on them. "It is a pleasure to meet you also, I suppose I should offer my full name. Lily no Glycine." Just to get that out there.

"I won't say the thought hadn't occurred to me, my lady, although I'll admit that I know not everyone has the same fondness for walking barefoot as I do," Tavi offers. "I could let you pre-ransom them?" He asks with an impish grin before he laughs. "Well, full names. I'm Lord Octavian Delaunay, Priest of Elua, and we can ignore all of that and just call me Tavi."

"I never walk barefoot so much, I think it makes the feet have rough spots and places on them perhaps." Lily considers it, "Though I may want to try it now. It seems to be very freeing." Her own smile comes in response to his impish one and at his full name she dips her head, "A real pleasure meeting you Tavi. Do you come out here very often? I love the pool and the area here."

Tavi nods. "It can, but that's why you ask a friendly herbalist for creams to keep it from happening. And in small doses it isn't much to worry about any way." He nods. "I come out here when I can. My family always tried to visit when we were in Marsilikos, when I was younger. I've always loved it." He smiles. "Since you're out and about, I assume that you are at least an adept of your house?"

"Creams for the feet. I think I need to find a friendly herbalist so I can try out creams and walking around barefoot also. It sounds so fun." Lily turns slightly to face him a little better and perhaps keep him engaged in conversation. "It is a lovely place to come and I only discovered it after my own debut when I was allowed more freedom. You are right!" The smile brims with excitement. "I am an adept and will have even more freedom as soon as my marque is finished. Perhaps soon."

Tavi grins broadly at that. "Well, the good news is that I am a friendly healer—and as part of that I make all my poultices and creams myself. I can amke sure you have some." He nods aat her answer, laughing. "Well good! May I ask how far along your marque you are?" He looks down a little sheepishly. "My mother was a Coquelicot courtesan before she married my father; I didn't grow up in the Houses quite, but it was a near thing."

Surprise registers on her features, "A healer, I think I will have to purchase them from you then, if you are willing to sell any creams for that purpose." Lilyana lifts a hand absently to her shoulder and smiles, "I am mostly finished. There is only a little left, perhaps no more than two months, if I can manage it." So basically ninety percent. "My mother was a Rose once upon a time until she married my father and we moved to his lands until I was old enough, then she took me to Glycine, thinking it suited me more and so far it has."

Tavi smiles. "Of course, it would hardly be fair for me to mention it and then not. I have some that will work in my bag where I was before," Tavi offers. He nods at the progress of her marque, and then her story. "Excellent. What at Glycine do you focus on?" He asks curiously, before blushing slightly. "Would you allow me to contribute, perhaps, to the progress of your marque?"

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