(1310-06-28) Telling Gabrielle
Summary: Belmont breaks the news to Gabrielle.
RL Date: Thu Jun 29, 2018
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Comte's Suite

A lavish sitting room is the first thing one sees upon stepping into this suite. The floors are a dark almost ebony hued hardwood and covered by a woven rug of rich purple and silver. The walls are paneled with the same wood giving the room a dark yet elegant feel. From the center of the ceiling hangs a large silver chandelier to provide extra light during the night hours. Against one wall a large fireplace of dark grey marble is located, chairs and couches upholstered in fine black leather placed around it. Several sculptures and paintings of high quality adorn the room for decoration and one alcove near a large high window is home to an elegant office space with a dark hardwood desk and matching bookshelf of various texts.

Further into the suite is a large bedchamber, its colors much the same as the sitting room. The dark floors here are covered by another soft rug of purple, black, and silver that surrounds the area near a large four poster bed. The dark hardwood of that bed is made of the highest quality and carefully carved, its headboard bearing an intricate etching of the Crest of House Delaunay. Furnished in purple, black and silver the bed looks soft and inviting, several extra pillows carefully placed upon it as well. Across from it sits a large wardrobe of dark hardwood and a silver washbasin under a matching silver framed mirror. Candles in silver holders are placed on surfaces throughout this room for light in addition to a large widow on the left side of the room with curtains that can be drawn back as needed. Everything in both rooms is of high quality with meticulous attention to details and design, easily showcasing luxury and the owner's refinement.

Things had happened. Commitments, obligations that had kept Belmont from visiting his intended, and on her side, it had been probably likewise. Putting off this particular visit wouldn't make things easier, a fact that the Eresse lord was aware of. And so, here he is on this afternoon, ascending the stairs to Gabrielle's chambers after having been told by a servant this would be where she would be found. Has she been expecting him? A question he may wonder about, as he steps into the suite. Grey-blue eyes start wandering, in search for his intended.

Gabrielle is sitting in the sitting room with the windows open to let in light and the cooler air that has appeared that day. She is dressed in a tempting strapless day dress of purple that hugs each curve but allows a flickering swirling of fabric along her feet. She is working on something if the ink and open parchment is anything, but her attention is to the window and her features hold a hauntingly beautiful look, soft and thoughtful but sensual in the half smile that turns her lips as she hears him enter.

What a breathtaking view indeed. It makes Belmont pause in his steps, after he has closed the door behind him. He wears his usual attire of preference, dark green doublet and breeches. He smiles. "Hello, my love." And in crossing the distance to where she sits, he reaches of her hand, if allowed, to press his lips against her knuckles. "It is good to see you," he tells her, as he lets his gaze drift appreciatively over her face and frame.

Gabrielle turns her head to smiles that bright smile that seems all for him as she squeezes his fingers gently, "Hello dear one. I am glad you had some free time to visit.." So even busy, maybe she missed him but that is all she says to the matter as she moves to stand gracefully, "Come and sit, wine?"

"Wine sounds good to me, but first I long for a different treat," Belmont murmurs, and in bending over just a tad more, dares to claim her lips with his own. In a proper greeting that very much emphasizes where they stand. "I would have called sooner," he admits then with a half-apologetic smile as he straightens and claims a seat beside her own, his hand not quite letting go of hers but instead, lacing his fingers there in a loose contact. "But I had to make arrangements. I'll be leaving Marsilikos for one or two weeks." The news leaves his lips in a casual tone, and yet, his eyes linger on her, curious on how she will take it.

Gabrielle ohs, well a kiss is worth a little time, and she leans up to meet his lips and softly returns the greeting. For her it takes time as she licks his lips before inviting his tongue to play. But finally she sighs and let's him settle next to her. For a moment there is no reaction, as if she did not heard him. But then the slightest of frowns touch her lips and her lashes lower over her eyes as she glance towards him. "I.. see. Might I ask to why you will be leaving?" Her voice is soft and warm but there is a hint of both upset but more of worry, and that comes as she nibbles on her bottom lip as she peers at him.

They are already beyond the stage where chaste kisses would be deemed appropriate, and so Belmont welcomes the invitation, deepening the kiss and granting it that moment to become something more, the expression if his deep adoration and need for this woman. It might explain why a hint of that smile still lingers even as he breaks the news to her. That Gabrielle frowns a little is to be expected. That she inquires, as well. His brows twitch upwards, as his fingers continue to lace with hers, his gaze dropping from her inquisitive eyes to their hands. "It is something I need to do, before you and I leave for Aix," he tells her. "You may call it a folly. A stupid undertaking…" He sighs, lifting his eyes again to meet her gaze. "It also may hold a certain risk and danger…" He snorts and shakes his head, probably at his wording. "No. Truth be told, it is an assignment. I've been hired for a mission, to help end a siege." His fingers wrap about her hand, squeezing it lightly.

There is one blink at his last words and she opens her lips to speak but then closes them as she thinks over what he has said.Her fingers in his tighten slightly and then relax as she gets more comfortable in her chair and leans slightly towards him as it's clear they will be talking for a bit. "Before.. I ask more.. or express my emotions. Can I ask why you have been preparing for this and had not said something before now? You've been kept busy with all this.. time I've not seen you and.. you told me nothing?" She looks up at him then, those eyes showing worry and abit more upset but for all that she is calm for the moment.

"The assignment was proposed to me two days ago," Belmont tries to explain, a line appearing between his brows as he must sense her reaction, or at least expect it, in a way. "You know… the pleasant side of me, Gabrielle. But there is another. A hotheaded and disappointed side… Of dreams I have pushed aside for the good of the family. All my life… There has been that unrest. The wish to do something. It showed especially when I wasn't sent abroad for trade negotiations or to accompany shipments. The last months, I've been here in Marsilikos. I got into fights… duels… Not all of them I did win. In fact, sometimes I ended up in pretty bad shape. But that was because I had no focus. No focus on what would become of me." A faint smile curves his lips. "I am good with the blade, make no mistake. More than good. When I accompanied the other nobles to Béziers… It felt good. It felt good to fight the villains and bring them to justice." There is definitely more to say on that matter, but he pauses, ready to continue if Gabrielle will let him.

Gabrielle sighs very softly as she looks up at him once more, her fingers of the free hand reaches up and caresses his jaw as she studies his eyes. "I can understand that Belmont." In a way she can, she did after all travel on trade missions many times. But she can tell he has more to say so she takes a deep breath and gives a half smile, it's sad but a smile and not a frown. She nods for her him to go on.

He catches that sad smile, an expression that makes his eyes widen instantly. "Gabrielle, I didn't expect to be so blessed, to be chosen by you… by our Houses, to marry and to grow into someone I'd never imagined I could be. I look forward to that…" His fingers curl about her hand, "to be there at your side. To learn duties and… to indulge in others…" A ghost of a smirk there. "I am willing to become that new Belmont. The responsible Vicomte at your side. But to do that, I need to leave the old Belmont behind. One aspect of him. The hothead. The young boy who always dreamt of proving himself in a daring feat." Words flow from his lips in the moment they cross his mind, while his gaze lingers on Gabrielle, an expression there between adoration, bad conscience and concern. "I didn't expect that I'd be contacted with an offer of an assignment. But when I received it… I found myself unable to turn it down. I need this last thing, to prove myself at least once. And after that, I swear to you, by Elua, Naamah and Kushiel, by Eisheth, I shall never cause you any headaches again."

Gabrielle shakes her head gently. "It is not a headache, I will worry and over worry. That is something I do. I am.. not upset with your desire to do something daring, to feel you need to prove yourself.. well to yourself. This I can understand.." She nibbles her bottom lip. "I also don't want you to lose yourself when we marry. I like who you are, I look forward to be what we can be together. But not if you lose yourself.." She admits before she wrinkles her nose. "The real.. or a real reason I am upset, if I'd like to have known as soon as you decided. Well I'd love for us to talk about it, but we are not married and you have no reason to answer to me. But even two days would have let me help. Have new armor started, extra weapons and the such.." She is very scared of losing him but that is hidden mostly, but for deep in her eyes, something he might be able to read.

"Two days," Belmont repeats. "Two days, I have questioned myself whether this is the right decision. Yes, you are right… I should have spoken to you sooner." He leans closer to her, tilting his head against hers, as his voice dims down to a murmur. "I… feel bad. And maybe this is what kept me. To know I'll cause you concern. To see your reaction in your eyes. Oh, Gabrielle… It is not that I wished to betray you. It is… that now I've made my mind up, I felt I was ready I could share." A beat. "Don't worry, I'll still remain your Belmont. But I need to defeat my inner demon, by giving it for once what it yearns for. We shall laugh about this, when I come back from Milazza with new heroic stories to tell. So far, I am waiting. I'll probably spend more days here till we depart. Perhaps. In a week or so." His other hand lifts and dives into her red hair, fingers brushing gently over her scalp, urging her to bring her face closer to his. "I love you, Gabrielle. And I shall love you even more for not being wroth at me, for granting me this chance..", he whispers against her lips, eyes locked with hers as they are now so close to each other. "I'll make up for this, I promise."

Now how can anyone be mad in the face of such handsome beauty and lovely words? Gabrielle is not one who can. She will worry, rant and other things while he is gone but she is not going to make him stay. That is easy to read in her eyes, while other things might not be. "Belmont.. I love you too, it's why I can let you do this thing. But know, if you come to great harm, don't return or other such. I will hunt you down and whoever caused the damage will have to deal with my wrath.." She takes a deep breath and sighs against his lips, the scent of him and the lingering heat from their first kiss as her leaning up and offering those lush lips for a deeper more exploring kiss. When the passion is not reading her, and the fear they can talk more on things, but for now, it is him she wants to enjoy.

She will feel it from the exhale through his nose drifting against her face, and the upturn of his lips, the smile of relief that prompts him to accept the kiss and return it with that same slow unhurried fervor. It certainly feels fraught with considerations and concerns for his immediate future, but that does not mean it is any less sweet and tempting. "Till I depart," he breathes against her lips as he pulls just a touch away for a moment, "I shall be all yours, my dear Vicomtesse de Rognac. To make up for the time I shall be away…" Last words spoken before a long while of silence, when a kiss leads to more, and interactions turn into those of definitely pleasurable and more non-verbal kind.

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