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**Temple of Elua **

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a summer morning. The weather is hot and overcast.

The early afternoon light that suffuses the Temple of Elua gives it a calming, peaceful feeling. This is not always mirrored inside. While not heated, the voice of Tavi is certainly wry. He is standing in front of a girl and her mother, both barefoot as he is in the temple, although the girl looks like it might be a more regular state. "No more trees until this is healed, Agnes, alright? Promise me." She gives a little bit of a pout.

"I promise, Lord Tavi." With that she and her mother thank the young priest, and go on their way. Tavi shakes his head, and starts looking around for his broom.

A young woman steps inside the Temple of Elua. Her dark brown hair is perfectly done into a neat bun which is adorned by a brown ribbon. A green gem of a silver pendant glints upon catching rays of an early sun which trust through the windows. Irene wears a dress of the same color as her ribbon but its also decorated with some embroidered ornaments of lighter shades of brown. The upper part of her dress is quite tight around her petite waist, though a skirt is light and wide, and flatters her legs when she moves forward.

Irene is carrying a small basket which is covered by a soft silken scarf. There is a rolled up sheet of paper sticking from behind the scarf as well. Her eyes curiously wander over the interior of the temple as if she has not been here before. She is of course not alone. A guard is following a young lady. The man wears light armor and seems to be pretty much focused on the surrounding and his duty.

A young woman lingers a bit while a priest is having a conversation but once the family leaves, Irene approaches Tavi, "Morning." She smiles.

Tavi turns when he hears the swishing of skirts, and offers a broad smile to Irene. "Good morning, my lady. Welcome to the Temple of Elua. I hope all is well. I am afraid I have to ask both you and your guard to remove your shoes, although if he wants to wait just outside the door to avoid that I can pledge my word as a priest and nobleman I don"t plan to do any violence in the temple." He offers it without malice, and still smiling, apparently understanding why a guard might not want to.

Irene turns toward her guard and nods at him. Even if a bit hesitantly, her guard leaves the Temple. The young woman herself leans down to remove her shoes and set them aside, "I apologize, Tavi. I only came here to give you this," she removes a rolled up sheet of paper from her basket and extands it to Tavi. "And forgive my lack of knowledge, but why one has to remove their shoes here?"

Tavi shakes his head. "Nothing to apologize for, it is quite alright," he grins, wiggling his own bare toes. "Not everyone does it as a habit." He reaches out to take the sketch and unrolls it. "Oh!? He exclaims in delight. "This is wonderful! Thank you so much, Irene," he says genuinely. "I will have to see if I can't return the favor." He smiles at the shoe question. "The Blessed Elua, who founded Terre d'Ange, walked through these and many other lands barefoot. In emulation of him, so do his priests and priestesses and those who visit his temple." He looks proudly to the statue of Elua, who is shoeless. "It is… humbling, and freeing. A reminder Elua was born of the blood of Yeshua and the dirt of the earth and the Magdalen's tears. And a reminder we are all precious to him, for everyone from the Duchesse to young Agnes who just left come here and stand with their feet on the ground. But their eyes to the heavens…"

Irene smiles seeing that the man enjoys her sketch. But then she just simply brings her hands forward together with an empty basket now. She looks around the Temple when the man introduces her to the specifics of the traditions, "You are very devoted. It's good. But I am not sure if I should take away more of your time. Do you… I mean, maybe you have many patients waiting?" She drawls but that is followed by a small chuckle, "I did the prank to my brother. He was not very happy at first but later he laughted about it. Though, I shall think less of pranks…"

Tavi's smile continues, though it grows soft for a moment. "Elua and His temple were my comfort in the worst moment of my life. He gave me peace, and reminded me of the joy and good things in the world. And now I try to do the same for others." He shakes his head. "No, little Agnes was the last thing I knew about today. If it is not a drain on your time, you are welcome to stay." He motions to a bench. "Ah…yes, well, there is always a risk with pranks," he offers wryly. "Especially when one is an adult. Think less as in view them less favorably, or think less as in perform them less offen?" He asks curioisly, as he grabs his broom.

Irene nods expressing her wish to stay and she moves toward one of the benches. The young woman settles down there and answers with a pleasant smile dancing in her features, "I should perform them less. I am no longer a child. I am turning eighteen in a week and soon I will have to marry, assist my family in various political matters and I am also representing our Ducthess. After all, I am one of her ladies-in-waiting. I shall not be a child." Irene lowers her gaze down briefly but then looks back up at Tavi, "But that doesn't mean I am going to frown upon you!"

Tavi takes his broom and begins sweeping the area around them with deft movements while listening. "Well, first off happy birthday," Tavi offers with a smile. "And congratulations on your appointment as a lady to the Duchesse. I know some of my cousins are well standing in the court. I have heard Gabrielle is doing quite well here." He sweeps for a moment, and then laughs. "Well I would hope not, I try very hard to avoid being hated by beautiful women. But I would say that there is still room for mischief and fun even in very adult hearts. If that is a part of who you are it does not have to die with the sunset of childhood, only grow in wisdom as an adult."

"Lady Gabrielle is your relative?" Irene seems to focus on the mentioned name, "She is about to marry my brother Belmont! Does that mean we are going to become a family of some sort, Tavi?" Irene chuckles, "Is she your sister? Or is she your cousin?"

Tavi blinks owlishly for a moment. "She is engaged? I need to visit the townhouse more," he offers wistfully, laughing. "Good for her. She is my cousin. She is the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter of the Comte Delaunay. I am the eldest son of the youngest son of the same Comte, who angered his father by marrying a common courtesan of Coquelicot. Which," Tavi adds, "Is quite a tongue twister. But yes, notwithstanding that all Delaunays are related, Gabrielle and I are directly so. How long has she been engaged to your brother?"

Irene shrugs, "It sounds like a very difficult lineage. A brother of a younger brother's oldest son…" She laughs confusing the words completely. But then she just waves it off with her hand, "They have been engaged for a couple of days. Though, they have been togetehr for much longer I imagine. When I met Gabrielle she seemed to be not able to withdraw her gaze from my brother or let him free of his touch. My brother seemed to be happy in her presence. So, I am happy as well."

Tavi laughs, and like the rest of him it is genuine and warm. "My apologies, for the sake of exactness I sacrificed clarity. Our parents are siblings, her mother is my aunt. Or were siblings," he offers with a shake of his head. "Oh good, I am not too out of the loop then. And how wonderful," he grins, "For both of them. May we all find someone who so delights and completes us."

Irene laughs, "What delights us and completes us one day may actually annoy us another. I am more an arranged relationship seeker than a quick but brief gasp of passion. One way or the other, my both brothers are happy for now and that makes me smile each day. Though…" Her smile fades and she sighs, "They have some sort of rivarly. I am afraid that they are ready to endanger themselves. One will do that for love and the other will do that for jealousy…" The young woman sighs.

Tavi nods. "That is true. But all Elua wanted for His people was love. That is why his one rule was love as thou wilt," Tavi points out. "We were made from love and seek it passionately. I will hope regardless how you find it, spontaneously or arranged, you find it." Tavi listens as she describes her brothers, and sets doen his broom. "They are alike in age" Is one the heir?"

"Aye aye," Irene answers, "One of my brothers is older and now is to become na heir since we lost my father and my eldest brother. Now Gauge is ready to move to a dangerous adventure in order to earn trust and respect from his beloved and her family. Another brother is upset that it's always Gauge who has a chance to go and explore the world. He feels too much protected. So, he decides to leave almost at the same time. I can only worry what will happen if I will lose two more brothers…"

Tavi shakes his head slightly. "I am sorry such hardship has befallen your family, and for your losses. I wish I could say I knew a way to keep them both from danger. But we are all trying to find out who we are, and changes in position or status make that even harder. I would say to trust in the love your brothers have for you, and believe in that. And if you would like I will pray for their safe return."

"Would you do that for me?" Irene raises her eyes up to Tavi, "Please, I need all the preyers one can offer. I can not even imagine how devasted our mother would be if she would learn of such reckless behaviour of her children. Especially, if she would lose two more sons of hers. Then it would be only her and me… I will pray for my brothers as well, but I would appreciate your support."

Tavi moves over to sit down next to Irene on the bench, reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder if she allows. "I will, of course I will. I will pray, and if there is anything else I can do please let me know."

"Unless you can talk some sense into Belmont, there is nothing else one can do. I tried and I failed. He is so stubborn!" Irene laughs at this. She doesn't mind at all when a priest touches her shoulder. She might be in too many thoughts about her current situation to even feel the touch. "At least I serve our Dutchess now. So, she will keep my mind busy while my brothers will be away."

Tavi nods, pulling his hand back after the moment of comfort is offered. "It is good to have something to focus on, when we are distressed. I will remember them in my prayers, and if you need something else to help you can almost always find me here."

"Thank you so much, Tavi. I am glad to make you my friend. Well, I hope that we will become friends. But now I shall really go. I still hope to catch Gauge before he leaves," Irene explains and stands up. "But thank you again."

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