(1310-06-28) Ruy Lopez Opening
Summary: Giovanni enlists Frida for his enterprise.
RL Date: 06-28-1310
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Bordering Milazza

It's a roadside inn neighboring a village, and likely the only reason why this village, so far away from Marsilikos and well into the borderlands, is ever visited.

Nevertheless, the noble that requests Frida's presence there is Milazzan, definitely not d'Angeline, and he has a retinue of heavily armored and armed men with him. He sits at a table, alone, enjoying ale, which appears to be poison-tasted by a seneschal standing beside him.

Frida packs her things onto the big gelding and makes the journey to Milazza, using the time to get to know the courser and work on training him to her tastes. Upon arrival, she seeks out the noble that has sent for a sword, presenting herself in her roughspun Skaldic clothing and armor, with her sword at her side.

It's not quite what he's expecting, but the Milazzan switches to Skaldi, apparently well versed in many languages. "Join me, if you would," the man states, his hair blond, his eyes grey, but sharp. He sports a goatee, but not one that would be considered ill fitting on him in any way. It's all businesslike. Not a single ounce of flirtatiousness one might find in d'Angelines. Oh, no, he's an employer.

There's surprise before the Skald grins. "Wonderful." Pleased that she won't be stuck with her broken pidgin d'Angeline. Settling down, she nods to those that are guarding the man. "What is it that you are needing me to do?" she asks, preferring to get right to the point of such things. "Other than be discreet."

"I will need you to be part of my mercenary army, likely as a serjeant for a season. I will be taking the fight to my brother soon, and I am in d'Angeline lands to hire nobles interested in providing military and logistical aid to my cause," the Milazzan states, reclining against his seat. "You may expect a reward of two thousand d'Angeline ducats for your services, paid in gold. It will not be an easy undertaking, you understand, which is why I am paying so generously. And, as a warning, my brother is the currently reigning Duke of Milazza. Which," he allows for a pause, "won't be for much longer, assuming, of course, that we are successful in this endeavor."

Frida settles back on her seat, thinking. It's a proper challenge, for certain. "I accept. I'll need current reports on their known locations and units. Who they have on their side they might tap into for a price to reinforce their own troops. The usual." she says, glad she got the courser when she did - though the timing of the wound on her sword hand is piss poor. Two thousand ducats can go a long way towards funding a small cottage onthe outskirts of Marsilikos.

Nodding, a small bag containing gold coins is offered forth to Frida. If she's in the mood to count, it's about five hundred of those ducats, and the Milazzan rises from his seat. "My seneschal will let you know the details soon, within the city of Marsilikos. We've other guests to entertain, so to speak, and I expect my brother's armies to come looking for me. As far as mercenaries, I believe he hires Skaldi and Hellenes most."

Frida doesn't count it, not in front of him, at least. "They can find me at the Leaping Fish Inn, or send a runner to seek me out." She pauses and laughs. "Fantastic. You know, I could let him hire me and simply feed you information on where he is and what he is doing." she suggests, leaving him to chew on that as she rises, adjusting her sword where it rests awkwardly on her right hip.

"I have people doing that. Right now, I need numbers, not subterfuge." The Milazzan promises Frida, nodding to her. "You'll be assigned to a high-value mission very soon. Godspeed, Fraulein Gunnvor." After that, he says something in Caerdicci and the seneschal takes over, passing along some documentation to the Skaldi. She'll also be given a night's lodging at the communal room in the inn and a free breakfast before she goes on her way.

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