(1310-06-26) D3 to G7
Summary: Belmont is recruited by the Milazzan pretender.
RL Date: 26/06/2018
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It's almost midnight and the upscale inn of Marsilikos has an unusual visitor. Belmont was sent a written invitation to join the man in question, the Milazzan lord sitting at his corner table and speaking to a small group of soldiers bearing his livery.

The invitation had given Belmont quite a bit of a headache, truth be told. Several questions arising, of how the Milazzan lord had come by his name. Where had he heard of him? A young unlanded Eresse, who had at least travelled by ship now and then to La Serenissima so far. After tossing the letter aside at first, he had finally returned to reclaim it from the floor of the parlor in the Eresse Residence. Curiosity got the best of him, and here he is, entering the inn, grey-blue eyes scanning the place as they take in the interior and who is there. He wears the attire of a noble, dark green doublet and breeches, and a rapier dangles at his side, all secured in its sheath at his belt. It does not take long for Belmont to recognize the lord as non-d'Angeline. And yet another moment he needs to realize that they are speaking Caerdicci, a language not unknown to him. And so Belmont approaches, at an unhurried stroll, giving the group time to notice him.

Since Belmont is familiar with Caerdicca Unitas, the nobleman in question, a blond man with piercing grey eyes, cuts to the chase: "Greetings. I'm here, because I am enlisting d'Angelines willing to take up arms on my behalf against the reigning Duke of Milazza." He pauses, gesturing towards the Eresse noble once again. "My rightful title was stripped from me by way of intrigue and backstabbing, and I am not so dishonorable as to do the same to my own brother. Instead, I will hire from abroad, ensuring a mixed composition of forces, and I have a mission to those volunteers without forces that would like to take part of the siege of Milazza itself."

"I've received a message from you," Belmont remarks in half-guess, half-certainty. "So if you say… you've been stripped of your rightful title, Your Grace…" He pauses, and a faint smile curves his lips. "I suppose you have a plan, and some sort of compensation to offer those you are asking to risk their life for your cause." The blunt way of getting right to the point unsettles him slightly, and he is quick to add, "I would like to hear more, before I can make a decision." His brows furrow slightly. "I don't call any forces my own. So I suppose you are trying to recruit me for the siege of Milazza?" Such an easy thing to say, but the words have a weight that makes his eyes blink.

"Yes. I've already gathered a corps of volunteers for my campaign in Genoa, which means only Milan is left as far as offensives go." The noble states, nodding once in thanks as he is addressed with 'Your Grace'. "The compensation is three thousand ducats for participation in the siege of Milan, which will involve a special mission to ensure the seamless success in the enterprise."

Belmont inhales when he hears the sum named by the Caerdicci nobleman. And while a courtier's courtesy is a thing he has learned during his time in Marsilikos, he seems yet a bit undecided. "How many men are you meaning to gather for this mission?", he asks. "And if I can judge by your words, you are making this a broad campaign… Also… I would like to know… why me, why did you send me of all this message. Or… have you been writing to all potentially idle nobility in the city?"

"I am writing all potentially able-bodied nobles and non-nobles in the city." The pretender to the throne states with a slight tilt of his head. "I am gathering soldiers, who will take pay, for dangerous assignments. This one is particularly risky." He pauses. "I can give you half of the amount now, and half later. There will be two groups, both of five."

Belmont ponders this. "How long will you be in the city?", he asks, his demeanor thoughtful. As torn as he had been whether to go and see this pretender of a foreign nation, his senses that had felt so numbed by recent less risky developments, suddenly feel so much more alive. As his more impulsive side is prone to the implications of such a venture, should it succeed. He nods. "The other four in my group will also be d'Angelines?" His decision almost made. Damned be that promise of danger and valor that seems to make him forget all his usual caution. This last thing, this last time, the expression settling in his gaze seems to say. "When will we be going. And how long will it take. This siege you are speaking of?"

"Another week or so, before I tour Rousse lands. I have contacts there." The pretender also nods to Belmont's question regarding the composition of his group. "Aye, they will be. As for when we're going — I intend to start my campaign within the next two weeks. By then I will have had my group assembled, and we will sail for Genoa while my captains march part of my army to the gates of Genoa. In a day's march or so after we take Genoa, we will make haste for Milan."

"I understand." And Belmont looks a bit doubtful. "So it may take longer. When the siege of Milazza comes after the conquest of Genua." Not that this makes him change his mind. Not really. The pretender may be able to tell that thoughts and possibilities are racing through the Eisandine's mind currently. "You don't even want to know whether I qualify? Such a small group of people has to rely on their skills. As each of them will be a valuable link in a chain that must not break for this to work."

"I like to take people at their word. If you think you can take it, then you can take it, and we'll see it in battle." The pretender states, openly enough. "Consider it a leap of faith."

"Fair enough.", Belmont inclines his head with a faint smile. "As you are staying here for a while, I shall keep my ears open as not to miss the departure. I trust we'll be going by ship?" All these questions, and more are buzzing in his head. Some part of him may wish to rethink the decision, but another part seems to be quite excited at the prospects laying ahead of him. "I shall see you then."

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