(1310-06-24) Art for All
Summary: An afternoon of art, music and refreshments at Salon no Coeur de Lavande.
RL Date: Sun Jun 24, 1310
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Intimate. That is the first thing that comes to mind when entering the salon of Coeur de Lavande. The room is on the smaller side, perhaps purposefully so, so that there is a feeling of intimacy. Even the lighting is subtle, soft to add to the intimacy. Even the paintings adorning the walls go well with the coloring and create that feeling. THey are of people in intimate moments, a mix of romantic, sweet, and amorous. The furniture is placed so that they create the illusion of small private areas. The couches, chairs, and tables are all comfortable and go well with the decor.

Frida has arrived.

Upon entering the salon of Coeur de Lavande, there is is only one thing that comes to mind: intimate. The room is on the smaller side, perhaps purposefully so, so that there is a feeling of intimacy. Even the lighting is subtle, soft to add to the intimacy. Even the paintings adorning the walls go well with the coloring and create that feeling. THey are of people in intimate moments, a mix of romantic, sweet, and amorous. The furniture is placed so that they create the illusion of small private areas. The couches, chairs, and tables are all comfortable and go well with the decor.

However upon easels scatter amongst the room and on display are an array of paintings. A few of them are portraits of a young, blonde woman with blue eyes. If anyone were to look at them closely they appeared to be a younger Margot no Coeur de Lavande, one of the seconds and founders of this salon; of course they seem to be self portraits of her in her younger years….perhaps her twenties it would seem. However besides those are paintings of lush gardens in a courtyard, some landscapes of the sea meeting the sky, and even some of exotic animals.

Near the back of the salon is a long table, a buffet of man fruits, vegetables and small snacks that one could nibble on without filling themselves before dinner but something to carry you over. However no need to serve yourself as there are many novices around the room to plate and deliver snacks to you as you desire. The same goes for tea, water and wine as well.

Sitting at a white wicker loveseat is none other than Margot herself. Wearing a gown that almost looks ethereal, the long sheer skirt are swept up to artfully lay upon the seat. In her hands were a well made, dark wood lute that she was idly plucking at….the sound resonating softly in the room. For now….the blonde seemed to be letting her novices happily greet as she acts as the musician for the afternoon.

As someone that comes often to this saloon, it is a good time for Thaddeus is to head down, dressed in a form fitting suit, and his eyes moving back and forth taking it all in, with a little whistle. He moves towards the loveseat slowly, and with a bowing of his head."It is very lovely, and thank you for hosting my friend, and I think this is going to be a great pleasure to be here."

Enter a relatively new arrival to the city. Evelyne Somerville wears a fashionable red and green gown on the slightly daring side, some skin and curvature visible in the deep neckline. Honey-blonde hair tumbles about her shoulders, and once arrived she glances about curiously in search for the hostess, a glass of white wine, or a place to sit down - in fact, probably all three of these things. There is a faint scent of apples lingering about her, not a rare sort of perfume, but the legendary trait of House Somerville.

A celebration of talent and art? Such things will almost always draw in the curious and Dior is always curious. The adept from Rose Sauvage slips silently into the salon, his long crimson hair trailing behind him like a silky cape. Dressed modestly today he wears a loose fitting shirt of white silk under a dark purple vest paired with black pants and matching boots. His partly finished marque is covered by that shirt as is proper. He carries no intruments nor other tools of talent. However he might not need one, if the rumors about his singing voice are true. He drifts calmly through the room, slowly approching Margot and bowing low to both her and to the nearby Thaddeus. He waits paitently for an opening before addresing Margot in a soft tone. "Greetings and thank you for hosting, I am certain it will be a delightful experience for all. May I ask something though?" He pauses politely before continuing. "It has been a while since I got to sing…would you mind terribly if I made an attempt at some point?"

If you wrap a wolf in silk, it's still a wolf. Frida's blonde hair is bound into rows of interwoven braids, the sides of her head shaven bare and the scar on her face adding to the menace that the styling is supposed to create. And yet, she's clad in a tailored blouse with the top knot-and-loop button undone. The blue of the blouse matches the hue of her eyes, while the jet black of the silky pants provides a visual ground. She carries herself with the easy strength of a fighter, a hint of swagger in her hips from countering the balance and weight of a sword on one hip. No arms or armor today, just a bandage on her right hand, and open curiosity - seeing this as a chance to learn more of the d'Angeline culture.

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Margot looks up to Thaddeus and smiles brightly then. "Welcome! I'm glad you came. I do hope that people enjoy this little showing." Nodding she then exhales as she looks up before looking over to see Dior. That smile is still warm as she then turns to look at Dior. "Thank you for coming. Ask away….." Hearing the question she then smiles brightly and nods. "By all means….please do! Do you wish an accompaniment?" A tilt of her head then as she smiles.

Evelyne's gaze is bound to wander… And with a certain curiosity she glances towards Dior, and in iverhearingbwhat Margot responds to him, can't help the little smirk that sneaks upon her features. "Good eve," she greets what appears to be the woman in charge of the evening, "And by that, I am not referring to myself. Evelyne Somerville, Mademoiselle, and I am glad that I can take full delight in the performances of today." A flicker in her gaze as she glances towards Thaddeus and Dior. But there! Her eyes widen a little when she beholds the scarred stranger, and Eve cannot help but stare at Frida, in her odd clothing and martially Skaldic air.

Aedhwyn has arrived.

Dior smiles happily to Margot. "An accompaniment would be delightful yes and thank you." He glances over to Evelyne, catching her gaze and smirk and smiling somewhat shyly in return. He bows respectfully to the Somerville before looking over to Margot with an excited look in his eyes. "Just let me know when you are ready hmm?"

Margot looks up to Evelyne and smiles then. "Hello. A pleasure to meet you, my lady." Finally her fingers stop moving upon the strings of her lute as she nods. "And welcome…..I am Margot no Coeur de Lavande….one of the seconds and cofounders here…" A playful wink is given to her then before she continues. "Please….make sure you get yourself something to drink from on of my novices and relax. There's a lot to see….." At that she then looks over to Dior and pats the spot next to her, brushing her long dress out of the way to revel a long split in the gown. "We can now. It'd be a wonderful way to begin, yes?"

"Showing?" Frida asks, her voice thick with the guttural notes of her Skaldic heritage. "Not make sing, paint? Is sex?" Maybe she misunderstood the one she questioned about the event. It wouldn't be the first time. What makes it worse, is the one face she knew… is leaving early. Watching Thaddeus make his exit, for the moment, she purses her lips in thought, then shrugs and smiles, moving towards the nearest piece of art to study the body language between lovers on the canvas.

Foulque arrives from the La Coeur de Lavande.

Foulque has arrived.

"Showing? I suppose not," Evelyne counters in the direction of the Skaldic woman, that amused smirk deepening. "Even if… I would have liked to see such. Never managed so far." The lady is young but perhaps not as innocent as her age may suggest. To Margot, she smiles and inclines her head. "I'm new to the city and are yet finding my way around here. And thank you," already she starts looking around for a tray to snatch a glass from. Settling herself upon a couch, as there seems to be a musical piece to be performed.

Dior nods to Margot as he settles himself gracefully beside her with a soft smile. His gaze wanders the room breifly before coming back to Margot once more now. "I agree. How about something soft and intimate, keeping with the mood you have here?" He will wait for her to begin playing before attempting to join in with his voice.

<FS3> Margot rolls Lute: Success. (4 4 3 3 2 7 3)

<FS3> Dior rolls Singing: Good Success. (2 6 7 2 7 1 4 7 3 1 3 5)

Aedhwyn arrives accompanied by a rather large and imposing looking Alban warrior. The two are quite the site with patterns upon their body painted with woad and other herbal paints. For her part, Aedhwyn wears dots following the the upper curve of her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose in Courcel blue. On her arm, above her golden arm torque is a intricate knotwork pattern painted in a blue so dark as to almost be called black. Only once the warrior seems to have deemed the room sufficiently safe does he peel off to watch her from a corner of the room, close enough to intervene but far enough away to allow the perception that she is unescorted.

A tall man with long silver hair walks in, his eyes deep blue, wearing a tight lack oublet and black breeches, his sleeves slashed with brighter black satin…the Shahrizai inclines his head smiling, accepting a cup of wine as he watches around for people he may know. Foulque's smile is warm as if he's here simply to relax for a performance. A bow is goven to Aedhwyn..then he studies the art on the walls

Margot looks up then as she hears Frida. Blinking she then smiles. "No no….art showing…music display…." At that she starts to pluck at the strings of her lute softly. "Sounds good to me…." Nodding to Dior she lets him then lead the way now that she was something softly playing for him to sing with.

Evelyne sits down at Small Plush Couch.

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Frida oh's, looking up from the painting of entwined lovers and nodding. "It is mean many things, then." She decides, her d'Angeline rough at best, murdered at worst, but she tries to make the syllables flow off her coarse, Skaldic tongue. Spotting the painted woman, the north-eastern heathen greets the other foreigner with a lift of her bandaged right hand. She's wearing black silk trousers and a blue fitted blouse - both clearly tailored to the blonde sellsword. No arms or armor are worn today.

Aedhwyn hears the word showing, her head swiveling as if to seek out the source of the word. The explanation allows her to release a breath she didn't even know she had been holding and the tension to leave her body. She smiles at Frida and her group, offering them a little nod along with one for Foulque.

Foulque laughs a bit at seeing the gorgeous art…and the reaction of the Alban girl, remembering the last time he's seen her in the Night Court. So he picks up a glass of wine and moves to her side, offering it with a grin. "Here you go, Your highness, this should help a bit."

Evelyne stands and leaves Small Plush Couch.

The performance is pleasant, and Evelyne listens as Dior performs his song, interest glittering in her blue eyes, and appreciation, of his art and that of Margot who accompanies him. It has her lift the glass repeatedly to her lips, to savour the taste of the wine. But look, there are new arrivals, and she moves to stand, waving the now empty glass at one of the novices so that she might get a refill. "These are interesting pictures," she agrees, in joining the group of Frida, Aedhwyn and Foulque. "But why they should make someone feel nervous escapes me." She smiles, focus turning towards the Alban woman. And lifts a brow as if in some sort of question.

Once the duet was over and Dior seemed to have to take his leave for a moment, Margot finally stood. Exhaling a bit she just sets her lute down on her seat before smoothing out that gown. Her bright blue eyes look around before she finally speaks up. "Thank you all for coming!" There was excitement in her voice. "For those I have not met, I am Margot no Coeur de Lavande….second and one of the founders of this salon. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with or….if you have questions about the painting on display."

Frida motions to one of the paintings, hunting for the words she wants for the question she has to ask. "You paint from head, or see place? See animal?" she asks, motioning towards one that holds a critter that just seems… unlikely to the Skald. "Is real animal?" Dubious, perhaps even disbelieving that such a beast can exist.

Aedhwyn mms, "I could not say for certain why someone might be nervous." She takes the offerd glass of wine from Foulque, "Thank you, my lord," before continuing in her answer to Evelyne. "But there are many topic in s Terre d'Ange that are common here and not so openly spoken about in other places. D'Angelines are much more open about…matters than others. But that may not even be the reason for discomfort. It could well be a misunderstanding or simply how enclosed the area might be. Who is tell the reason for discomfort but the person discomforted."

"Discomfort is a thing I rarely feel," Evelyne admits with a smile. "But I hear that our way of living is regarded as strange by many people from other countries. What I do know," Evelyne states then as she turns to face Margot, her own features softening in an amiable smile, "Is that I have to come back at another occasion. You have adepts both male and female, hmm?" There is a conversational quality to her tone, as if she were talking about flower arrangements… which may after all not be that far from the truth. "I am… a bit of an artist in my own right. But not in the area of painting or performance. I do inspiration though. And I daresay, I can feel an air of inspiration here at this salon…" She chuckles, mirth reaching all the way to her eyes. And yes, perhaps that faint scent of apples intensifies just a little. "Ah thank you," she smiles towards a novice providing the necessary refill of her glass, before her gaze flicks to Margot. "You won't mind me doing a little stroll about the salon?", at which she already begins to move away from the group in a casual stroll, heading in the general direction of the foyer.

Foulque bows his head, sipping at his own wine, but he listens to the discussion between Evelyne and Aedhwyn with curiosity and he nods. "Aye, i've travelled a lot, and truth be told, Albans are in some ways even more open about such matters, though they keep them more private. Ask an Akkadian or a Menekhetan though.." he smiles at Aedhwyn with resect and understanding. "But yes, we…embrace all aspects of the art of love, but even among us, there are those who flinch at what gives pleasure to a Shahrizai." He looks at The Skaldi woman, and seems charmed by her efforts to speak d'Angeline.

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Margot does nod to Frida as she moves to her. "I have seen it yet. A patron of mine had one at his estate…..and let me paint it. I never thought I would see one again so why not keep it in a way I could always see it…." A soft giggle is given before she looks to Evelyne as she start to take her leave. "Of course….we can speak later though…." As the woman takes her leave she then exhale as she looks back at Friday with a warm smile. "Most of these are portraits or things that I have seen in my life…."

Thaddeus arrives from the La Coeur de Lavande.

Thaddeus has arrived.

As someone that comes often to this saloon, it is a good time for Thaddeus is to head down, dressed in a form fitting suit, and his eyes moving back and forth taking it all in, with a little whistle. He moves slowly, now towards a wine to grab a glass sipping it slowly, as he figures out who to talk with first.

"Shahrizai?" Frida inquires, then laughs at MArgot's explanation, muttering something playfully disparaging under her breath in her native tongue. "Is big bird. Cost many coins. Taste good?" Surely if it is rare and expensive it's for eating? Or breeding to eat. The idea of pets an odd one.

Margot blinks a bit as she looks to the painting, a tilt of her head as she blonde hair falls over her shoulder. "I have no idea. They weren't being kept to eat….more as a pet." A smile tugs at her lips as she then looks back over to the woman. "However their feathers are indeed colorful. A noble lady I knew once had a hat that incorporated their feathers."

Aedhwyn takes a small sip of her wine, nodding at Foulque. "Are you familiar with Alba, my lord, or our customs?" She smiles at Frida's comment and then glances at the painting that has sparked the conversation. "It is….beautiful. I have never seen a creature such as that but I imagine that it would taste as good as any out fowl if prepared correctly."

Foulque shakes his head a little. "I have never visited Alba, but I have read about it, also met merchants from there while on my travels, so I had a chance to learn a little." he shakes his head some more as everyone speaks about eating peacocks. "They're mostly kept for..their decorative value."

Thaddeus makes his way now slowly over towards the others, with a nodding of his head."Hello again Frida, it seems for a bodyguard hired to be such, I see you so rarely." His friendly smile, and a little chuckle and then he nods towards Margot."Hello, this is a lovley event, thank you so much for hosting." Then he nods his towards Aedhwyn with a wider smile."Hello again, my dearest ambasador, it is a pleasure to see you again, and I feel honored as always to be in your presence." He looks at Foulque with a smile still on hise face his hand extended."Hello, to you I have yet to have the pleasure. Thaddeus Trevalion at your service."

"Pet? Keep for pretty?" The Skald makes -such- a face. "That is so d'Angeline." she grumps, folding her arms under her breasts, careful of the bandaged hand. "Many coin, not even -eat- stupid bird." Under the grump, there's a hint of humor, though. "Thaddeus. I buy gelding. Big. Plenty big, run for days. Good horse. Other city. Come back last night."

Margot raises a brow then chuckles a bit. "Well….I suppose it is indeed very d'Angeline…." She gives her a wink then turns to hears Thaddeus. Smiling warmly she curtseys then nods. "Thank you for coming by. I hope you enjoy my lord….." At that she then turns and exhales softly. Turning she looks to Foulque and Aedhwyn, giving them a curtsey. "My lord, my lady…..I appreciate you coming to this event. I hope you are finding it to your liking….."

Aedhwyn smiles and has the grace to blush a bit at Thaddeus' greeting. "Thank you for the invitation, my lady. It was very kind of you to think about me." She pauses to take another sip, "And you, my lord, are quite the flatterer. You are far too kind and I am begining to think that d'Angelines have a gift of a silvered tongue. What do you think, Frida?"

Thaddeus laughs softly with a wide smile, as he takes a wine sipping it slowly, with a little nod of his head."Now then, moving on the art is amazing. I enjoy it already the little I have seen." His voice is soft for a moment, as they speak now."My tongue is silvered, only a little the others are trained, mine is recently tempered."

Margot smiles as she moves and lets those in conversation speak. For now she'd move to her seat where the lute was and began to softly strum its strings.

Frida watches Margot settle back to her instrument, studying the way fingers play across strings. "Silvered? No. Is sweet, like honey. Too much make sick." she says wryly, turning to grin like a scamp at the others. "Need tongue like sword. Or lover." she teases, just to see Aedhwyn turn red.

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Thaddeus nods for a moment, with a little chuckle."Now then, moving on for our skilled tongues, and what one can use them for." His voice is still teasing as he looks around for a moment, with a lick of his lips."Now then are there snacks as well, my hungry is starting."

Frida grins at Thaddeus. "Need talk for bodyguard. Can go to boat, later." she says in her broken d'Angeline, moving from the peacock to another of the unlikely looking animals on canvas. "Lose fight. Wager. Hand is no good, days. Week?"

Margot was still playing that lute quietly. Letting them mingle, this is meant for them to mix and mingle. She is simply there to provide music it seems.

Thaddeus watche Frida, with a nod of his head, and then he looks over at Margot with a smile."Well, we can do that later tonight of course, and I shall be there shortly." He then sips his wine slowly for a moment, and then he looks around for a moment."Did you lose a fight, to who?"

"Akkadian. Fast. Not see so fast. Is good at fight. I did not think so good. Is my lose." Frida says with a shrug. "Stuck hand to tree with knife. Good think. Um.. smart." No hard feelings for a well fought skirmish being lost. "Will fight more. Learn. Is good thing."

Aedhwyn is getting better, not nearly turning as red as some might expect though she does pinken a little at Frida's somment. Thaddues' comment does get her to colour a bit more. She looks to Friday, "You had your hand pinned to a tree with a knife? That does not seem terrible good as a manner to resolve a bet though learning more is a good thing. I would be interested in meeting this Akkadian and learning as well."

Margot blinks as she looks up. Hearing the conversation, she raises a brow but keeps quiet. Not one to interrupt she just quickly keep playing as they speak about a knife and a hand.

Thaddeus listens to the story now, with a nod of his head, a soft chuckle."I see, I also lost a fight not long ago. I was shocked by his skill, when he was on my ship, i was his better. But time has hanged that indeed."

Frida mms, nodding. "Is sword hand. Will see how heal." Seemingly unconcerned about the fate of her skills and livelihood. Not being well versed in a language makes some aspects of false nonchalance easier. "Was good bet. Fun." Someone has an odd sense of a good time. "Will learn many thing. Thing coin not buy."

Aedhwyn mms and nods her head, "You have an interesting idea of fun but I do understand about the importance of learning things that money cannot buy. Much like many of the experiences we are having in this country." She looks to Thaddeus, "It would seem you inpired the other person to better his skills or was it a her."

Thaddeus laughs with a sip of his wine, and his eyes on Frida."It is a good way to live, and if you wish Ambassador I could teach you bit of combat. My history is naval, and war officer." His voice is soft for a moment, with a little chuckle, and sip of the wine again."I know my way around a blade better then I do a court, and a this boring political world, I now find myself in." He nods for a moment, with a little chuckle."It was a he, a memeber of my family."

"No good at dice. Not many coins to lose." The sellsword says with a crooked grin, nodding to Aedhwyn. "Is not bad, not fight bad hand. Learn horse for ride. Not need good hand for learn horse like for fight." Searching out a novice for a glass of wine, she murmurs thanks to the one carrying before taking a testing sip.

Aedhwyn nods her head, "I may be interested in testing my skin against you, my lord." She smiles at Frida, "I heard you mention you found a horse. Was it one like you were mentioning with the thick flank? You are intenting to fight from horseback? It is no easy task."

Thaddeus listens as they chat, sipping his wine as he listens and then he nods towards Aedhwyn."Of course, you pick the time, and I shall come with food and wine, and a my pride in ruins." His voice is soft almost teasing, but still friendly."To fight is to risk lose, but if you learn and live it is even better.":

The Shahrizai is watching, shaking his head a bit as Aedhwyn seems ready to take a challenge from the mercenary, Foulque will not interene though, but..he may think it's not the best idea.

Frida bobs her head to Thaddeus' words. "Good lose to friend, not enemy. Get strong. Fast. Learn much." Asked about the horse, she nods! "Big butt, bug chest. Carry much, run long time. Gelding, not fight. Not chase mare."

Thaddeus nods slowly for a moment with a wide smile."I was in the navy of my house, got quiet high before they told me it was time to do my duty, as the heir to my family." There is a soft whistle of air coming out of his lips as he shakes his head."I wish to go back to sea, but I always honor my family."

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