(1310-06-19) Irene Meets the Duchesse
Summary: Irene presents herself before Armandine Mereliot to seek a position as lady-in-waiting at the Ducal Court.
RL Date: 21+22/06/2018
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Audience Chamber — Ducal Palace

Irene will be led into the audience chamber, a room of medium size. And while there is the expected grandeur present in the details of the interior, such as the crest of House Mereliot adorning the wall, two yellow fish upon a field of gold, there is also a certain comfort in the upholstery of chairs, deep blue samite upon dark mahogany.

The duchesse sits upon a high backed chair, a fact Irene will become aware of as she turns slightly to the left. Armandine Mereliot wears a dress of courtly fashion, dark blue with a faint shimmer, long-sleeved and with wide skirts that cascade all the way down to her fashionable shoes.

“Lady Irene d’Eresse.”, the same is announced by the herald, who then steps aside to close the door behind the young brunette lady.

“Lady Irene,” the Duchesse of Eisande addresses her, and her hand lifts to beckon her forward. “So you wish to become one of my ladies… Let me have a look at you.”

Irene walks into the room with a slight shyness in her movement. However, she keeps her back straight and hands properly folded in front of her. The young woman scans the room and when her gaze lands on the duchesse she offers a polite smile. The smile is followed by a curtsy, “Yes, indeed, your grace. It would be an honor to assist you with your errands.”

The young woman steps closer and lingers standing, swaying a bit to the sides. There is a small shiver in her shoulders. A pleasant worry which she tries to hide with even wider smile.

“You are of House Eresse, hmm?”, Armandine makes, tilting her head a little to the side as she considers Irene. Her smile is pleasant and encouraging. “How are you related to the Comte d’Eresse?” Her blue eyes take in the appearance of the young lady. There is a pause, before the duchesse adds, almost apologetically, “Would you turn around for me, please? Tell me of your family, your siblings. Tell me why you wish to serve as lady-in-waiting at my court.” Her gaze lingers on Irene with a bit of curiosity flashing in her eyes.

“Comte Félicien Godefroi d'Eresse would be my uncle, your grace,” Irene explains turning around and showing her ginger brown gown with its floral ornaments and gems to the Duchesse. The skirt is wide and long while the corset of the dress stresses out a very slim frame of a young lady. Her hair is done into braids which are gathered up and raised up into a neat bun. The bun is decorated with a ribbon which color matches her dress. “His father was a brother to mine. I lost my father Jean-Luc d'Erresse and my eldest brother Bertram d'Eresse not long ago. My brother Gauge d’Eresse has been announced as a Baron de Beaucare while my youngest brother Belmont has been betrothed recently to Vicomtesse de Rognac, Gabrielle.” The young woman stops and focuses her dark brown eyes on Armandine .“I will turn eighteen at the beginning of another month. To be blunt and honest, I would like to carry a good reputation of my family’s name and do service to our superior, that means you, your grace. I believe that assistance to you will help me to make my name and maybe even acquire a better marriage proposal for my family’s benefit.”

“Ah yes, I remember Lord Gauge,” Armandine remarks with a fine smile and a glint in her eyes. “And a rather daring attire he wore to court, as I recall. Golden chains…” She chuckles softly, amused. “Well, I do trust he has other qualities than his extravaganzas of fashion. “And yes, I believe I’ve seen your other brother as well. I heard of the engagement, between Eresse and Delaunay. Now, this sounds all so very exciting…” Her smile is genuine, and there is warmth in her voice as she gives Irene a long encouraging look. “I would be a fool as not to grant you that chance, Irene d’Eresse. Your reasons are good ones, and to become one of my ladies will expose you to the public eye. I shall confer with my castellan to have a room for you prepared here at the palace, and I suggest a trial period of two weeks, where you can be introduced to your duties, and both you and I can get the chance to see how you adapt to this position.”

“Of course, your grace!” Irene claps excitedly but then is quick to keep her hands busy by smoothing the fabric of her skirt. Her cheeks turn reddish at the sudden childish outburst of happiness. “If I may, though…” Irene adds, “There is another lady waiting to meet you. Lady Evelyne Marie de Somerville. She is quite upset leaving the Capital but the thought of us both at your side cheered her up quite a lot. I hope that you will also grant her with a trial period!.. But…” Lady Irene looks around and then back at the Dutchess, “I believe you will be busy with others and I should retreat for preparations to join the room which will be prepared to me by your castellan?.. I also need to give great news to my brothers!”

“Are you acquainted with the lady?”, Armandine asks, with a curious glance in Irene’s direction, her elbow on the siderest, and her index finger resting against her own cheek. “The young lady de Somerville is to be considered next. As requested by her aunt and her uncle. Adding a l’Agnacite to my ladies sounds intriguing. But I have to see her first to decide whether she’d be a good fit.” A smile warms her features, even as it already begins to dim a little. “A trial period should be exclusive though. Should I decide that Lady Evelyne shall receive a similar chance, she will come in after you. Two weeks should see you quickly settled in. And then you can perhaps provide that same attention to Lady Evelyne, and help her find her way around at the palace.”

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