(1310-06-18) Of Marques and Flavors
Summary: Belmont encounters Aedhwyn, and they engage in a conversation and cultural exchange.
RL Date: 18+23/06/2018
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Noble District — Marsilikos

The Avenue Mereliot connects the Noble District with the Place des Mains through another archway, and those looking upwards when passing through beneath it will be able to admire a variety of Eisandine family crests painted there: The seahorse of House Rousse, the winged dragon of Delaunay, the green ship of House Eresse, the star on red of House Baphinol and the crest of Valais. Initially, this district was meant for townhouses of Eisandines alone, but over time, occasionally visiting nobility from other provinces needed housing as well. While Eisandine townhouses tend to be the property of the families that hold them, there are various houses available for rent. And yet even these rented houses will show the most exquisite interior, in part left there by previous inhabitants over time, and in part enhanced by the tastes of their current residents.

To the west is where the impressive Opera de Marsilikos can be found, a local theatre that had once belonged to a renowned theatre company hired by a former Lady of Marsilikos. There has been a change of ownership a few years ago, and now the place flourishes, with varying plays and opera pieces in their repertoire. Not far from the theatre is the ancient wine cellar, a place where connoisseurs can taste a variety of Eisandine wines, and stronger spirits.

A late morning it is, and Belmont has just stepped out of the Erresse townhouse to depart for some late morning errands. The young nobleman of dark hair and handsome features is clad in his usual attire of dark green doublet and breeches, clothes clean and of a fine quality as befits a noble. A rapier dangles from his belt, orderly sheathed in a slim leather scabbard with an enforced metal tip. Once safely outside, he pauses and lifts his gaze to the slightly overcast sky, before it sweeps over the other buildings, and then turns to the direction of the Place des Mains d'Eisheth; a direction in which he intends to head.

Aedhwyn is walking down from the Place des Mains along with her companion. They are quite the sight, the Alban warrior looking quite barbaric to d'Angeline sensibilities with his facial tattoos and the manne4 his woad has been painted. Aedhwyn is a bit more approachable, her smaller and finer feature reminiscent of d'Angeline heritage but she is quite certainly Alban given the tattoo upon her temple and the dainty dots of Courcel blue across her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose. It's obvious she's not paying attention when she turns the corner and practically barrels into him.

<FS3> Belmont rolls Perception: Good Success. (3 6 7 8 2 8)
<FS3> Belmont rolls Dodge: Good Success. (5 2 8 3 3 5 3 8 1)

Belmont notices the approaching odd pair, and truth be told, he cannot help but stare a little at them. Too foreign is the concept of facial tattoos, that it must draw him in, at least for a moment. The woman must be in thoughts, and so it will only be him dodging her advance at the very last moment that prevents her from actually bumping into him. "My lady…", the noble d'Angeline greets with a fluent bow, and straightening, considers her from close proximity, his grey-blue eyes twinkling with curiosity. "I hope your day is well, and that it is not due to some offence, that you seem quite caught in your thoughts." Blue sprinkles tattooed onto her face are not even vaguely brought in connection to the Royal House of Courcel, and so this Eresse is not shy to have his features warm in a smile. "You -do- speak d'Angeline, don't you?" The other Alban is noted, but so far, Belmont elects to focus his attention onto Aedhwyn.

The woad across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose do not appear to be permanent, they are far too vivid and bright. But the marque at her temple, that is quite permanent. It's intricate, a design that weaves in in itself and frames her eye. She smiles, speaking in fluent d'Angeline though her accent is almost watered down as if she learned it second or third hand. "Good day or rather afternoon to you. Forgive my lack of attention, I had been taken in by looking at some of the homes."

"You do." Belmont smiles, "And you speak it rather well." There is a bit of surprise at that particular observation. "I am Belmont. Belmont d'Eresse." A vague gesture of his hand indicates the townhouse maintained by his family. "I like our home here in the city. But it is of course nothing in comparison to the grandeur of our family seat in Arles." Attention returns to the female foreigner, and he regards her curiously. "You must be far from your home. Where would that be, my lady? If going by your looks, it must be farther than Caerdicca Unitas and Aragonia. Lands I have visited, in the past."

Aedhwyn nods and quips, "I would hope so having spoken it all my life." To look at her there is clearly d'Angeline blood to her. She is too fair of skin, too fine featured for one of her clan. "But please allow me to introduce myself. I am known as Aedhwyn mab Mor Rioghain of the Maghuin Dhonn, eldest sister to the Clan Chief, granddaughter of Alais the Wise. It is an honour to make your acquaintance though again I apologize for nearly causing you injury." She nods when he mentions her being far from home. "I am from the lands of th4 Maghuin Dhonn in Alba. Though are the homes truly more grand and larger than these? I can not imagine it and in truth find it a bit frightening a thought."

Her remark makes Belmont's forehead wrinkle slightly. "Frightening? I've never thought of our Comte's chateau as frightening. Awe-inspiring, perhaps. You know, it is needed, to encourage admiration and support in the common born. Certain… proof of status. And be it just that our holdings are on par with those of House Mereliot." A bold statement, so bold that it must be a jest. A low chuckle follows. "Aed… Aedhwyn. Lady Aedhwyn, I am happy to make your acquaintance. You are an ambassador then, of Alba? I assure you, you were in no danger of injuring me. I've had worse encounters." This now, truly a jest, which he offers with a wink.

Aedhwyn shrugs, "I suppose it is a matter of perspective. Before my arrival unless I was visiting with my aunts and uncles, I spent a great deal of my time outdoors or in small villages. Though I spent nearly half a year at the Seat in preparation to become Ambassador. Most of my training occured with the Ollaham as we travelled with the seasons."

"Has your training prepared you well for Terre d'Ange?" Belmont asks this with his brows rising just so, a hint of mischief dancing in those eyes of his. "And well… If you are here as ambassador of your country, you must have lodgings in the guest tower of the palace." He cants his head just slightly, lifting his hand in casual gesture to brush some of her hair to the side so that he can inspect that tattoo on her temple. "Is it custom in Alba to have you marqued as this? What is the meaning of this sign? D'Angelines… if they wear marques usually have them on their backs."

Aedhwyn nods, "It has prepared me for many aspects though some I am discovering. One can not hope to learn all about a people and their customs in a year even if you grow up hearing the stories and speaking the language." She starts a little as he brushes back her hair, her cheeks colouring a bit. "Every mark upon my body has meaning, even the torque I wear holds meaning. Some are permanent and others woad and dyes."

<FS3> Belmont rolls Perception: Success. (2 8 3 4 1 1)

Belmont's hand he pulls away from her hair, as soon as he notes the blush, and his potential transgression. "I… am sorry, I just wished to see. This looks like art, and I admire art in all its many forms," he admits with a faintly apologetic smile. "I would assume it carries meaning, as the marques of our courtesans carry meaning as well, statement of their canon and upbringing…" His voice trails off and he takes a half-step away from her, a quick glance given her escort in a sudden flash of worry perhaps that his gesture may have been taken the wrong way. "Were you d'Angeline… I would tell you that I would like to learn the meaning of each of those marks and get away with it. But I am aware, customs of our country may seem a bit forward. And even a remark as this could be enough to give offence anywhere else." But his eyes focus on her anew, considering her. "Your features are fine though, and show at least some trace of our blood, I would think."

Aedhwyn blushes brightly at his comments, "It is not too forward and there is no offense taken. I am partially d'Angeline, my grandmother was from here and on my mother's side I believe there is a great grandparent though his name is lost."

Aedhwyn mms, "You would know my grandmother as Alais de la Courcel instead of Alais the Wise."

"Alais de la Courcel…", Belmont echoes, and like she intended or perhaps expected, this piece of information earns her an intrigued glance. "Ah, I see. Then, in a way, you are a Princess of the Blood." He offers her another bow. "And yet now visiting Terre d'Ange as a foreigner. It was never my intention to offend, and I'm glad it is not taken as such. If you are currently residing in the city, our paths may cross at court." A faint frown there, almost imperceivable. "Or elsewhere."

Aedhwyn nods, "I am a princess in your lands and my own but I come to you as an Ambassador to learn more about your culture and my grandmother's people."

"In that case…", Belmont reaches for her hand and bends forward in that combined bow and gallant movement to administer a kiss to her knuckles - if she permits. "I am to show you my proper respect, your highness. And…" He smiles, straightening, but not letting go of her hand just yet, "to offer you all information I can provide about our culture. Your d'Angeline roots. But I have to warn you, I expect a favor in return. Information about your… I mean Alban culture. I want to learn more of people that paint their faces and adorn them even with tattoos."

Aedhwyn smiles, "Besides it seems that your people are more obsessed with titles than my own." Her cheeks are quite rosy from the bold words to the kiss on her knuckles. She really can not quite help the giggle that escapes. "That is perhaps the first bit of information about my Clan I offer. I would enjoy learning more about Terre d'Ange and her people and it is my greatest wish to share more about my own people so that we might understand each other the better. As for the tattoo and woad? Perhaps you might yet learn the meaning of some of them."

"Courtly etiquette is the basis of our society, your highness. But if you prefer, I might address you as 'my lady'. Or… just Aedhwyn? Truth be told, I'm not that fond of formality. You may call me Belmont, if you like. It may facilitate the exchange of cultures." He smiles, but it seems from the glance about them, that he is considering something. "Are you headed to anywhere in particular? Or shall we go for a little stroll about the town.", the Eresse lord asks her. "Perhaps head to the market?"

Aedhwyn mms, "I was not headed anywhere in particular. Each afternoon, I take it upon myself to go strolling so that I might learn more of the city and not risk falling so idle that I can not keep up with the others when I return home…eventually." She pauses a moment, as if thinking of the right words, "It is not that titles are not important or that we do not practice courtly etiquette but that our rank, our place is demonstrated in other ways. In Eire, when I visit my uncle, it is shown by the door which I enter the castle. My torque helps signify my class, that I am permitted to wear it and the metal from which it is created all tell a story. The woad upon my body, the marque upon my face, all tell stories and in such ways, we are known. There is no need to be called princess when all know that it is so. But you may call my by what title suits you, my lord."

"An interesting concept.", Belmont comments. He finally lets go of Aedwhyn's hand, and there is a casual ease about his manner and the look he gives her, an interest flashing in his grey-blue eyes, even if it is far from obtrusive. Who knows? It could be merely curiosity. "The doors. And to leave the manner of address to me, sounds as if it were a test of sorts. Fine. I shall call you 'your highness' and you ay call me 'my lord', as would be d'Angeline custom. We may change this anytime, if it becomes too tiresome for you." Offering her his arm, he turns towards the Place des Mains. "To the market place then? Maybe we can find a spot to have a little food and drink."

Leaping Fish Inn — Market Promenade

The Main Room of the Leaping Fish is tidy and well-kept - and warmed by a fire in the hearth to one side on colder days and evenings. An old tapestry depicting a pair of two leaping fish is adorning the opposite wall - a reference to both the ruling House of Mereliot and the name of the inn. The common room has five tables of sturdy oak with chairs and benches, between which two serving maids move to take orders or bring food and beverages. The air is filled with tasty smells of freshly cooked meals, and murmurs of conversation - and occasionally even melodies rippling through the room, when a lute player is around to provide entertainment. The fare is of good quality that even would not disappoint noble tastes.

There are stairs leading upstairs towards a number of comfortable and well kept rooms the inn has to offer.

The Place des Mains connects to the Grand Plaza, and from there it is not far to the Market Promenade. As they walk, Belmont shoots the foreigner a sideways glance now and then. "Since your arrival to Marsilikos," he asks, "you must have earned many curious glances from d'Angelines such as me. I wonder, how do you feel about such attention, that must differ to what you know from your home?" Their steps slow before the inn, and with Belmont guiding her on his arm, the Eresse lord lifts his other hand in an inviting gesture. "The inn.. Perhaps we can have some food and drink here for a late breakfast." He doesn't mind the other Alban trailing along, and holds the door open for both of them to enter. He leaves the choice of table though to Aedhwyn, shooting her a questioning look. At this hour, most tables in the inn are still vacant.

Aedhwyn mms as she walks with him, though seemingly she's almost just as curious about him and her surroundings. She glances at people in interesting dress, sneaks a peek at him when she thinks he’s not paying attention, glances at the various wares for sale in the stalls along the way. Her touch upon his arm is light, initially very tentative though as she sees other in this manner of escort she becomes less tense. There is a small smile as Belmont holds the door for her though her companion enters first, a quick look around the room before stepping aside for her. She speaks softly, "I think….by the windows. The table at the corner by the windows if you do not mind." The position is strategic, allowing her back to be to the wall but the added benefit of the window as an emergency escape.

That tension of hers is perhaps noted, and Belmont smiles when he feels her hand relax on his arm. "There are courtly customs that don't seem to be familiar to you," he remarks lightly. The way her guard surveys the room as they enter has the corners of his eyes crinkle a little in amusement, but only a hint of it. A nod then, to Aedhwyn's proposition. "A good choice." And in continuing in his display of d'Angeline courtesy, he moves over to the table to draw the chair out for her. "What would you like to have? A bit of lemon water with bread and cheese? Or watered wine. It is after all, already late morning?" Once se is seated, Belmont moves to the opposite side of the table, sitting down so that he can face her. A serving maid arrives, and he will quietly instruct her what they will be having.

Aedhwyn mms, "It is not so much that I am not familiar with them but having learned something in study and experiencing a thing are…somewhat different." She nods her head in thanks to the gallant gesture. "Lemon water or watered wine would both be lovely but I leave it to your esteemed judgement which we will be having this morning." She smiles easily, "In other words…surprise me. I have found that I have not been left wanting when I've allowed my d'Angeline companion to show me their favorite things."

"Is that so?" Belmont leans forward, with his elbows coming to rest upon the table, hands lifting so that their fingers touch lightly against those of the other hand. He orders watered wine then, along with cheese and bread as announced. "You must know already quite a bit then about things d'Angelines enjoy." He considers her, his gaze gaining a bit in intensity for a brief moment. "Did some of those favorite things come as a surprise to you?", he inquires lightly. "Especially when considering the customs of your home?"

Aedhwyn blushes, ducking her head lightly at the intensity of his gaze and the teasing tone of his voice. "I have tried sweets, some so beautiful as to nearly not be eaten. I've tried different types of wine, and fruit juices. I've seen some of your temples. I think I was most surprised by just how many people can be see within the city. So many people, so many things to see."

Belmont smiles at that. "Ah… I see." A bit of that intense potential keeps lingering in his expression, even if the return of the serving maid causes a brief interruption to their converation. "So… you mentioned our temples. Which ones did you see? And which of those impressed you the most?", he inquires, once they are left with a flagon of wine and another of water, two glasses and two plates, and one larger plate between them with slices of bread from from the oven beside two different variations of cheese they can cut some morsels off of with a knife. He pours her a glass, red wine splashing lazily into the drinking vessel, then adds some water, before he slides the glass over to her. He for his part adds more wine, and only a tiny hint of water. "Marsilikos is a big city," he agrees. "A city bustling with activity. A gate to the Mediterranean. Foreigners from other countries are a more common sight here than those of your country, so far up North."

Aedhwyn nods her head in thanks once more, "This is very far from my home. I had not expected it to be so warm or the sun so intense." There is a small sip taken of the wine, after half a glance to her companion. "The port is very busy and there is much trade conducted here. It's interesting, a glimpse of another world." She smiles a bit, "So far I have seen the temple of Eisheth though I have walked through the temple district looking at them. I heard the stories of your Companions, your angels growing up so it was interesting to see the priests in different coloured robes."

"The Temple of Eisheth…", Belmont repeats with a smile, leaning back in his chair to glance out of the window. "Did you know that Her blood runs through many of our province? You were inside of the temple? Have you seen the pool in its center? The candles lit there?" Holding his glass in one hand. "I hear it is different outside of Terre d'Ange. That women can conceive without lighting a candle." An unspoken question lingers there in his gaze, but Belmont leaves it at that.

Oh these d'Angelines. Surely she will perish from all the blood leaving her body and rising to her cheeks one of these days. To her credit though, she doesn't act as if she's embarassed though she does buy a moment to compose herself by taking a small sip of wine. "I only got a small view of the temple. I didn't wish to trespass in a place that your people would consider holy." Another small sip is take before she continues, "I was just as surprised that women must light candles in conceive as those of your land would be to hear that others must not. It is a…strange thing. Though it makes me wonder what d'Angeline that live in other parts of the world do should they wish to provide heirs." She just can't quite look Belmont in the eye.

<FS3> Belmont rolls Perception: Good Success. (1 8 3 6 8 8)

Her awkwardness makes his expression flash with a hint of bad conscience. "Everyone is welcome to enter Her Halls," Belmont tells Aedhwyn. "You don't have to be of Her faith. The Temple will be closed though, at times when the ritual is performed." Being d'Angeline he feels far less awkward when speaking of those things. "They say Eisheth's hands protect the gates of the womb of each d'Angeline maiden. Until the candle is lit and the words are spoken. It does not have to happen at the Temple, though here in Terre d'Ange it usually is done through a ritual performed by a priest. Outside of Terre d'Ange… well, either they have a priest there to perform the ritual with the holy waters from the well, or…" He becomes thoughtful, brows knitting. "Truth be told, I haven't thought about that. Some ladies have been wed to people from abroad, but as the weddings would usually have taken place here, I assume, the Ritual of Lighting the Candle would be performed right after the wedding ceremony." A smile curves his lips. "Who knows… for others living abroad… Maybe they can perform the ritual on their own, and Eisheth would hear them even there. You bring up interesting questions. I believe I should visit the Temple myself soon, to pass them on to our priests."

Aedhwyn nods her head, "In truth I did not believe it when I was told. It seemed like a fairytale meant to keep you pious, much like some of the tales of the Tuatha de Danaan. While surely they are real, some of the stories have been made the greater in the telling by traveling bard." She takes a small sip of her wine, "I think I will have to return to the temple and venture a bit further inside. I am most looking forward to visiting the temple of Elua here. I imagine the garden to be a thing of beauty, an oasis of the wild places within the city."

"It is a fact that a d'Angeline woman cannot get with child unless her candle has been lit," Belmont contradicts gently but not without humor. "Or our lifestyle would come with a lot more complications, in certain aspects." He takes a good sip from his glass of wine, "Imagine the Night Court… the adepts and courtesans wouldn't be able to serve Naamah." Oh yes, he is broaching that subject, as well. "And many a young lady upon her 16th natality who visits there would return with a… 'special' sort of reminder of that first time of hers." It is a notion that amuses him, and it shows in the light chuckle that leaves his lips. But then mirth fades once again from his demeanor, and he looks at Aedhwyn, trying to gauge whether he went too far. "I also recommend the Temple of Naamah.", he tells her, still, gaze flitting down as his tone becomes more conversational. "The baths there are a wonderful place to relax."

Aedhwyn nods as she listens seeming to take things all in stride until he gets to a certain point and her eyes widen. She gives no other indication of her shock or at least she tries not to but it's clear at least part of that information was new to her. "I am still learning about the Night Blooming flowers though I have made friends with a couple of novices of similar age to myself. One is an Alban, half d'Angeline girl and the other a half Bodistani boy."

<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Composure: Success. (5 3 7 4 4 5)
<FS3> Belmont rolls Perception: Failure. (5 5 1 4 3 4)
<FS3> Belmont rolls Empathy: Failure. (6 4 6)

It seems Belmont is perfectly oblivious to her subtle signs, so he nods to her words. "You have met these novices outside of the Night Court? Or have you actually visited the salons yet. You can walk in there anytime. And the Servants of Naamah will answer any questions you may have. There are different flavors there. Coquelicot, for instance, is mostly sought out for relaxation. They are good to make you feel at ease there. Glycine is louder, in comparison. They advertise pleasure there, and fun. There are occasionally gambling nights held there. Lis d'Or is a salon of refinement. They have gifted performers and artists, and you'll see courtesans of that salon even at court. Rose Sauvage…" His words trail off and he shakes his head. "Is as intense as pleasures can become for a d'Angeline. It is not my preferred salon of choice." Giving her that information, Belmont shifts his gaze back to the Alban woman of d'Angeline beauty. "The novices you met… of what salons are they?"

The colour rises high on her cheeks, spreading out to her ears as you ask her more about the night court. "I have gone to visit my friend in the afternoon. We met at random on my first exploration of the city. I also sought out the Alban girl. I'd heard of her and was hoping to speak with someone from home. Sadly she is not from Alba but instead from here though her features reminded me of someone I had met when I was younger." She takes a slightly longer pause to slice a piece of cheese, motioning to Belmont as if offering to cut a piece for himself as well. " She continues speaking as she slices, "I have not yet visited all the houses but I have walked past them. Some I have visited to call upon friends, as I mentioned….and another…there was a masque." The colour travels higher, "People were dressed beautifully."

"You look beautiful when you are blushing." The statement leaves Belmont without thinking, a thought spoken as it crosses his mind, brought forth with d'Angeline forwardness. "It is a quality that draws many of us d'Angelines in. I should apologize, perhaps. If I said anything…?" He takes the subtle suggestion and reaches for the other piece of cheese to help himself to a slice of his own. "Perhaps we should change the topic, if it makes you feel awkward." A realization that sinks in belatedly. The mention of a masque though earns her a glance, as air leaves Belmont in a surprised exhale. "You don't say… A recent masque? It must have been the one at Rose Sauvage. Which I didn't attend." A small smile there. "It must have been quite the impressive event."

Aedhwyn's smile tightens a bit, a small slice of cheese placed on bread. She buys herself time to form her words, to find the diplomatic things to say. "It was….like nothing I have ever experienced before. People were dressed in all manner of costume. There were games such as besting another at standing on a single leg or finding one among the crowd when many were dressed alike. People talked and drank wine. It was not terribly different than what I expected a gathering of nobles to be like."

<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Orate: Great Success. (7 8 6 7 7 4)

"It sounds like you had an enjoyable evening," Belmont comments lightly, and it doesn't look like he suspects there may be more to the story. "I had other matters to attend to," a faint smirk there, and a warming of his smile. Another considering glance towards Aedhwyn, and he adds, "I may wish to introduce you to someone, Aedhwyn mab Mor Rhiogain. Someone who is very dear to me. I bet she'd be delighted to make your acquaintance. Unless… you are already acquainted. Have you met the Vicomtesse de Rognac, Gabrielle Delaunay?"

Aedhwyn mms and shakes her head, "I have not yet had the pleasure of making her acquaintance." She pauses a moment before her face brightens in a smile, "Delaunay. I know that name. That was the name of Phedre's house. My father tells the story ever year of how she was choosen to be the Crone and then emerged as the beautiful maiden adorned with the very stars in her robes." Obviously there is a bit of embellishment of the tale.

"Yes. Phèdre, the Comtesse Delaunay." Belmont smiles at that, and perhaps also a little at the way Aedhwyn refers to the legendary Anguissette. "And Gabrielle is to inherit that same title when the time comes. She and I are engaged to marry in a few months." Information he gives lightly, and the way his gaze goes distant and the faint smile curving his lips suggests thoughts lingering on his betrothed for a moment. "It was… a development I didn't expect. But… the union will benefit both our Houses, and Gabrielle has an impressive personality." He savours his slice of cheese and then washes it down with a swig of red wine.

Aedhwyn ohs softly, looking at him with a bit of awe though one might suspect it is more in that she is encountering living history as it were. "My congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding and that you have found contentment in the ties that will be cemented by your union." She nibbles at the slice of cheese topped bread a moment, following it with some of the wine. "It is obvious you have been most favoured to form a good match."

"I've never aspired to gain a title, being the third in a line of brothers, with a younger sister as well.", Belmont tells her plainly. "And it was a twist of fate that put my brother Gauge in charge of the barony of Beaucare. As his only living brother left, I am technically his heir, but I have no doubt he'll soon provide heirs of his own. With Gabrielle… I know her from my travels to Caerdicca Unitas, we were only loosely acquainted. But given what I know of her now, I have hope that our marriage will be pleasant enough - besides the many duties that will go along with it."

Aedhwyn nods her head, "You are most fortunate you are able to be of use to your family and increase their ties with another house. I am also happy for you that you are genuinely pleased with the choice that was made for you and you look forward to the caring of your people and the lands of your wife." Nope, she's not going to comment on other duties. She may know heirs are required but the hows and pleasantness or unpleasantness of that process, she is not going to bring up. She is about to say more when her companion approaches her, a whisper to her ear in her native tongue or at least one that is not d'Angeline. "I apologize, my lord, but I have need to attend to a few duties. I have enjoyed our time together and I look forward to being acquainted with your affianced."

Belmont moves to stand as Aedhwyn prepares to leave. "It has been a pleasure, Lady Aedhwyn.", he smiles, leaning forward as to snatch her hand for another gallant kiss to her knuckles. "And I trust we shall meet again soon." His gaze cannot help but linger for a moment on her features, that look so d'Angeline and yet so foreign. "I wish you a pleasant day." He may have wished to add more, a faint flicker there in his gaze, in the moment he spoke the word 'pleasant'. But then he leaves it at that. The courteous bid of farewell, outwardly devoid of any innuendos, were it not for his eyes that follow her with their gaze, considering and definitely intrigued.

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