(1310-06-11) Pleasant Prospects
Summary: Irene d’Eresse makes a new acquaintance in Gabrielle, who is introduced by Irene’s brother Belmont. Irene’s upcoming birthday is discussed, and possible presents - and there are news regarding the engagement of Belmont to Gabrielle.
RL Date: Tue Jun 12, 2018
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Wine Cellar

Stairs lead down to the heavy oak door, above which the sign of the place, the likeness of a Hellene amphora spilling over with wine painted upon wood, swings lazily in the occasional breeze. Beyond that door the entrance hall comes into view, where various kegs and casks of differing sizes are arranged in oenological allure before the roughly hewn walls of ancient stone. There is a chill down here on hot summer days, that will be efficiently battled in the colder months through the heating of a giant hearth to the back. The place has a decidedly cavernous character, alcoves to the left and right offering seating at small tables for two or three. Lamps are dangling by chains from the ceiling, shades of milky glass work from La Serenissima offering sufficient lighting. There are no visible windows, which means lamps will be in use even during the day.

Further to the back there is a small hallway branching off from the main area, leading to a medium sized chamber where the bigger barrels are stored. Here, a larger group of up to eight people can sit about a round table of heavy oak, while they are being served the rarer vintages or even the heavier spirits that are stored in a wooden cabinet to the back. Staff is mostly male, clad in black breeches and white shirts with dark red vests, knowledgeable sommeliers of superior training that will be glad to wait on guests in person and offer insight into the variety of wines, red and white, from Terre d'Ange and a variety of specialties from abroad, that are available here.

Evening it is, and a special one at that, as Belmont d'Eresse has elected to invite two women out to the Wine Cellar, two women who are each in their own way very close to him. The young nobleman feels at ease though, a smile on his face as he orders the sommelier to bring them a flagon of Namarrese red wine. With his attention now back on his sister Irene, as they are still waiting for Gabrielle to arrive, he says, "I hope your day has been fine, sister. I suppose you went out to explore the city a bit?"

"Yes, brother," Irene nods slowly fixing up her hair, trying to make sure that none are sticking out from braids, "I have met Monsieur Paris and Lord Jean. Both were very short but interesting meetings. However, this one is actually the one I waited so much!" She smiles and then smooths the fabric of her emerald gown. She obviously wants to leave a good impression. "Oh! And how could I forget that I met lady Aziza. I invited her to my birthday."

To say that the arrival of Gabrielle Delaunay is noticeable would be true. The lady in question is dressed in a flowing cloak of the deepest purple and her red hair is piled on the top of her head and allowed to curl and tumble about her face and form. That form is whispered by many to be extremely lovely with a touch of sensual heat in movement. Her cloak is taken by one of the servants of the Cellar and she is dressed in the softest of silver dresses that has a mixed embroidery of purple and emerald green along the hem and the fluttering half sleeves. There is a pause as she glances around and then her emerald eyes flicker to land on the table that Belmont and his sister hold court. They are warm and even warmer as they rest on Belmont with an impishly delighted turn of her lips. In siblings direction she moves with a soft swaying stride.

"Monsieur Paris and Lord Jean?", Belmont echoes, curious. His brows wrinkle a touch, and he seems to about to ask something, when Irene already continues. "Ah. Lady Aziza. So you've met her already?" The arrival of the Vicomtesse de Rognac however is bound to draw his attention, and he moves to stand as she approaches. "Gabrielle… How glad I am you could make it," he smiles, leaning in to offer her one of those chaste kisses of greeting to the corner of her mouth. His arms hold her in a light embrace, before he steps a way to offer, with a nod in Irene's direction, "Meet my sister, Lady Irene d'Eresse, who is already so eager to finally get to meet you."

Irene was already parting her lips to tell more about the meeting with Lady Aziza, but her brother's lady enters the room and the sister presses her lips together, curling them into a smile. She follows her brother's gesture and also stands up to her feet. Though, she stays a bit behind Belmont and just patiently waits to be introduced. When Belmont gestures toward her, Irene nods and raises her dark brown gaze to the other lady, "It's my pleasure, Lady Gabrielle. When I was informed that we might become a family, I immediately wished to meet you and, also, invite to my birthday celebration. It's going to happening at the beginning of a next month. I simply want to gather family together and closest friends. Lady Aziza already agreed to come!"

Gabrielle returns the kiss to the corner of the mouth, though her hand reaches up to caress Belmont's jaw gently, "A good evening. I was so pleased to get the invitation.." Her voice is husky and warm and while she leans against Belmont it is to Irene that those green eyes turn. The smile lingers and she dips her head gracefully but her eyes sparkle and she can't help but let out a delighted chuckle. "Well, foremost it is a pleasure to met you Lady Irene. But I thank you very much for the personal invitation. Maybe during our time this eve I will learn what type of gift would make you happy on such a bright day.." This is all said as she soaks up the warmth that is Belmont as they stand there.

His arm snakes about Gabrielle's waist, hand sliding up over her back as if seeking to support her as Belmont turns with her to face his sister. Irene may notice the slight shift in his bearing, a hint of fondness in the brief sideways glance he gives the red-haired woman at his side. Especially what Gabrielle adds towards the end earns her a look. "I am certain you will think of something adequate," he elects to comment, gaze flicking back towards Irene to linger upon his sister fondly. "It is to be a small occasion, with only the closest family present," Belmont repeats softly, "and those dear to them." He leaves Gabrielle's side to help her into a vacant chair at their table, and then resumes his seat from before, in the moment ann attendant arrives with the flagon of wine and three glasses he will pour for them.

When her brother moves to help his lady take a seat, Irene settles down herself. Her eyes wander from Gabrielle to Belmont and back to Gabrielle. She is full of excitement and curiosity. Though, the young lady focuses on a brought glass of refreshments instead of speaking up again.

Gabrielle pats or more caresses Belmont's hand gently but that smile stays in place as she is settled in the chair. "Gifts should not be.. adequate Belmont, they should be something desired and treasured. But for them to be so you either need to know the person or ask for them to give ideas of what they might desire.." She says this softly and that smile lingers as she turns her attention back to Irene. "Do forgive me, my dear. I am something of a collector and always feel a young woman should have gifts on such a day. But if you would rather speak of other matters I do understand.." She turns to the attendant and dips her chin with a smile that lights up the room. But her are soon back on brother and sister.

"I've yet to decide on my own natality present for Irene," Belmont remarks with a smile, taking the glass before him with his hand, grey-blue eyes lowering to consider the slow swirl of the red wine he causes with the faint movement of his lower arm. "Any hints will be appreciated though." This added towards his sister with a mischievous wink. "Or… you'll end up with me making up a wild guess, and you know how that can go."

"As I said to Lady Aziza, the best gift one can expect is all family gathered together. I even would like our mother to be with us. I am sure that Gauge and you should introduce your ladies to her. She would really love that," Irene smiles. She looks at Gabrielle briefly and then back at Belmont, "But if one insists… You should very well know, Belmont, that your sister could always use one more piece of a jewelry!" She chuckles and a rosy blush decorates her cheeks. "But really, m'lady," she looks back at Gabrielle, "even if you won't bring anything I won't be upset."

There is a soft tsking sound from Gabrielle as she smiles at Irene, "Now don't take one of my enjoyments away. I do enjoy spoiling those who deserve to be spoiled. And on such a day, well. Maybe you will join me for a shopping trip? We can see if Lady Aziza would enjoy it as well. And we can have a lady's day and see what all types of treats can be found.." She smiles but does not seem the type to force such a trip on another. And while she let's Irene think on it her eyes turn back to Belmont and she smiles softly, that warm sparkle in her eyes again. Clearly there is some fondness between the pair. "And please call me Gabrielle, we are to be sisters after all.."

"Jewelry, hmm?" Belmont sounds little enthused at the prospect. "I was thinking of some flowers rather. Roses, lilies and the like." His expression almost innocent as if to deny the double-entendre. His head turns and he looks towards Gabrielle, catching her gaze, a warm glint there in his own, when he hears what she replies to his sister. "Yes, I'd feel much more at ease if you would address each other as future relations that you will be. Hopefully." The latter word added with a faint smile. "We are still waiting on word from your mother, Gabrielle?"

After taking a sip of her drink, Irene nods slowly, "Alright, Gabrielle it is then. I would really love to have a lady's day. I really liked lady Aziza's style. She could teach us more about fashion of her lands and maybe one of our tailors could make something by her description. She was chose a gown for herself but seems a bit confused of our style. Too much fabric as she stated!" Irene explains excitedly but then focuses on a drink and meal allowing for the pair to discuss more important matters.

Gabrielle almost chuckles but she reaches into a pocket that somehow has been worked into her dress and hands Belmont a parchment. A secret smile appears on her lips as she dips her chin for him to read it. While she leaves Belmont to that she smiles towards Irene. "Ahh, yes, I do enjoy her clothing. And fashion is something of a hobby of mine. Maybe we can stop at dress shop I know along with the jeweler and show maker. Nothing is better than a pair of perfectly fitted long boots.."She winks to the other woman but her eyes are on Belmont as he reads.

Clothes and jewelry are not exactly the sorts of topics to draw a nobleman in who seems to be more interested in duels or even politics. And so the expression of Belmont dims naturally into a cast of only faint interest - even if the fact that his lover and his sister seem to warm to the subject must please him all the more. It is the parchment Gabrielle hands to him though, which he reaches for with keen interest, his attention for a moment focusing on the letter and more importantly its contents. Brows knit as his eyes flick over the written reply, and after a moment his expression brightens considerably, a smile curling his lips with confidence but also a bit of relief. "Sister.", he addresses to Irene. "Apparently the Comtesse Delaunay approves of the plan, and I believe I can hereby announce that Gabrielle and I are now officially engaged."

"Oh! Allow me to congratulate you, then! Great news! You have to inform Gauge andour mother!" Irene claps and raises a glass of wine as a toast of some sort before taking a sip. "Then Gabrielle has to visit jewelry store and tailor in order to start preparations for a big day!"

Gabrielle reaches over and gently lays her fingers on Belmont's arm. "It came today, just before your invitation.." She explains with a softness in her gaze and a bit of wonder. Political marriages are not normally so well taken. So she leans over and gently touches her cheek to his before settling back into her chair. A soft chuckle at Irene's words but she raises her glass in return. "Thank you Irene, I am glad that there was family around when the news was read.."

"A strictly political match," Belmont chuckles with a faint roll of his eyes. "And so quickly approved I have to wonder what other means of persuasion you used in your letter to the Comtesse…" He smiles, though, leaning into that brief touch of Gabrielle's cheeks to his. Raising his glass then, to join in the toats, he says, "On our future, and what it will bring."

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