(1310-06-10) Naamah Temple Hours
Summary: Emilie is holding office hours in the Temple of Naamah.
RL Date: Sun Jun 10, 2018
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Temple of Naamah

The Temple of Naamah is a serene and lovely building which has been constructed of stark white marble and cool latticed stonework. Decorations here reflect the gentle side of the angel to which the temple plays homage, the building being filled with an abundance of flowers that spill from columns and pedestals. Within the centre of the main hall, arching columns support a dome that is open to the skies above, and these are hung with garlands of flowers amongst which the temple doves sit and preen. A narrow carpet of carmine red runs from the main doors, through the arches, and towards the rear of the temple to where an exquisite alabaster statue of Naamah herself kneels upon an altar of deepest grey granite. She is depicted with her eyes closed in quiet repose, and with her hands extended palms uppermost before her. On the floor around the base of the plinth are shallow bowls of chased silver, receptacles for the coins and trinkets that are offerings to the angel herself. Scarlet-robed priests and priestesses might be found within the temple whatever the hour of day or night, going about their chores or offering comfort and guidance to those that seek it.

The temple has nothing specia done to it. Acolytes and the Naamah second are tending to those that come to bend an ear or making an offering. The Naamah temple is proceeding as usual. Emilie is just stepping from the baths of the temple, her usual under dress is left abandoned soem where as she properly secures her robes in place. Since she isn't finising belting the scarlet cloth glimpses of her and the scars marring her body can be seen. Around she looks, undoubtedly inspecting to see if any of her clergy have need of her. Or if anyone who enters the temple does. So far, her people have everything well in hand.

Down the way, moving slowly into the Temple comes a man in bright colors his shirt open, muscles on disply, the jacket is merly open today, around his neck is a few silver items there hanging, but they are small hard to see without getting close. His feet are in a pair of simple black boots, and he moves with swagger of a man, use to be looked at, and his eyes are moving over the temple taking it all in, and then he whistles softly, enjoying this place, and then he looks at Emile with a nod of his head.

Gal has become peculiarly devout, of late. While his shiftmates are all getting smashed at the dockside taverns already, Gal is… here. Almost sober (don't ask for more than that). Dressed simply in his brick-red tunic that smells a little less strongly of Teenage Boy than usual, as though he might have doused it and left it out to dry somewhere, then beat the sea-salt out of its crevices and put it back on again. He's wearing shorts underneath, leaving his legs on display, and flat sandals with a thong between his big toe and the rest of his toes in order to keep them in place. He's already in place, lounging idly, before the priestess arrives. When she does, she'll find his eyes already on her, a roguish smile playing at his lips.

Amoux, as the first to arrive gets a sweet, loving even, smile. "Welcome." says the priestess to him, letting him take his time with the looking around and the likes. She is a priestess that lets people approach her when ready. Then Gal and his roguish grin come into view and to him Emilie dips her head in a more intimate greeting as she has met him, "Welcome to the temple again." she says to him, his smile enough to have her bid him over to her. It's the kind that indicates approach is inevitable, after all."I hope you've been doing well?"

Amoux looks around with his hand resting on his hip, and a soft licking of his lips, as he waits now and then he sighs slowly, exhaling the breath into the air."I have not left my world in quiet sometime, and stuck working on art. I wanted to get a little more connected with the city, and I figured this was a way to do so." His voice is soft, and the words coming out in musical tone, with amused smile on his face, and as he nods towards Gal, with a smile.

Gal lets the moment linger, watching the Priestess bide her time and biding his own, in turn, lounging until she makes her way a little further into the sunny-domed atrium. Then, swinging a leg down from his post, he draws himself up from his seat and leans forward in a courteous bow in almost one and the same motion. "Yah, I'm good," he tells her. "I'm… yah, pretty good. What about you?" he tosses out what might be a little bit too casual a conversation for the environs, his eyes flitting to Amoux, to whom he lifts a hand to wave in good cheer, even though he doesn't know the guy.

Amusement tug up the lips of Emilie at Gal's excessively casual nature, unbothered by it "I am quite well. I was just in the baths." It is not hard to tell, if having missed her entrance. THe scarlet robes lightly cling to her, as if she had not taken the time to dry properly and her hair is still damp. "Has something brought you to me besides the pleasure of my company?" Emilie offers another sweetly amused grin over. Then to Amoux her attention is drawn once more, "The temples are always an excelent place to feel connected." she tells the courtesan. "Naamah's temple is a good place to start as well. Let me, my second, or one of my acolytes know if we can help your connection form."

Amoux smiles slowly, with a nod of his head as he speaks now with a music seeming to follow his words."I'am a memeber of the night court, and I came here to honor my godess." His eyes taking it all in with, with a little smile creeping over his lips."As I said, I have come here before, but my art, and my work has keeped me away, today it struck me I need to do it again." His fingers are taping against his side, and then he looks at the preist, with a smile."A bath is a grand way to start anything, and it is one of my favorites."

"Do I need… another reason?" Gal wonders, boyish smile matched by a cock of a brow. "I feel like Naamah called me here," which, in its basest sense, is true. He feels the angel in his vatic loins— and where else should such an angel reside? While the priestess moves to confer with Amoux, he himself proceeds, toddling forward heel-first toward the center of the dome, inviting a breath of freshly scented air into his lungs via subtly flared nostrils.

"Man of the Night Court have come here." says Emilie with a smile, "IT is a good place for the Servants of Naamah to reaffirm their choice to be one." Then Gal's words gets him a laugh, "THat seems a well enough reason, yes." agrees the priestess. For a few moments she watches both men enjoying the temple in their own ways, "Have you two met each other?" asks the priestess with another smile that is soothing in how sweet and kind it is.

Amoux watches her for a moment ,with a little chuckle."Of course, we do, and you did a wonderful job with my Debut, for that you still honor me." His voice is soft, and then he looks at the man, for a moment with a hand offered in respect."I'm Amoux Audibert no Lis d'Or, it is a pleasure to meet you." His eyes on his for a moment, there is something musical to the way he moves, and speaks as if he wants to sing it out, with pleasure, but is trying to stay stable.

Gal turns when Emilie strives to induce introduction. Well induced, Emilie! Gal grins a big ol' goofy grin and gallumphs over, meeting Amoux' palm with his palm, cross-wise, grips it and closes in the angle of his elbow to draw the guy in and bring his other arm around for a hug-and-pat after a manner most masculine. "Hey! What's up? I'm Gal," he introduces himself by first name alone. Looking at him, one would assume he were a commoner. He's happy enough to let that assumption win the day. "I'm on the city guard." Again, with mainly a commoner cast of characters. "You're in the court, huh? What do I owe you for that hug?" he laughs, joking with the guy with an easy spirit.

"All peole who come to Naamah's temple deserve to be honored equally." says Emilie with a smile to Amoux. Gal's instant display of affection to Amoux gets a gentle and amused shake of the head by the priestess. She silently gives the two men to get themselves well met with each toher.

Amoux hugs the man back with his arm, and then he smiles slowly."Not a thing Gal, this time next time you owe me a drink." His voice is teasing, and then he looks around taking in the temple again, with a soft sigh of pleasure."This is so lovely, I always forget about that, till I return, I need to come by more." His voice is awed now, and then he looks at each of them with a wicked smile."Now then, I came to pray for clients sadly, all of mine have droped off."

"Ha!" Gal likes Amoux' sense of humor, pointing at him easily as they part ways in the aftermath of the embrace and jocularity. He draws back, dawling in reverse until his heel strikes something he can't pass through, then stops. "Oh, man. That sounds like a problem," he tells Amoux, then looks to Emilie with a grin. "I'll pray for that, too. Two prayers are better than one, right?" And he just wants to hang out here, after all. Near Emilie.

"you can also offer to become his patron." suggest Emilie with a cheeky laugh. Then to Amoux, "I am sure you will find patrons once more. Everyone has time of quietness between patrons. When I was a young courtesan many years ago, I had several periods of no patrons." Her hands lift to touch the shoulders of the two men and guide them to the proper spot to offer their prayers.

Amoux nods slowly with a soft little chuckle, and then he looks at Gal."Well it depends on what he wanted, and I'm a very picky man. Also I have not had such a small stream of clients leave so quickly before, and I'm praying to see what guidance she has for me." His voice is soft, and then he nods again with a smile, at both of them."But maybe it was to bless me with your presence, is the real reaosn I was told to come."

"I could, but I'm broke— maybe on payday I'll have enough for a quick snog behind the fountain, but beyond that I'm not going to be much help," Gal offers up, arms outstratched in a posture of helplessness. "But prayers, man, those I can do. O Naamah," he lifts his outstretched arms to show his palms to heaven. "Please make the Ladies and/or Gentlemen of Marsilikos flush with cash and thirsty for cock," is… well… not a real prayer. obviously, but it's the thought that counts.

"You forgot his name in your prayer, Gal." says the priestess with a laugh. She noted his lack of title and such introduction so she addresses him accordingly. Then to Amoux she says with a smile, "Naamah guides her servants to where they need to be." A hand lifts to gently touch his cheek, "Has coming here laid some of your worries to rest?"

Amoux nods slowly, with a little sigh of pleasure as he is relaxing now, and her hand is covered with his own soft one."Very much so, and it has lead me to a new friend, and someone I think I will get in to quiet a bit of trobule with, and a the preistes that blessed me." His voice is soft, and then he beams at Gal, for a moment."Wanna grab a round on me sometime."

"Thirsty for Amoux' cock," Gal corrects himself in his very best schoolboy-to-schoolmistress voice, maybe a little cheeky as he strolls up along to the altars, whence he grins back at Amoux, "Heck yes," he answers, "And coming here has scored me a free drink. Naamah bless!" he cheers jovially. "What about you? Do you ever go hit up a tavern after services?" he wonders, of Emilie, with whom he is patently smitten, trailing after her in roundabout circumambulations.

"I do on occassion." says Emilie to Gal, "though, most of the time I keep to Naamah's temple so I am available any time someone needs the services of a priestess." Gal being quite smitten does not seem to bother Emilie. In fact, it draws the Heliotrope out of her even. She was, after all, a Heliotrope for far more years than she has been a priestess. Her fingers slide along his arm each time she touches him to guide his step or action to an appropriate one for the temple. Amoux does not go untuched, mind. Emilei is a very affectionate and touchy creature. T Amoux she says with a sweet smile, "THen to the embrace of Naamah's Temple is where you needed to be on this day. Like Elua and all his Companions her wisdom is unfailing."

Amoux nods slowly, and then he smiles at both of them, with a little chuckle."Sadly, I have to head back to finish my painting, it was a pleasure to meet you both of you." His voice is soft musical, and then he bows towards them."Gal, come find me when you wish that drink, I'm not hard to find, and Preistest it was a pleasure."

"Sure thing, Ams." Lookit that, Amoux has his own nickname from Gal. "I'll catch you soon. Lis d'Or, right?" he checks to make sure he remembers what house Amoux lives in. From there it should be a simple enough matter to catch him one day. But he's being herded by the light touches of the priestess, and he goes where she guides him, maybe getting a little out of line here and there so she'll have to correct him again.

The priestess shoots an amused look at Gal each time he gets out of line. She is not blind to the fact he is likely doing some on purpose. Then to Amoux she smiles gently, "I will come by one day soon. I will commission some paintings from you. Or buy any you have completed." Her head dips to him again, "Enjoy your painting." she tells him.

Amoux nods slowly, for a moment with a little chuckle."I would be honored Priestess, to do work for you. I would also enjoy painting you if you would allow me." His voice is soft, and then he starts to head towards the exit."Yes at the Lis D'Or, I hope to see you again soon Gal."

Gal gives the priestess a look like the cat who ate the canary, knowing he's been caught at his incidental naughtiness. He just likes it when she touches him. No big deal! "I'd buy that painting," he grins when Amoux mentions painting Emilie. "I'll save up for it," he winks, knowing portraits like that usually take some months to complete.

"If you wish it, my darling." says Emilie to Amoux with a smile, "Just let me know when you wish to paint me." When Gal gives her te cat who ate the canary look her hand lightly pats his arm, giving hims the continued touch he indicated wanting. "Work hard at saving up, Gal. I will be expecting you to give him extra on top of his aasking price." She is not above taking advantage of people to bless Servants of Naamah.

Amoux nods slowly, as he listens and then he is out of the temple, with a soft smile on his face.

"Just make it… ehm, smaller. There's not a lot of room at the barracks," Gal explains the request. Also it'll help in terms of price. "But I'll look at it every night," he adds with a sly grin.

After Amoux Emilie watches a moment with gentle affection. A look all who come into the temple likely get from her. Then back to Gal she looks and smiles a bit misceviously, "Perhaps I will ask him to make it a nude one." Such a helpful priestess. ikely not a surprising comment given she is a former Courtesan and the Priestess of the Angel who sold her self for Elua.

"I mean—" Gal falls silent a second. Then tips his head to one side in a sort of boyish shrug. "I thought that was a given," he answers her, just as game as she is for mischief. He lowers himself to one knee, then both knees, leaning back to sit on his heels and look up at the priestess of the loving angel.

A gentle touch of her hand is given to his face, "Going to offer a proper prayer now?" she asks in amusement. She gives a light little stroke of her fingers then her hand pulls away.

Gal moves his head in a gentle little circuit, moving the smooth skin of his cheek against her fingers in a slow graze. "I think they were already answered," he replies, just happy to look up at her and the way her robes cling and let go from her newly washed frame.

A slight smile is given at his words, "It is good you got your prayers answered." she says, fingers still gently smoothing along his cheek. The robes are slowly starting to flow more than cling, as she gradually dries. "Answered prayers are always good."

Gal takes a deep breath along with the breeze that moves the priestly garb, unveiling hints of the scarred form below. "Can I ask one of you?" he wonders, letting her guide his eyes' attention back to her face.

A tilt of her head is given, "You can ask me anyting you wish. Whether I answer is another story." Her hand lowers to guide him to his feet, "Shall we go sit in the baths while you ask all the questions you wish too?"

Gal rocks back onto his feet, rising with sprightly energy and lifting both brows at the same time. "In the baths? But you just had a bath, didn't you?" Gal grins to point it out. "You're going to have pruny toes if you keep going in all day," he chuckles, but offers her his hand, anyhow, going along with her where she would take him. "Are you really going to get your portrait done? Or were you just kidding?" he wonders.

"He wishes to paint me." says Emilie as her hand falls into his and to the baths she guides. "I do not deny people something they find pleasure in." Over Emilie looks and says with a gentle smile, "Did you think I was merely humoring him?" she wonders.

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