(1310-06-09) A Most Unthinkable Tale
Summary: Juliette nó Lis d'Or visits the Temple of Elua, and engages in a conversation with the young priest, Tavi Delaunay.
RL Date: 09/06/2018
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Temple of Elua — Marsilikos

It is late evening, and probably a late hour for an adept of House Lis d'Or to be out and about. And yet here she is. Juliette enters the temple with a guard in tow, the man wearing the Lis d'Or livery hanging back then, as the brunette woman with d'Angeline features but also some trace of her Caerdicci heritage ventures deeper into the temple at a slow unhurried stroll. Her hazel eyes look around, taking in the many details, and her demeanor is calm, as it must be when being at a place like this. She wears a dress of peach color, below a light summer cape, and her dark hair is done in a courtly fashion.

Tavi stands in the entry to the Temple, humming slightly to himself as he sweeps. Given the open nature of the Temple it is a constantly losing battle, but you don't want people's feet to get too dirty. Tavi looks up as someone enters, and offers a bright smile to her. "Hello, my lady of the Lis d'Or, and welcome to the Temple of Elua. I'm Tavi Delaunay; is there anything I can help you with?"

Such friendly address will certainly not be ignored, and so Juliette pauses, even that pause a graceful motion of its own, the way her skirts settle in a fluttering whisper, the manner in which her head slowly turns and her chin lifts just so to have her hazel eyes settle upon him. "Brother Tavi Delaunay?", she asks, as if to assure herself. There is a hint of surprise in the look she gives him. "How could tell I'm of Lis d'Or?" A stupid question, as she realizes when she glances towards where she left her guard. "I am Juliette, born to House Baphinol, but a member of the Night Court ever since I was accepted as novice at the age of 10." Another sweeping gaze is given the Temple. "Have you been here for long? I don't recall having met you before in this Temple. But then again, it has been awhile since I last visited."

Tavi smiles, and nods. "That's me," he confirms happily. He looks like he is about to answer, when she looks to the guard and realizes it. "My mother made sure I recognized all of the symbols of the Marsilikan Night Court houses as well as those in the capital. She was a Coquelicot," he offers by way of explanation. He shakes his head, red hair swaying from side to side as he does so. "No, I've only been in the city almost…two weeks. And it's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Juliette. As you know all we ask is that you take off your footwear."

"I see," Juliette replies with a smile. "And that would explain it, why I haven't met you before. It may be a little late to bid you welcome to our wonderful city of Marsilikos?", she wonders, pausing to indeed remove her fine shoes from her feet. Would it be a chillier season, she'd wear stockings as well, but as it is her shapely feet are bare already. "Brother Tavi. How are you finding it so far? Are you agreeable with the variety of people visiting the Temple?" She looks curious, but unobtrusively so.

"I will always take a welcome to the city from a beautiful lady, my lady," Tavi offers happily, before he nods at her question. "Oh, absolutely. Like I said, my mother is from the city and our House has many holdings here; while my training was away from the city, I am happy to return to it. And I am always happy with the people who com to see me in the Temple," he answers. "Some have problems I can help with; some are having wonderful days they share with me. All are coming to give devotion to the Blessed Elua, which is a wonderful act by itself."

"You wish to know why I come here?", asks the brunette courtesan with a faint glitter in her eyes. And for a moment there is silence, as if she were focusing on her senses, the sounds echoing in the holy halls of the temple, footfalls of other visitors. "It is because it is an area of calm and tranquility. I pray to Elua to thank Him for what he has granted me so far - a pleasant life of fulfillment. Pleasantness sometimes coming in unexpected forms and shapes. Not what you may think delights a Servant of Naamah…" She removes her cape from her shoulders, only to hold it slung over a lower arm, her hands folded before her. "As you can see, my back is covered, Brother Tavi. But it will not take long and the art on my back will be finished. I am excited about that prospect. Even if I don't expect to leave the Court de Nuit soon."

Tavi smiles. "Well, I'll admit to being curious why everyone comes here, what brings them to the Temple on any given day. But it is rude to pry too deeply, so I restrain myself mostly," Tavi confesses. He grins when she describes it as a place of calm and tranquility. But then he shakes his head. "I don't think I'd be surprised, my lady. Like I said, my mother was a member of the Night Court; she took delight in many things wholly unrelated to her time as a Servant. We are all people, and we all contain multitudes." He nods at the description of her back. "And it will be lovely when it is complete, not that it isn't lovely now. Have you debuted yet, then? Or is that day coming?" He smiles. "And you should be excited by the future."

"Perhaps…", Juliette's hazel eyes lower for a moment, and a smile forms on those comely features of hers. "Perhaps I should tell you the most unthinkable tale. Of a dear one, who kept contracting a Lis d'Or adept just to be with her, to speak with her and to keep her company at night. Never were arts of Naamah's arts used, When all the magic it took was a comforting embrace and an occasional kiss. This experience has deeply impressed upon me. It has shown me there is something beyond the simple pursuit of pleasure. A glimpse perhaps, of Elua's Love. For which I am grateful." She smiles, and it is a warm smile. "My debut occurred two years ago, Brother Tavi. My marque is almost finished, only a few inches are missing. It is exiting, of course. To feel that day near, where I am no longer in debt to my salon, but can stay there, because I, Juliette, wish it to be so."

Tavi raises his eyebrows as she promises an unthinkable tale, and then gives a nod as she begins to speak. "I don't think it is that unthinkable, my lady. My father and mother met through the practice of Naamah's more personal arts, but it quickly gave way to that—to the spending of time, and the love that grew between them. I'm a product of such a thing, and am grateful for it." He grins. "OH, please forgive me! I misinterpreted your words, thinking you were just beginning your journey rather than so close to completion." He smiles. "Well then congratulations in advance, on what will be a joyous day."

"It remains a curiosity," Juliette muses, "and a special sort of arrangement that ensures that particular patron to hold a special place in my heart. It has been a while though, since I have seen her. I should visit the harbor to see if her ship is still moored there. Meanwhile, it will take other patrons to grant me the remaining gifts needed to pay the marquist. I cannot wait to have my marque acknowledged by the leader of our salon, Philomène nó Lis d'Or. Perhaps… there will be an acknowledgement fête. If so, I would be glad to see you there, Brother Tavi."

Tavi smiles warmly. "I'm glad that you got to experience it, and I hope that you get to again. We should all have people who have made for themselves a place near our heart, and an importance in our lives." Tavi nods at her words and then her invitation. "And I would be happy to attend. I have not gotten to spend as much time in the Night Court here as I would like in my life, and will treasure an excuse to do so more. What will you do once it is acknowledged? You've said stay with your salon and the court, but do you have any other plans?"

"I may become a teacher of the lute," Juliette muses, "tutoring novices but also others. I will stay in Naamah's Service. As it is fulfilling to serve the Bright Lady. I never have regretted the decision of my family, to place me here of all places. Even though… A big dream of mine is to venture to the City of Elua one day, to see the marvel of Mont Nuit and its Thirteen Houses."

"Oh, that's lovely," Tavi offers sincerely. "But I do hope you get to travel to the capital as well. It is a beautiful city, and a place everyone should see someday. The Mont Nuit is like a place from another world, like it came out of the true Terre d'Ange beyond."

"So I've heard," Juliette replies with a smile. "I would like to see Eglantine House. Dahlia. Camellia. And Cereus, of course. It maybe a dream to pursue. Perhaps I can find a lord or lady who would take me along. Who knows?"

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