(1310-06-08) In Pursuit of Art
Summary: Artistry of differing areas is on the table, when Juliette demonstrates her skill with the lute and Mathys in turn requests of her to sit for him for a painting.
RL Date: 08/06/2018
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Le Lis d'Or — Night Court

The salon of Lis d'Or emanates the very air of refinement. Be it through the elaborately done inlay work in the wooden floor, a depiction of the marque of the salon, the golden lily; be it through the heavy curtains of purple brocade with golden lilies embroidered upon them guarding the floor to ceiling windows that look out on a carefully kept garden, where nature pointedly has been subjected to human hands and taste. Be it through the fashionable chaise longues and chairs, carved from dark mahogany, with the purple upholstery and embroidered cushions enhancing the comfort of seating. The walls have been kept to a light mauve hue, adorned with masterfully done paintings of several notable former courtesans of this salon. It is all there, the grace, the poise, the perfection, and sometimes even the frailty that has blended into this salon's canon. A canon so adequately displayed by the courtesans and adepts that can be encountered here.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring night. The weather is cool and drizzling.

Late is the hour at Lis d'Or, and yet the salon has lost little of its sparkle, even at this time of night. Attendants may be fewer though. Some courtesans already being away in their rooms or elsewhere, to pay patrons of political importance company. Or not. Juliette seems to be unoccupied still, apart from playing a little on her lute that rests on her lap, where she sits, somewhere to the side, on a very fine chair of courtly elegance. She wears a courtly dress of peach color, and her dark tresses, with most of it tamed into a hairdo, still has a number of strands to frame a comely face of d'Angeline beauty, but also a faintly Mediterranean trait.

Mathys strides into the salon, pulling at his cuffs, as he appears a touch frazzled. He scans the room and purses his lips, noting to himself, "I knew it would be too late and the salon would be winding down." Just as he is about to turn and depart, he notices Juliette playing her lute and smiles softly. After a few second of consideration he turns and walks towards her, remaining quiet until she finishes. Once she does finish, the nobleman greets, "Good evening, I am Lord Mathys Rousse. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mademoiselle…?"

<FS3> Juliette rolls Politics: Success. (6 2 1 3 7 1 6 1 5 5)

The inevitable happens. When approached by a guest to the salon, Juliette pauses in her light delivery of a local melody and sets the lute carefully aside, before she rises, peach-colored satin skirts rustling faintly as they rearrange themselves about her. A curtsey is offered to the nobleman, whose face is not familiar, while his family is, of course. "Good eve, my lord. A pleasure, yes. And it is all mine.", she assures. "I am Juliette nó Lis d'Or, an adept of this salon. Would you like some refreshment? A glass of wine perhaps?"

Mathys smiles at the woman's polite greeting and nods, "Certainly. A white wine would be nice. Something light and sweet as I already had dinner." He looks about and inquires, "Did I miss the revelry already? A shame. May I sit and enjoy your music instead?"

Juliette glances about the salon, before her hazel eyes shift their gaze back towards the Rousse. "White wine," she declares towards a servant with a smile. "Two glasses." Before a smile blossoms on her features and she admits, "I would love to play something for you, my lord, if you wish for it." She reaches for her lute and settles herself on the chair she had claimed before, resting the instrument upon her lap. "What shall I play for you my lord?" The instrument needs little tuning, and yet she takes that moment, making sure it is finely attuned, before her fingers begin to run over the strings, indecisively trying out tunes as she tries to make up her mind."

Mathys takes a seat in a chair next to her as she begins tuning the instrument. "My skill is in the visual arts - painting. I never had the best ear for music, so I will differ to one who has mastered it. Play something of your whimsy." He accepts his glass of wine from the servant and takes a sip, before setting it aside on a stand next to the chair as he leans back and waits to hear what she plays.

<FS3> Juliette rolls Lute Playing+2: Great Success. (6 6 7 1 8 1 5 7 8 2 3 5 3 7)

"You are a painter?", Juliette smiles. "An artist is very much like the other, even if we have obviously differing fortés. You must know then, of the reluctance to show your art, occasionally, the nervousness that the work or the performance may not meet expectations? I shall try ths feat, my lord, risk your opinion of me by baring some of my own personality through the ways of the lute." A light silvery chuckle leaves her lips. Modesty does not become her very well, on the contrary, she seems to be well aware of her skill. "A melody then… where I can prove to you my accomplishment." And she chooses to play a piece of advanced difficulty, a local tune of Marsilikos that she presents in its simple version at first, before she shows her many years of practice on the instrument, by adding fast and complicated runs in the many variations that follow the first part. She smiles while she plays, and it is clear, her heart is in this. And the knowledge that she is a fitting flower of this salon, in once again proving her skill and grace, all the way through the demonstration.

Mathys nods at the question, "I dabble in it, yes. As for the reluctance, I know it all too well. Very few have seen any of my works. They may remain that way until I die, and then people can either praise them or burn them without me being none the wiser." He quiets and listens to her performance. As the complexity of it grows, conveying her skill as well as her feelings, he appears almost moved to tears by the end. Applauding her enthusiastically, he exclaims, "That was magnificent! I haven't been moved by music so much in quite some time. I am suddenly inspired to my own great works. You are a muse!" He pauses long enough to take another sip of wine, before asking, "Might I request an assignation to serve as a model for me?"

"What does it take for someone such as me to convince you to show them to me?", asks the Lis d'Or with a slight sideways tilt of her head. There is a faintly mischievous glint in those hazel eyes of hers, before she launches her performance and revels in it. To say she doesn't appreciate his applause afterwards would be a lie, Mathys may catch that gratified smile that adorns the features of the adept. "I am glad you enjoyed," Juliette says with a smile - before his next question makes her put the lute aside, and the quality of her smile shifts just so. "Ah… You wish to paint a picture of me, my lord? What kind of work are you envisioning? A portrait? Or something entirely different? I'll gladly sit for you. But the time, as you know, will have to be paid for. A proposition I shall have to consider."

Mathys smirks a bit at the question before she plays. "Quite a few are in my bedchamber," he teases back. He considers her question once she sets her lute aside, "Why not all? It doesn't have to be a short term assignation. I am inclined to perhaps do a few works with you as a model. That is the joy of the salons, so many models to choose from." He then laughs and nods, "Yes, that is generally what an assignation is, time well spent for money well spent."

"Perhaps…", Juliette remarks, "you should try me out once, before committing yourself to a long term arrangement. Who can tell whether you'd be pleased with my skills… in modelling for you?" The faintest of winks accompanies her words, it is an obvious tease, but it seems she is not adverse. "You should request a contract for… a day or two. However long such a first painting may take to complete, my lord. And perhaps… who knows? I may earn the honor of… seeing your paintings where you keep them so secluded?"

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