(1310-06-10) Brief Second Chat
Summary: Séverine pays the Salon de Coeur de Lavande a visit and uses the opportunity for a brief chat with Margot, about debuts and other upcoming events of the Night Court.
RL Date: 06/06/2018
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La Coeur de Lavande — Night Court

Stepping into the foyer of Coeur de Lavande is a rather soothing experience for, though not as grand as it could be, it creates a sense of calming invitation. The walls are done in hues of lavender and pink and the floors are covered with pale green carpet. Between the two staircases that lead to the second floor are double doors that lead to the atrium and on either side of the stare cases are doors that lead to different parts of the salon.

Adorning the walls are paintings of the Founders as well as beautiful landscapes that are selected to add to the soothing feel of the salon. The furniture, though few pieces, are carefully selected so the pale oak compliments the color scheme well. There are a couple comfortable chairs placed here and there as well as several tables adorned with, typically, lavender flowers, giving the room a lavender scent.

Margot can be scene standing in front of one of the paintings….this one a man. A soft smile tugs at her lips as she seems to be deep in thought. However she is brought out of it when a young novice runs up to her, a young boy with a bright smile. "Thank you, Marcus…" That voice of her's was soft as she as pats him gently not he shoulder and with that he's passing her a glass of water before skipping off again. Folding one of her arms under her bosom she seems to think then turns to move towards one of the chair, that white silk billowing about her as she moves. Something is on her mind but the fact her features are relaxed, it's nothing serious.

With all lavender on display and filling the foyer with its scent, and the theme even being echoed in some of the interior, Séverine may indeed stick out, in her gown of dark red. Long sleeves hug her arms, and the marque visible on her back where her gown slopes down is clearly not the sign of Coeur de Lavande. Honey-blonde tresses with a slight tinge of red, depending on the light has been gathered in a hair knot. The Second of Rose Sauvage enters and offers the novice Margot has just sent away a smile in passing, before her attention shifts to the blonde clad in white silk. "Good morning, Margot," Séverine greets. Of course, everyone knows each other in the Night Court of Marsilikos, comparatively small as it is. And so the Red Rose closes the distance without thinking to take Margot's hands into her own, leaning in the breathe a kiss of greeting to the corner of the other woman's mouth. "I hope I don't come at an inopportune time? I just thought I'd pop by for a little chat." She lets her gaze drift over the interior, with a pleasant smile. "How are things going here, at Coeur de Lavande? I hear there is a debut coming up soon?" Her slender fingers let go of Margot's hands and Séverine chooses a chair to sit down upon - unless Margot has other suggestions.

She hadn't just sat down year as she catches the glimpse of someone making their way into the foyer from the outside. Licking her lips those blue eyes cut over and a warm smile tugs at her lips then. "Good morning, Severine…." She reaches out that hand just in time as she returns that kiss to her. "Of course not. I am just doing some plotting is al…" A wink is given to her as she slowly sits down with her in that chair next to her. "Things are going great. Of course we're still small and new….so it's a process." She then motions to that glass of water in her hand. "Can I get you something to drink? Or something to snack on this morning?" Margot then continues. "And yes….in about a month or so."

"Plotting, hmm?" A smile tugs at the corners of Séverine's lips as she pauses just a moment to meet Margot's gaze. "It's seems fitting to plot," she remarks then with a silvery chuckle. "Especially for courtesans in our position. Planning and organizing debuts… With the one at Rose Sauvage having been called off, we have been forced to change plans. But that doesn't mean we won't try to lure some people into our salon. The occasion will be different, but there will be one, that's for sure." With herself settled comfortably in her seat, Séverine gives a wave of her hand. "Not yet, but thank you.", she replies to the offer of food and drink. "Our next debuts will not be for me to run. There's lovely Miette, our White Rose, who Virginie is in charge of. Oh. And Ophelia, of course, Jacques's pride. I wonder what he may plan for her."

Margot smirks ever so slightly as she takes a slow sip of her water. "Yes….its has been a bit and I am looking forward to it. Roseline is one of our firsts…fitting since her mother is Avril…." Chuckling softly she leans back gently, resting her water in her hands. At the mention of a debut called off, she nods slowly. "I heard…it is so terrible what has happened to that poor girl. I feel for her…truly." Closing her eyes, she just shakes her head a bit. "….people can be just….cruel." A beat. "But…now she has new responsibilities I am sure." She looks to Severine then with a smile. "So shall you be planning an event? Something to take their minds off of things for a bit?" That coy smirk tugs at her lips again. "And oh? Well means you can relax just a little. I am doing Roseline because her mother requested I do so….and Rosie wanted to impress her mother and surprise her."

"Avril's daughter?", Séverine repeats with a smile. "Now, that sounds delightful. I bet there will be many interested in winning her debut. Roseline, hmm? If she is anything like her mother I don't doubt she'll inspire bids to raise as high as you will be hoping for." A shadow falls upon her features then, features that look somewhat frail. Even if the smile remains. "Ah… I had planned it all with Desarae, but yes… her path will be another one. Her Grace, the Duchesse has insisted she'd be released from her commitment." A soft sigh there. "There will be other debuts. And I believe, here a Coeur de Lavande is less of a distinction that at our salon. As for the event… There will be a masque, our way of celebrating the Night of Love. I believe, it shall certainly distract those here in Marsilikos from recent events. Invitations have already been sent out."

Margot nods. "Yes….I'm hoping that it is indeed enticing. I have been letting her sit out with her chaperone so that we can drum up more interest. I feel that our idea will be fitting for her…." Chuckling she then sets that glass down upon the small table between them. Reaching out a hand, offering it to Severine if she wishes to take. "I am sure you were all upset. It is hard….but…." A pause. "….I digress." A soft smile tugs at her lips. "Well let me know if you need anything. There is no reason why we shouldn't at least have another ear to listen, hm?" A playful wink is given before she slowly sits up. "And oh! I thought I had heard about that but wasn't sure if it was set in stone…" She smiles brightly then as she nods. "….if we can offer our assistance in anyway let me know….however I am sure you have already had it taken care of. I feel I would be a horrid friend if I didn't even offer anything…."

"Some things are beyond our control," Séverine remarks with a soft smile. Lifting her gaze she studies Margot for a moment. "If you see Alucard, pass on my greetings. I'm not sure he remembers me, but I certainly recall him. From my brief time at Cereus House." She considers the offered hand and takes it into her own. "The Night Court is ever busy and will continue to be so," her stormy grey eyes alight. "And with us here in Marsilikos, there is an ever changing constellation of courtiers. As for the Night of Love… I believe the different salons may hold their own events. And some nobles may even elect to invite their favorite courtesans for private fêtes of their own."

Margot nods as she slowly sets her hand back in her lap. "Of course…certainly. I'm sure he would he never forget a visage such as yours, Severine…" A warm smile is given to her then as she slowly looks over to Alucard's painting. "He's been so busy as of late….but we all still have dinner every night…." A pause and then she looks back to Severine with a smile. "But yes." There is a twinkle in those bright blue eyes. "We were contemplating something small but it may be private. I have to speak to Avril and Alucard as to their thoughts before we make a decision. Someone had invited me to an event but I need to take care of things here."

Séverine nods. It is a graceful motion, and the warm smile is returned. "I was a novice, back then," she admits. "And then the spiced candy revealed my true nature, and I left for Valerian House. So long ago." Her gaze becomes a bit pensive. "Coeur de Lavande may be new, but the tale of how you three came together truly warms the heart. I cannot say, Jacques, Virginie and I sit together often. Each of us is busy with their little branch to lead. Whatever you three decide for the Night of Love, I am sure it will be fitting for the situation. I wouldn't be surprised to see your mentor insisting he'd spend it with all three of you." Said with a soft smile. "I, for my part will be busy with Rose Sauvage. A mask. And perhaps a Showing for a very select few. We need to keep people interested and on edge about everything Rose Sauvage." A wink there, and another smile, amused but also a bit excited. "We shall see. Please give Avril and Alucard my regards. I fear… I have to leave already. A thought just crossed my mind, and I need to go to the market, to the tailor's place." Rising to stand, Séverine offers a nod to Margot. "Have a good day. And make sure to come over to our place sometime, for a chat over a glass of wine. Or two."

Margot smiles as she winks. "Still….I'm sure he remembers. I'll try to make him take some time off to at least visit." At that she listens and closes her eyes. "I'm sure some people see it as strange….four people so connected. However I would not wish it any other way for they are like my little family." Moving on from the topic she then chuckles. "He just might…which would be nice. I think that perhaps…..I may have to subtly suggest." The wrinkles at her eyes and nose seem to show then as she lets out a giggle before smiling brightly. "Well it sounds like a wonderful time and I am oh so excited for you! I am sure it will be a success…because it is of course the wondering Rose Sauvage." Grinning she then stands when she does and nods. "Of course. I will be in touch. A glass of wine or two won't hurt….." At that she would bow her head then with a smile as she watches the woman depart.

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