(1310-06-04) Impending Trips and Possible Matches
Summary: Belmont comes across Gauge, and a few newer developments are discussed between the two Eresse brothers.
RL Date: Mon Jun 04, 2018
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Eresse Townhouse

The Eresse residence combines rustique naval charme with a certain noble elegance, as can be seen from the interior of the parlor, where a few windows light the room generously during the day. At the wall hangs a shield with the family crest, the green ship on a field of white. Dark mahogany furniture provides a nice contrast to the green color favored in the upholstery in the furniture. A table with a number of elegantly carved chairs govern one side of room, set before a wall that sports a few paintings of naval scenes. To the other side, there is the hearth, plain dark grey marble, which has a variety of small ship models arranged upon the mantelpiece. Before the hearth, a few comfortable armchairs have been arranged, green cushions thrown in to add more comfort. %r%rA door at the back leads to the kitchens and a stairway leading upstairs towards the private quarters of Eresse lords and ladies currently residing in the city.

There are things that even nobles like to do for themselves, or at least if they are of a certain mindset. Gauge is in the front rooms of the town house and seated in one of the chairs with a table before him. On that table is a number of things, an oil cloth, a trio of whetstones, a small skin of oil… all for the care and cleaning of his sword. Something that Gauge apparently likes to do as he seems rather deeply involved in getting the sword cleaned to a brilliant luster and the blade sharpened to perfection. There is the soft whisk sound of the oiled stone on the blade's edge, the basket hilted broadsword sliding along the length of it and each stroke he flips the sword so he can get the other side to make sure each edge gets the same count.

Belmont hasn't been much around lately, for whatever reasons. And right now, he is returning from one of his mysterious errands, entering the Eresse residence on this late morning. His cloak he hands off to a servant, a slightly drenched cloak from the rain outside. Below, he wears his usual attire, doublet and breeches of dark green color, and a rapier, sheathed, hangs from his belt. A slim elegant blade, so much more sophisticated looking than the broadsword Gauge currently is occupied with. Running one of his hands through his dark damp hair, Belmont turns, and seeing his brother, a smile plays across his features. "Ah. Gauge." His gaze drops to the sword, and Belmont lifts a brow in open curiosity. "I see you're busy. Is there anyone in particular, you are sharpening the blade for?"

To be fair it is a fencing broadsword, bording between rapier and heavier blade but it is to heavy to be anything remotely like a foil. Probably because it has to deal with a wider variety of weapons than a standard rapier would. "Going on a trip soon." Gauge says in his rough gravelly voice, "Which means we need to have a talk." He nods his head over towards a nearby chair with a wry smile and a chuckle. "I've heard the most interesting rumors about you little brother. Something about you going to a debut with a certain Vicomtess?" His smile grows a little wider, "That you've been spending a lot of time over at the Delauney townhouse." He chuckles but it's not an angry sound, quite the opposite, "So is that why you haven't asked me to fund any trips to the Coquelicot Salon?"

"Going on a trip, hmm?", Belmont echoes, arching a brow. "Where to?" Settling himself on a chair opposite Gauge, after unfastening his own weapon from the belt to place it across his lap, he gives his brother another curious look, before he lowers his gaze with a faint smirk curling his lips. "So you heard," it's statement as well as question. "Of the Vicomtesse and I. We're loosely acquainted. She took me along to that debut." He pauses, the smile deepening until it reaches to his eyes, in the moment they lift again to meet Gauge's gaze. "Seems I made an impression. As for Coquelicot… You did fund a visit, but it was to La Glycine, brother." This he adds with another smirk. "I realized I needed something other than.. soothing and empathy."

"Caerdicci Unitas." Gauge answers in that gravelly voice of his, "Which is part of why I am sharpening my sword." Which he is still doing. "People talk," He says with a wry smile, "Do you want to be more than loosely acquainted?" He asks, "With the Vicomtesse." Clarification given where none is needed. "There is good politics involved, it would benefit both Houses." He looks up and over at Belmont then, "You are getting of an age where we should seriously consider some arrangement or another for you." He nods at the mention of the Glycine, "That is a completely fair feeling. I know I… had my own method of working through some of that as well." He wipes off the blade with the oilcloth and then checks to make sure there's no dents or knicks that need to be attended to before sheathing the broadsword in the it's scabbard. "I would prefer to arrange things in a way that you were comfortable with, rather than something purely political Belmont." He rumbles softly, "But if I can do both, I will."

"Hmm. Where to in particular? La Serenissima? Milazza? Although I suppose, this won't be about trade, right?" There is an inquiring glance he gives Gauge, as he leans back in his chair, one hand settling upon the scabbard of the rapier. "You speak Caerdicci, do you?" Even if the next question baffles Belmont slightly. "To be honest, we are a bit more than loosely acquainted. She has taken me to her bed more than once.", he admits with a wink, his smile somewhere between confident and faintly sheepish, but also a little confused at the implications of Gauge's words, as he is digesting that particular idea. "She is an intriguing woman… Definitely a thrill between the sheets." He clears his throat. "But I never thought I'd be matchmaking material, brother. Younger, unlanded… Umm. Well…" He rolls his eyes. "I would wish to know what she would think about this… arrangement. Who knows, how prestigious a match would have to be for her to accept. As for everything else, I would assume we'd get along well."

"We are the last two Lords tied to the Barony, brother, that means you have a bit more capital than you think. Especially as I have as of yet not managed to find a match for myself yet." Gauge smiles wryly at Belmont's admission, "I have some experience with those details having been a bit more than loosely acquainted with her myself in the past." He shrugs a bit, "It was some time ago and there is nothing there to be intruding upon." He assures Belmont with a wry smile. "So as the heir now, of Beaucare, I believe I can work something out to your benefit brother. It's the opportune time to land youinto a match that benefits you as much as the Barony as a whole." He then shakes his head, "I don't know Caerdicci, but I know several people who do and they will be accompanying me on the trip. It is not about trade, not initially, but could lead to some much greater ties between Beaucare and a foreign power of note." He smiles, "I am fairly certain that Gabrielle Delauney does not really care about how prestigious a match it would be, but how prestigious a match we could make it /out/ to be to get what she wants. Which is apparently one of us." That makes him chuckle with some amusement, "Now that she has turned her eye to you, well, it cannot hurt to check. At the very least you remain lovers, at best you will be moving up in the world Brother."

"I speak Caerdicci as well," Belmont remarks pointedly towards Gauge. "What's this, brother? Are you deliberately trying to keep me out of your venture, because it wouldn't be wise to put all two remaining brothers of the Beaucare branch at risk?" It is a thought that prompts a bit of a frown upon his features. It is a fleeting impression though, that fades as soon as Gauge continues. "She mentioned something like that… that she was interested in both you and me," the younger Eresse adds with a chuckle. A brief upwards twitch of his brows occurs at the news that Gauge was intimately acquainted with her as well. "Ah… so I take it, you wouldn't mind to get me settled in a match with her? So that you can remain free for a bit longer?" He smirks. "Gabrielle was aiming to win that Lis d'Or debut, to gift it to me. Can you imagine? I think… I would be her preference." A pointed glance there towards Gauge, a hint of victorious competitiveness there between brothers. "I cannot say she and I know each other well enough, but then again, matches have been based on far less." There is a glint in his grey-blue eyes though, considerations and thoughts racing through his mind, a fact he may try to hide from his older brother, as Belmont tries to keep up an illusion of vague interest.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Belmont=Subterfuge Vs Gauge=Perception
< Belmont: Good Success (7 5 8)Gauge: Success (2 7 6 5 4 6)
< Net Result: Belmont wins - Marginal Victory

"Yes." Gauge says in that gravelly voice, a chuckle follows, "We can ill afford both of us to go on this trip. As much as I would enjoy spending time with you away from all of this," He gestures around to indicate the city perhaps, "This particular trip has a very real possibility of ending in bloodshed. While I am sure you can hold your own in a fight brother, I can't risk both of us on this." Gauge leans back in his chair and he shrugs a little, "I would not mind to get you settled into a match with her. I think it would be a good fit, honestly, especially as you seem quite taken with her… abilities." It's his turn to smile wryly though at the competition, "Probably so brother, she can control you a lot more easily than she can control me." He ribs back at Belmont with a wider grin, not apparently serious about it. "I have my eyes set upon another. If I can manage to swing an actual marriage out of it… well…" He shrugs, "I don't know if it can be done." Sitting forwards he folds his arms over his knees, "Matches have been based on less brother." Gauge rumbles, "The fact that you are good together in bed, is a fucking blessing. I was always worried I was going to get matched to a cold fish. Passionis important."

"Hrrm." There is a faint glare from Belmont, when Gauge points out potential dangers of his impending trip and in the same moment, denying that possibility to Belmont to take part. A sigh and a nod then, as he accepts Gauge's decision. "Don't get killed, brother. Or I'll have to start an expedition and come looking for you.", he says, in half-jest but also with a bit of concern. To his remark about Gabrielle, he shrugs with an impish smile. "No one controls me, Gauge. You should know that. Besides, I doubt the Vicomtesse would wish to limit us in an exclusive relationship, such as are so very popular outside of Terre d'Ange. She would fund any diversions I would suggest, I am sure.", he quips right back. "As you have your sights on another… May I inquire who it is? Or do you prefer to keep it a secret? You too have been often absent from this residence, lately."

"I don't think she'd try to control you in /that/ way Brother." Gauge says with a soft chuckle, "Just that you might be more easily persuaded in other ways to back her choices. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I am a Captain, a Privateer, and a leader of a fleet of ships. I am strong willed and known to be such. I am also not as attuned to the ways of Court as you are brother. That is what I mean by being more controllable." He rumbles a chuckle, "I am more likely to make an incident of something I should not regardless of what anyone says." He chuckles and shrugs sitting back in his chair again. "As for lovers?" He shrugs, a surprised look on his face that Belmont went there, "Not what I meant at all. I figure you two can love whoever you please. I wouldn't try to put a contract with anything that simple into place. What I would do though is put it in so that until I have my own heirs… every other child of yours with her would have the potential to be Heir of Beaucare. That way both Houses are protected and it makes you more tempting a match." He studies Belmont for a few moments and then shrugs again, answering: "I am looking into the possibilities with Aziza Nimr, the Ambassador for Menekhet… for a variety of reasons."

"Controllable," Belmont muses. "I'd never say I've been controllable in any way. Why, in the past I have been quick to get in all kinds of trouble. Especially when I'm forced to be idle for a while." A soft smile conquers his features. "No… I didn't mean it that way, Gauge. Marriage is a political requirement, but conditions of our relationship would be for her and me to determine. I was meaning to say… I trust, Gabrielle shares my views on these things. But then again, this is what we would need to speak about…" He looks up, surprised then at Gauge's next train of thought. "You'll have heirs of your own, brother. But yes. Until such time… She'd like that possibility in the marriage contract, I'm sure." Raising his brows, "We are still talking possibilities here, after all." Lifting the rapier in its fine leather scabbard from his lap to lean it against the side of his chair, Belmont falls silent then. Eyes widen at the revelation about the woman, Gauge seems to be particularly interested in. And Belmont's gaze goes distant as he digests this information. "The Lady Aziza Nimr, hmm? Interesting. And probably not an easy match to pursue?", he wonders.

"To put it mildly, and yes, you are right that you are no more easily controlled than I, the /perception/ of such a thing is still a powerful tool. Just like the perception that you could inherit the Barony, or that your children could be the Heirs should I fail to produce any." Gauge says in his rough gravelly voice, smiling wryly afterwards. "I am sure I will have them, eventually, but until I do it is a tool to ensure you get the best match we can get for you." He stands up and goes to slide his broadsword into the loops on his swordbelt, "It is part of why I must go on this trip, to ensure that those who sought her harm are dealt with. It is a powerful thing to give to a Father, a man who will travel to different lands just to destroy those who would assault his daughter." He smiles wryly, eyes glittering darkly, "And I haven't been in a good fight since I came to Marsilikos, not a real one anyways."

"I understand," Belmont nods, lowering his gaze, expression going thoughtful. "And yes. Yes, you'll have some of your own. By Elua, you may already have some… scattered across the Mediterranean, who knows?" A mild jest, that, that goes along with a smirk. "As for Lady Aziza… If it is your father you aim to impress, you'd better not risk anything happening to her on your trip. Make sure that she doesn't receive the slightest scratch — or this whole venture may achieve quite the contrary." His demeanor sobers slightly, as he adds, "A sword fight, brother? Perhaps you are in for far more than just a sword fight. Be careful. Be safe. And return to me in one piece, if possible."

That makes Gauge laugh, "More than a swordfight Belmont." He grins, eyes going a little wild, "It will be an engagement, a battle, like the taking of an enemy ship except not on the sea. It will be terrible and wonderful all at the same time." He considers, "If I can find them after so long. I would take you if I could Belmont, truly, but we are the last you and I." He chuckles, "That's a scary thought, bastards of /me/ running around." He then raises an eyebrow, "Over a dozen years I've been hunting pirates, and you're worried about some bandits?" He shakes his head a touch. "Have some faith brother."

"It's what bothers me," Belmont counters a bit thoughtfully. "That it won't be a sea battle, but that you'll have make landfall… sneaking around on Caerdicci lands. The city states may not be favorable of foreigners seeking their own justice on their territory." The corners of his mouth lift in a faint smile. "But yes… why should I worry? You'll handle it. And in a month or so… however long it takes you to complete that mission, we'll be here at this house, drinking wine and laughing at my concerns." He chuckles. "I have faith in you, brother. Besides… I owe you a sparring match still, so you will have to return."

"That is the hope." Gauge rumbles, "There is also a very real possibility that I find nothing and this is a fools errand." He shrugs slightly, "But I have to try." He smiles wryly, "So you don't want to spar then before I go?"

Shifting forwards in his seat, Belmont lifts his chin. "You know I'm always up for a sparring match," he declares with that competitive glint sneaking back into his gaze. "Especially if it gives me the chance to teach you a lesson, for once." Not that such has ever occurred till this day.

"Soon brother." Gauge rumbles and then he stands up, "Won't be leaving for a few days yet at least. Have a lot to prepare. I'll go speak with Lady Delaunay about the possibilities for the marriage and let you know what's going on. I didn't want to blindside you with this but… you are getting a bit on in years now Belmont." He grins wryly at that. "See what it will cost us to get you a suitable dowry."

Gauge starts to head out, "We'll have that spar before I go brother, I have things to attend to."

"You're older than me," Belmont objects faintly. "Much older, Gauge! And still without wife yourself." It seems he is addressing air vacated by his older brother who already is rushing out of the room. That last sentence addressed to him leaving a somewhat expectant smile on his face. "I'll take you up on that," Belmont murmurs, his gaze shifting to the rapier he had leaned against his chair. Taking it up into his hands again, he draws the blade halfway out of the scabbard and considers the reflection, murmuring to himself. "The sharper the blade, the swifter the cut. Can't hurt to sharpen you a bit further, brother, before you go out into the wilderness."

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