(1310-06-02) Elodie's Debut
Summary: The debut fête of Elodie nó Lis d’Or.
RL Date: Sat Jun 02, 2018
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The Lis d'Or Ballroom shows off elegant grandeur through golden ornaments on the walls, and it has a ceiling painted with an elaborate fresco of Cereus canon, a frail looking version of Naamah ensnaring the interest of King Persis with her charms of transient beauty. There are three crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, and together with additional oil lamps set at the walls at regular intervals they will offer sufficient lighting. Heavy brocade drapes at the windows in deep lapis lazuli blue offer contrast to the polished inlay work of the parquet wood floor, combining light maple wood with dark patterns of mahogany.%r%rAbout the dancefloor, a number of tables have been arranged to offer seating accomodation, and the opportunity to enjoy refreshments. The chairs and tables are of dark mahogany wood, upholstery and cushions of finest deep blue satin with gold lining. Each table presents one aspect of Lis d'Or canon, as there are four of them, one each for Cereus, Dahlia, Camellia and Eglantine.%r%rThis room has [ansi(hg,places)], see [ansi(hg,+help places)] for more information.

Elodie is at her very core a designer. The ballroom has been used for the debut, and has been decorated with white fabric hanging from the ceilings, tables set up around the room for people to lounge at, drinks and tid bits on offer.

Mingling in the room are masked courtesans, each mask is identical to the next, and all are blank white doeskin. It's the dresses, pants, and shirts that are the focal point to the figures, and each one has been designed by Elodie herself. The theme seems to be nothing, and each outfit stands alone without much beyond the same designer connecting them together.

Elodie herself hasn't been present while things get underway, but eventually she arrives in one of her own creations, the dress of soft dove grey silk, her hair done in ringlets that are left to hang in a bouncy cloud around her shoulders and flowers tucked among the curls.

One of those masked courtesans is Juliette, and she moves about the room with unobtrusive grace. The white doeskin mask covers most of her face, and only he color of her hair may hint at her identity. Tonight, it is all about Elodie though, and the adept seems to be content with that, skirts giving a soft rustle as she twirls just so, to showcase the garment.

Blonde hair has been done in a manner of courtly perfection, and yet with a touch of simplicity. Because Philomène nó Lis d'Or is overseeing tonight's proceedings, being the current leader of this very exquisite salon. The rule of masks does not go for her, even so, she wears a fine garment of white to match the others. The woman is already in her forties, but being d'Angeline as she is, the years have gone easy on her. She stands close to the entrance of the ballroom, ready to greet anyone, most of the more important visitors she will know by name.

Arriving alone Elliot's blue eyes cannot seem to stop looking every which way as he strolls into the ballroom. The designs seem to intrigue him and he studies each masked figures outfit with care, taking in all the details he can. His own outfit seems to be a new one as well. Its a tunic of pale gray silk so light it almost looks silver with delicately embroidered dark blue clouds running along the base of the tunics hem. The sleeves are short, the neckline somewhat low revealing a touch of skin there. To finish it off the stormy colored top is paired with a set of dark blue breeches that along with his pale gray doeskin boots help draw the whole outfit together. The nicely dressed Rocaille lord accepts a glass of wine and then move quietly through the crowds looking for a place where he might sit and watch. He still cannot seem to get enough of all the beautiful designs, a sip of wine is taken as he drifts towards a free table still watching the goings on around him diligently.

Where has Jehan-Pascal gone? His usual sort of drab green tunic and dun trou has been cast off in favor of a smart midnight blue doublet with a black embroidered detail against it now visible, now invisible, like a ghost in the night, a pair of finely tailored midnight blue trousers which hug his rear end, flounce at the knee and button with silver buttons at a cuff just thereunder, the finest blue-grey silken stockings to coat his delicate calves and a pair of suede dancing-boots with a polished heel that adds an inch or two to his height. Instead of a threadbare philosopher with his nose in a book and a bottle in his hand he almost looks like the heir to the Comte d'Avignon. On his arm for the evening he's contracted a courtesan from the Wild Rose across the way, and a good friend of his, from the amiable way he comports himself about her. They were early. Well, on time, which counts for early when the rest of the world is fashionably late. But he's put it to good use, having his pick of the tables and a good while to snuffle out the best wine on offer. He's selected a table at which, instead of a chair, there is a lounge upon which both he and Marielle may recline and converse — and drink — while they await the ceremony coming into full swing. His eyes follow Juliette as she passes, but, as the evening has been designed to effect, his eyes are on the garb rather than the woman inside of them. "Gosh. I'd love for her to make me something. Look at that gown, Mari. I'm dying."

Though the period of mourning is over, it seems the transition to brighter colours will be a gradual one for a particular Mereliot. She arrives in the grand ballroom dressed in a cloud gray gown lined with fox fir, tastefully subdued and yet elegant for the event taking place. She is unaccompanied by her betrothed for the evening and thus makes easy and polite conversation with those she passes, though for now never lingering long on any one person.

Gabrielle makes her way into the Salon on the arm of a lord Belmont d'Eresse. She is dressed in the rich purple of her house, swirls of silver moving along the skirt and the corset-style bodice is made of what seems to be leather with silver etched into the same flowing design. Her hair is curled on her head to drop down over her shoulders in a stunning dark red that sets off her pale skin and gives her an air of sensual heat even if she is only smiling softly to something said. She pauses to greet Philomène nó Lis d'Or with a soft few words before she moves into the Ballroom and pauses to take in the design and the white and masked Courtesans.

Should she mingle? Talk to people? Probably. However Elodie is hanging back still, watching those that enter instead of the garments moving around the room. After taking in her fill, and only then, does Elodie move towards Philomene, murmuring a quiet hello to the dowayne. Her hands have folded together, settling themselves lightly on her stomach. Only now that she's stepped out of the shadows does a smile spread across her face, offered to those that have shown up for the debut.

Belmont, for his part, cannot boast to have visited the salon of the Golden Lily before. He glances this way and that, his expression somewhere between impressed and intimidated. A good thing, he has Gabrielle on his arm, for whom he acts as escort for the evening, or so it seems. His attire favors a darker green, nothing flashy, but definitely something he could wear at court, breeches and doublet of adequate quality for an unlanded noble.

The Alyssum has exchanged her white for a very pae blue gown and veils, undoubtedly to more or less go with Jehan-Pascel's choice of clothing while still keeping with the 'innocent' feel that comes from being Alyssum. One thing to note, though, is that she picked her outfit to obscure the marque on her back. She is here as Jehan's date, even with a contract for the night, more than being a Courtesan. She is taking mind not to draw attention from the debutant. Her fingers rest on the arm of the comte, oh so gentle. "A gown, perhaps, my lord?" The words are spoken with perfect innocence. Along side Jehan she settles, good with letting him guide her to where he would like to be.

When Elodie arrives, Philomène shoots her a glance of obvious pride and approval. A smile blossoms on the older courtesan's features as she gives the debutante an assessing look, sweeping from those finely slippered feet, over the gown towards her face. "You look astonishing," Philomène murmurs back, and she turns her head, lifting her chin encouragingly in the direction of those arriving.

Edgard made his way into the salon, tonight dressed in dark colors, black suit, with dark hunter green stitching along his sleeves and collar. He had Marienne on his arm however, adding a touch of class as he found a place to perch and watch the proceedings.

Settling into a seat Elliot looks around at those present, seeming to try and find someone he knows. He doesn't seem to succeed so he swirls the wine in his glass and takes another sip, sitting alone for the moment it would seem. Still the outfits seem to draw his interest enough that he doesn't seem that bothered by the fact he came alone.

"Thank you…I was hoping the color wasn't too muted for the event, but decided instead that understatedness might be the better method." Elodie murmurs quietly before she glances around towards the others. She seems to take a moment before moving away from the safety of the dowayne's circle, moving to greet each one of those that have arrived personally, "Welcome to Lis d'Or, I am Elodie."

Jehan-Pascal keeps one arm loose about Mari's waist, holding her casually against him, that she may recline while he sits upright at the table, one thumb caressing the curve of his wine glass, the other the surface of Mari's stomach, each with approximately the same amount of fondness. At her jest, he purses his lips together and glances down into her eyes rather archly. "Why should my brother have all the fun?" he answers her back, in a tone of voice that leaves rather opaque whether or not he is in jest or in earnest. He jostles her a little bit in the aftermath, not enough to make her spill, just enough so that she feels it. Then, looking up to the debutant as she enters, "Wow," he remarks. He sets down his wine glass and helps Marielle to her feet, rising along with her and then extracting his arm from about her to raise up a round of applause for the debutante in the glory of the showing of the fruits of her labor.

Gabrielle pauses when Elodie comes near and places her fingers on Belmont's arm so he does not continue on. "Hello my dear, and thank you for your welcome. I must say you are lovely and I have heard such good things about your talents.." The Vicomtesse's voice is warm and holds enough emotion to show that she really means what she says. "I do hope to get a moment or two to speak with you. But I do not want to keep your to long. it seems many have arrived for your debut. Very impressive for one so beautiful.." She smiles in such a way that some might feel that they are the most important person in the world at that moment in time.

Applause may be a fitting reaction, when Elodie steps into their midst and begins making her rounds. Belmont glances towards Jehan-Pascal, the man not quite familiar to him, but he does have a point! Pulling his arm away with an apologetic smile towards Gabrielle, Belmont d'Eresse brings his hands together, clapping in honor of the fine designer of dresses and attire. Then offering his arm back to Gabrielle, he suddenly finds himself stopped by his charming company, and his attention directed towards Elodie. Hearing what Gabrielle has to say to her, Belmont remains silent, but should Elodie look his way, he dares to ask: "Are all your designs of white color, Mademoiselle?"

"Thank you for coming." Elodie's smile widens just a little, a quick curtsey offered before she nods to Gabrielle, "I would be more than happy to offer a moment or two, whenever I may." She lets her eyes flick around the room, then back to Gabrielle's features, "Perhaps later this week?" When Belmont asks her about the designs themselves she glances at him, shaking her head, "I'm afraid not, no. If you are looking for something specifically in white, however, once I am free to do so I would be more than happy to sit down and speak with you about what you are looking for."

As expected from one of the innocent rose of Rose Sauvage Marielle looks quite flustered as Jehan-Pascal draws her into his side, while at the same time settling into him. "You feel left out of his fun, my lord?" comes the 'innocent' question with a dry note to it. When she is jostled Marielle gives a little surprised sound. When she is stood up she joins in the applause as well, quieter and more demure. Up at Jehan-Pascal she looks, lifting to her toes to murmur in his ear. she doesn't move to sit until he does.

"I… umm…" Elodie's reply seems to baffle Belmont a little, "I was probably a bit distracted by the masks the others are wearing. Which are white." He clears his throat, eyes a bit restless as he considers what to say next. "Is this what you will be wishing to do, once you will have finished your marque? To design clothes, and have a shop here in Marsilikos?"

Jehan-Pascal continues applauding until it peters out, just as unashamed to be the last one clapping as he was to be the first one clapping. Then brows perked, he leans to his side to help meet Marielle halfway and catch her words in his ear. Then, settling down together with her once more on the lounge he'd selected for them, "Of course I'm going to bid," he replies with an easygoing smile that turns cheeky in turn, "Don't you know it's rude to go to a debut and not offer up a bid?" He's not very loud about it, not wanting to shame the poor white rose before all and sundry; he's mostly joking, anyhow, made in a merry mood by nigh on a whole bottle already of very good wine. He nestles Mari in close to him again and keeps his eyes on the debutante while he continues to speak with Mari more quietly.

Gabrielle dips her chin gracefully, "I look forward to it. Maybe sooner if I can manage it. But if not then later in the week sounds lovely.." She falls silent as Belmont speak to the lovely Debutante, and she simply strokes his arm softly as if to offer her support for she is curious of the answer as well and turns those green eyes back to Elodie. Of course they will allow her to escape if she desires.. probably.

"That is certainly one option…I do not know if I'll want to have a shop, but I plan to go on designing until I can't design any more." Elodie assures Belmont, offering him a bit more of a smile before her head inclines towards Gabrielle and Belmont, "I would love to discuss it further sometime, but I should go greet the others as well." She offers the pair another curtsey before she slips off to meet the others, her path taking her towards the enthusiastic clapper and his companion, "Thank you…you are both enjoying your evening?"

Elliot takes a drink of wine and watches as Elodie makes her rounds. He studies her carefully a warm smile offered her way as he rises from his chair and wanders over to mingle a bit. He makes his way towards the Debutante as she approaches another and then hesitates a moment looking uncertain if he should interupt or not.

"Immensely, Elodie," Jehan-Pascal answers, wine-eyed and effervescent in his lush and courtly duds. "Your work is dazzling, and you out-dazzle it all to-night." He lifts up his wine glass, "To Elodie! On the magnificence of her debut," he toasts the maiden of the evening, audibly drunk but none the worse for it, by all indications. If anything, he's better socialized with a bottle or two in him.

It is an art to present a dress whilst not stealing the shine from tonight's focus. But Juliette has that white doe skin mask, and thus there are just those two hazel eyes peeking unobtrusively in this and that direction. It is an important event at the Salon de Lis d'Or, because debuts here in Marsilikos are less frequent. At least they used to be. She takes her turns, carefully avoiding the area where Elodie is currently conversing with Gabrielle and Belmont, instead moving gracefully past where Jehan-Pascal and the White Rose are seated. A smile is given the veiled one from a masked face, her gaze definitely curious. Just before she moves on, fleeing gracefully as to vacate the space for Elodie.

"Wonderful…thank you both for coming, and I'm very pleased that you are enjoying the designs." Elodie replies, inclining her head to the pair, shooting a look towards Juliette as she starts to move on, giving her a small shake of the head to indicate that she doesn't need to if she doesn't want. That slight shift of her attention allows her to notice Elliot and his hesitation, a welcoming smile offered to him as well, "Hello, are you enjoying yourself as well?"

A soft chuckle is given at the words of Jehan-Pascal. "I only on occasion bid at Debuts." She doesn't give indication to what would cause her to bid. When Elodie asks her thoughts on the evening Marielle just gives a gentle veiled smile that both answers and doesn't answer the question. Jehan-Pascel is also enthusiastic enough for both of them. Juliette's approach then starting to debart gets a smile as well. Marielle is so well covered that one can never really know her thoughts.

As Elodie's attention falls upon him Elliot smiles warmly in return. He bows his head low in respect. "I am indeed. We have not had the pleasure of meeting before I don't think though? I am Lord Elliot Rocaille. Your designs are simply stunning if I may say so. I wish you the best of luck in your future and much enjoyment on this most important of nights." He smiles softly his tone warm sincere and soft. "Perhaps I can even convince you to design me something sometime? I do enjoy looking nice."

"Precisely," Jehan-Pascal answers some low-murmured query from the veiled flower by his side. Then, eyes drawn by the approach and imminent departure of the gown he was eyeing earlier, he lifts out his wine glass toward her, by way of a hailing gesture, "One moment, please. May I see this piece more closely?" he asks the model behind the mask. "Isn't it lovely, Mari? Here, would it be too great a shame for you to draw back your veil? You'll be better able to see it."

"Of course, Lord Rocaille." Elodie replies, inclining her head to Elliot before she offers her name once more, "Elodie no Lis d'Or, a pleasure to meet you." She pauses a moment, "Perhaps this week we can discuss something?" She offers, then tilts her head towards the dowayne, "I should be getting back so that she may start the bidding."

Elodie's slight shake of the head, Juliette had spotted, and her steps were already slowing, when someone gestured for her, and the adept stops and turns her head, to look in the direction where Jehan-Pascal and Marielle are sitting. "Of course," she murmurs, thus breaking her vow of silence for tonight, and approaches, in graceful steps that almost seem to follow the pattern of a dance. There is a slow turn she performs, allowing the pair to take in her gown from all sides. Overhearing Jehan-Pascal's request for Marielle, she looks towards the innocent White Flower, curious whether she will follow the suggestion.

Gabrielle has mingled a little and then she turns to smile at Belmont, "We might pick a seat with a view if you wish m'Lord.." her words are soft as she let's him pick out where they might settle. As they move she does take that time to look around again. She has not been to this Salon as much as others but she still smiles if she notices a masked figure she might know.

Belmont sits down at Square form table with Eglantine design.

"I would like that, thank you." Elliot replies easily with a smile before bowing at the waist. "Of course, I won't keep you. Though I will wish you the very best." He beams a bright smile at Elodie as she moves to depart his company.

Subtle amusement is in the eyes of Marielle as she sas to Jehan, looking flustered as she says it, "If you want the veil off, my lord, it would need to be in private, my lord." says Marielle. Purposefully, to distract him from talks of veil removal in public Marielle 'accidentl' missteps as she stands to go collect more alcohol for him. Thus she ends up plunk in his lap. "Sorry." she murmurs, embarrassedly. A shift of her weight is given to move herself to back at his side, unless he stops her, as she says, "Were you not going to admire the mask?"

Gabrielle sits down at Square form table with Eglantine design.

"Thank you." Elodie replies, inclining her head once more to Elliot before she moves towards the dowayne, once again finding herself a place to stand next to her.

It is time for the Dowayne to step forth, and so Philomène nó Lis d'Or does, especially when she catches that glance from the debutante, and now is joined by her. Into the quieting of conversations, she raises her voice. "How glad we are, to welcome you here in our ballroom, tonight, as we celebrate the debut of our lovely Elodie. You have borne witness to her talent already. Now it will be to decide, who shall be the lucky winner of Elodie's debut night. Our salon is known to meet high standards in the education and training of our novices. Therefore, I shall determine the starting bid for Elodie to be at 8,000 ducats. Who will be the first to hold that bid?" She lets her gaze wander about the ballroom, lifting a brow in subtle encouragement.

Edgard raised a hand, having been quiet and observant from where he stood. "I'll open the bidding for the 8,000 ducats. Well worth it, I should think." He glanced around to see who else might bid against him.

Jehan-Pascal tsks at Marielle's refusal — but isn't too put out by it, distracted, instead, by the beauty of the gown the masked figure wears. He reaches out his free hand as though to trace its lines with his fingers from a distance, not going so far as to touch it. And then Mari's landing in his lap and his glass is glad it had already been nigh relieved of its burden, or else it might have sloshed straight over the edge. "Uff!" he comments, maybe not the comment Mari was looking for, but there you have it. "Are you alright? Did you trip on your hem?" he wonders. "Ohh — sh — he stifles himself. A live bidding auction. He had thought it might be one of those easy ones where you slid your number subtly to the dowayne for comparison. Now he's all on the spot.

Jehan-Pascal clears his throat, "Nine thousand ducats," he will up the bid.

Gabrielle leans back in her seat as she ponders the bidding. A tilt of her head as her eyes move to Edgard and she looks him up and down slowly with those green eyes and then can't help but smile slowly as she glances towards where the bidding is happening. "15,000…" She cuts to the chase while watching the others.

Belmont almost chokes on his wine. "Fifteen…thousand ducats?" He gives Gabrielle a rather surprised look. Needless to say, that he is not in the state usually to throw around with ducats like that.

Elodie smiles to her dowayne, then turns her attention towards the crowd, eyes shifting towards the first to speak up, then to the next. However it is Gabrielle's bid that causes her head to turn rather quickly in that direction, surprise making an appearance on her face before she muscles it back down behind a serene smile.

Jehan-Pascal does look, wide-eyed, to Gabrielle, and leans in to Marielle, "Well, thank goodness I got in before her, hm," he murmurs to his companion for the evening. Or else he would be bidding far past his current means for the sake of politeness.

Gabrielle notices Belmont's reaction and she can only pat his arm gently with that slow sensual smile of hers. When Elodie also reacts she dips her chin gracefully in honor of the designer and then settles back once more. She doesn't look to Edgard, she doesn't seem to be trying to bid against anyone persay.

Philomène smiles towards Edgard, when he seems to hold the first bid, and then towards Jehan-Pascal. When Gabrielle calls out her bid, almost doubling the initial one, there is an astonished murmur rising from some of those present. "15,000 ducats," the dowayne repeats. "A fine price. Is there anyone who would pay more?""

Jehan-Pascal gives a subtle signal to the Dowayne, as well, that he is out of the running after that impressive bid. After a few long moments as though he were actually considering it. For appearance's sake.

Marielle slants an amused look at Jehan, "Indeed." she says quietly. Marielle still shows little desire to be involved in the bidding. Though, she murmurs to Jehan-Pascal.

Elodie inclines her head towards Gabrielle in return, then glances around once more to see if there is anyone else that is going to try and beat that bid. The surprise at the number has been controlled for now, and that pleasant expression has returned.

Jehan-Pascal narrows his eyes toward Gabrielle in the aftermath of Marielle's whisper to him, and he returns the murmur in kind, now his attention focused on the high bidder.

Some people like to make an entrance, and Sacha is apparently one of those people. Since he literally has just walked into the debut, missed all of the action, and all of the performance. He snags a glass of wine from the nearest attendant. He wanders down towards where the novice is on presentation, "Sixteen thousand." He ups the bid with a smile. Wine is sipped from and he glances around to see whom he might have just outbid.

Marielle murmurs to Jehan-Pascal in response to his murmur to her. When Sacha arrives and pretty much just does his thing the veiled rose blinks. she keeps silent, though, beyond the whispers.

Jehan-Pascal doesn't blink. Doesn't miss it. But the first noise riled from him is a laugh when Sache just comes in and sweeps the bidding off-handedly like that. This is why a debut is always a fun event. After much conspiracy with his companion for the evening, and despite having called himself out of the running, earlier, "Eighteen thousand," he calls out, shoving the bidding higher.

Edgard watched as the bidding rose, quickly, well above where he was comfortable. He gave a smile and a small shrug, and sipped on his wine to watch.

Gabrielle is not surprised at the late bidder(s) and those green eyes move slowly from Elodie to Sacha, she tilts her head to the side as she studies the new lord, those green eyes slowly flicker over him but it is mostly his face that is studied. A soft nail runs along the tap where she is settled and then she picks up her wine to salute his bid and a sip is taken before she speaks once more. "20,000 seems a fine cost for such a beauty of a designer.."

Elodie has gotten her surprise under control, but there is still a very slight start when Sacha just breezes in and outbids Gabrielle. She glances towards him, then towards Jehan-Pascal, then towards Gabrielle once more as the bidding seems to begin moving a little more rapidly. She stands just a little straighter, offering the room a smile while the designs on display still move about the room on the courtesans wearing them.

Marielle just shakes her head at Jehan at his words before murmuring again to him.

Belmont has become more of an observer by now. Gabrielle receives a glance from him, an impressed flicker there in grey-blue eyes. "You seem to be very keen on winning this.", he murmurs.

"Wait!" Sacha calls out, lifting his wine higher, "Everyone! Be Still." He points his wine finger at Gabrielle, "Did you just say a /designer/." He then strolls up towards where the novice is on display, "One question, and one question only. Tell me this one thing, and I will own your debut little scrumpet." He takes another drink from his wine, emptying the glass, and then snapping his fingers towards an attendant he summons forth another one. Only when he has yet another drink in hand, and partaken from it does he lean in towards Elodie and murmur, "Do you design /men's/ clothing as well? Or just women's?" He considers, "I probably should have been on time. I'm sure I missed the answer to that but…" He shrugs, "Twenty one." He smiles. "Thousand." Looks at Elodie's eyes, and then over towards Gabrielle and her companion, "Ducats."

For once, the Lis d'Or dowayne seems to take a late arrival to the debut fête rather lightly. Is it perhaps Sacha's bid that somehow raises her spirits? That the Baphinol hair bids more? Or the fact, that this forces Gabrielle to raise her bid even further? "20,000," she begins, only to clear her throat when Sacha interjects his next bid. "21,000 ducats are the current bid for Elodie nó Lis d'Or's debut night. Are there any of you who are willing to bid more?"

Jehan-Pascal is over there on the lounge, biding his time with Marielle. He seems content, for now, to watch and see how the momentum between Gabrielle and Monsieur Seize is trending before he considers another bid.

Gabrielle whispers or at least speaks softly to Belmont at his comment, that smile touching lips as she watches Sacha move into the center of the gathering and she can't help giving a soft chuckle of amusement and a look of respect as she watches and listens to his bid. She allows a few moments to thought before speaking or bowing out of the bidding. Yes she makes people wait as she looks at Elodie and waits for her answer to Sacha's forward question.

"Yes, I do design men's clothes as well as women's clothing." Elodie replies, her head tilting very faintly in consideration before she continues, "I can design children's clothing, and even something for your favorite dog to wear as well. If someone wishes I could even design an entire ensemble, or a wardrobe for that season. I would see that whoever I designed for was one of a kind, and setting trends instead of following them."

One of those twirling dresses on display is worn by Juliette, and it is indeed a dress, not a man's attire. She turns elegantly before she walks over with graceful confidence, presenting the dress, even as the nobleman seems distracted with Elodie and the bidding. Overhearing the debutant's reply, Juliette can barely hide a smile. She glances towards Elodie and inclines her head. Well played.

Belmont looks towards Gabrielle, his eyes widening slightly at her whispered words. He blinks. Before his gaze sweeps back to the proceedings and he whispers something back to the Delaunay lady.

Gabrielle listens to what Belmont is saying and gives a tiny little sigh and wrinkles her nose, clearly finding his words oh so true and she takes another sip of her wine before she raises it to Sacha and dips her chin to him. It seems for the moment she is out of the bidding..

<FS3> Jehan-Pascal rolls Perception: Great Success. (8 4 8 4 8 4 6 7)
<FS3> Sacha rolls Gambling: Good Success. (6 4 7 6 5 7 4 3 1 1)

Its rarified air, up here. The silence from the other two thirds of the bidding leaves Jehan-Pascal briefly uncertain of his footing. He watches Sacha with a keenly narrowed eye, opening his mouth as if formulating a further bid, then finally falling back against the lounge and snugging Mari in against him with one arm, lifting his other hand to his neck with a short shake of his fingers to resign once again from the bidding. For good, this time.

Since answering the question as asked Elodie has fallen silent, glancing between Sacha and then Gabrielle. But when it seems like Gabrielle has stepped back from the bidding she glances towards her Dowayne for a moment.

"No more bidders?", the Lis d'Or dowayne asks, glancing from one to the other. "If there aren't anymore bids. I hereby conclude the auction. Elodie's debut night goes to…" She glances towards Sacha, her eyes narrowing just so. "The Vicomte de Sartène, Sacha Rousse."

Jehan-Pascal begins another round of applause, this time remaining seated, with his arm around Mari, so it's really more patting on the tabletop and giving a whistle of congratulations to the newly debuted and the victorious bidder. "Well bid, Vicomte. And so stylishly," he curls a grin.

Gabrielle has not ignored the rest of the debut, but she now seems to be in abit of a low, kinda-intense conversation with Belmont at their table. Her hand is resting on his arm as they sit close and whisper about something or another.

"Well then!" Sacha smiles up at Elodie before he looks over towards Gabrielle (and Belmont) with a wink and a roguish grin before he takes another drink from his glass of wine, lifting a hand in a wave to the crowd that he just barged in on and threw excessive amounts of ducats around in front of. He looks back up to Elodie and then makes his way around towards the receiving area, where he can receive his prize. On his way he laughs at Jehan-Pascal's comment, "Must we do everything stylishly? Yes, yes we do. What better debut to win than the one that will make me the most stylish Vicomte in Marsilikos no?" He smiles wider at that.

"Thank you all for attending, and I hope that you have enjoyed yourselves and continue to enjoy yourselves." Elodie speaks up once the bidding is called done, her hands folding against her stomach once more before she begins to move in Sacha's direction.

Edgard gave a nod and smile as the bidding ended, and sipped on his wine, until drifting out quietly.

Gabrielle turns her attention from Belmont to gives Elodie a graceful dip of her chin, but then she turns back to the conversation at hand and seems to ponder something that is being said.

Belmont had leaned back in his seat, eyes flicking over towards Elodie and the Rousse, once the bidding had been decided. His gaze is thoughtful, as he listens to what Gabrielle says to him. Even though, there is the ghost of a smile tugging at his features.

Gabrielle chuckles softly at Belmonts last comment and places her fingers into his hand as she moves as if to raise, "That I accept, m'Lord.." She says with amusement and more than a little eat to those beautiful green eyes. She will rise when he does and say her farewells to those still lingering.

When Elodie approaches him, Sacha favors her with a brilliant smile and he reaches out with the hand that isn't holding his wine glass to the former novice, who will be an Adept after tonight. He leans in closer towards Elodie to murmur something softly to her when she approaches close enough to do so.

Elodie tilts her head, listening to the whisper before she murmurs something in response. There is a quick smile that accompanies the whisper, her eyes studying the man with open curiosity.

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