(1310-05-28) Teaching Flowers
Summary: Late at night, Belmont comes across Gabrielle, and the encounter promises to take a truly d’Angeline turn.
RL Date: Tue May 29, 1310
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Jardins d'Eisheth

Tranquility and beauty of nature is what those coming to the gardens of Eisheth usually seek. There is a playfulness in the arrangement of paths through the greenery, and the way four of them wind to the center, where there is a pond surrounded by a few elm trees, beside an area with wooden benches and tables beneath an arbor, where ivy winds about wooden posts, and a roof of colorfully glazed tiles offers shelter from the sun but also moderate rain.

Bushes are trimmed, and the green is kept short, so that people coming here can enjoy the dramatic view over the coast all the way to the sea, with the harbor and the citadel slightly to the north. Slightly towards the south and close by is the infirmary with the herb garden beside, where a variety of plants used for healing and treating certain illness are grown under the immaculate care of the healers. Towards the east, a path leads towards the temple district, where the dominant structure of the Temple of Eisheth looms, the white marble shimmering almost otherwordly on late afternoons, when it catches the warm, orange light of the setting sun.

Late evening it is when Belmont enters the gardens of Eisheth, stepping out of the infirmary with a fresh bandage to his right hand. He wears a doublet of dark green and black breeches, the upper part of the doublet unbuttoned allowing glimpses of the shirt worn below. He is not unarmed, but in the usual way when moving through the city, the rapier secured in its scabbard worn at his side. Grey-blue eyes lift to regard the impressive building of Eisheth's Temple, and for a moment the Eresse lord seems a bit undecided, perhaps pondering a late visit there.

It is that time of night that one finds they are not sure if they are heading to bed or if bed is just not the best place for them. This is happening for Gabrielle as she is just slowly moving throughout the gardens with the soft but light drizzle of rain sliding along the cloak that she wears around her shoulders. Of course it would be more useful if her hair was covered by the long dark red curls fall around her and sways as she moves. Green eyes glance towards the infirmary as if she heard something and they search along the shadows. It is not till a flicker of light passes over that scabbard that her eyes find Belmont and she can only offer a smile in his direction. Of course he might not see her but nevertheless that smile appears.

<FS3> Belmont rolls Perception: Good Success. (3 7 7 1 1 7)

Belmont doesn't mind the drizzle. He even pauses on his way over towards the Temple, lifting his face to feel the refreshing chill of the rain upon his skin. With his eyes closing for that brief moment, he will spot Gabrielle in the moment he opens them again. "Good eve, my lady," he greets, closing the distance with a curious lift of his brows. "I thought I wouldn't encounter anyone else in these gardens, this late. Obviously I was wrong, in that assumption." A courteous bow he offers, it is a fluid motion; remarkably fluid, but then again, he doesn't need his hand to execute it. "How have you been? When did you get back to Marsilikos? Earlier than I, I suppose."

Gabrielle pauses in her walk as Belmont takes notice of her and she waits for him to catch up to her position in the gardens. Another one of those smiles appear as she motions around them. "The gardens are beautiful at night and I simply needed to think some.." She admits, those stunning features clouding when he speaks of where they both had been. But she simply gently, "I did, I wish I could have stayed to help, but my family had been there and my youngest brother was slightly bruised from the happenings. I needed to see them home.." She admits before she let's those eyes drop down to his hand and without thinking she reaches out to gently take it between her own. "You were hurt?" She is no healer but her touch is very gentle.. that is, if she is allowed to take his hand at all.

That gesture, Belmont's eyes widen slightly, but he does not pull his hand out of her reach, leaving it for her to take, while his features twist in a wry smile. "A last reminder of when we cornered and defeated those responsible," he states quietly. Gabrielle's remark earns her a glance though, faint humor fading into a cast of concern. "Your family was there? I did not know. I hope… your younger brother wasn't too gravely injured." The bandage on his hand, if Gabrielle inspects it, looks clean, and there is a fresh scent of salve. The hand itself seems in the last stages of recovery. "What thoughts drive a Vicomtesse out into the gardens?", he wonders lightly. "Is it concern for your family?"

Gabrielle looks at this hands for a few moments, she doesn't caress it but she does smile at the scent as if one of the scents remind her of something. But her next action might cause his a slight bit of .. something. She carefully raises the hand to her lips and gently kisses the bandaged hand. She lets her lower as she meets his eyes with a soft smile. "The least I can offer is a kiss for healing for one who put himself in harm's way.." She says softly before giving a soft sigh. "He will be fine thankfully. He is young and was guarding my Mother's back as they rushed out of the area. He is proudly sporting his bruises and I am sure telling his friends of how they came to be. You know how the young are.." There is a fond smile there and then she shakes her head slowly, "And much is on my mind. Being with the family again allowed my Mother and father to remind me I am getting no younger.." She shakes her head with a tiny half amused smirk as her hands fold in front of her.

<FS3> Belmont rolls Composure: Success. (5 6 7 4 1 2)

He may have expected many things, but to see and feel Gabrielle touch her lips to his bandaged hand, causes an instant upwards twitch of his brows. There is surprise evident in Belmont's gaze, that and also something else that is hard to grasp. At her remark, he smiles, one corner of his mouth lifting a tad higher than the other. "I believe… such blessing will no doubt quicken my recovery…", the young lord muses. "How old is your brother?"

There is the slightly of flushes from Gabrielle but she dips her chin with a soft smile, but she is good to keep her hands to herself now as they are folded in front of that purple hued cloak that she wears. "He has just turned 13, old enough to know something has happened, young enough to only see his side. My family always goes the Festival and I believe they were going to speak about Fostering for him. But.. as you know, things were not as they should be…" She lets out a sigh then and then shrugs gracefully, "One of the many reasons that the Gardens have drawn me this eve.."

Her remark was a bait perhaps, but if it was, Belmont was not the person to evade it. "One of the many reasons?", he echoes, holding Gabrielle's gaze. His fingers curl as they are released, and slowly, almost reluctantly he pulls his hand away from her. A low snort then, added to what she tells him about her brother. "Ah… It'll be highly unlikely he'll foster in Béziers, not now that they have lost almost the entire line that was in charge there. I believe, the Marquis will return, after…he has somehow recovered from the tragedy. If such is possible, that is." His gaze continues to linger on Gabrielle nó Delaunay, and Belmont cannot help but ask, "Might I offer you safety of my protection while you are here in the gardens? I do not see any guards watching over you. It would be a grave matter, if something should happen to you, Lady Gabrielle."

Gabrielle nods gently, "I simply find that gardens allow me to think, there is what has happened in Beziers, my family, and.. well other things.." she chuckles very softly, "I am not trying to be mysterious, simply much that is on my mind. To much maybe.. and that is also why I'm within the gardens.." She blinks slowly at his offer and there is a soft flush as she dips her chin gracefully, "I would be honored if you would not mind spending a small time longer here." At the mention of guards that flush grows more into a blush and she seems about to say something but then shakes her head as she gently places her fingers on his good arm. "There is a lovely patch of night blooming flowers down the next path if you might care to see them?"

"There aren't matters I have to attend to, least of all at this hour," Belmont responds, offering her his good arm, with a fine smile upon his lips. "It is usually I who roam around town at night. That is, I have been. very often. Before I left for Béziers. I enjoy the tranquility at night. It helps, in bringing order to my my thoughts. In keeping me from engaging in any follies - sometimes less successfully than at other times." Something in her wording catches his attention though. "I cannot claim to be versed in telling apart the various kinds of flowers, my lady. Unless…" And here he shoots Gabrielle a glance. "You are referring to the Night Court." The Court of Night Blooming Flowers, as it is at least called in the City of Elua.

Gabrielle smiles softly at the last as her fingers gently squeezes his arm, "Mmm, no not this time. Though the Court of Night or our Salon's as we say are just as lovely as the flowers from where they take their name. I was truly meaning flowers, there are some flowers that only bloom at night. When I was here last I was wondering the gardens after moonrise and found them just down the other path. " She still smiles as she then nods gently to the rest of what he says. "The night has its own beauty, it is there that one's mind can simply rest and think back on all that has happened in the day. It is when I enjoy stargazing, breathing in the breezes from the sea, soaking in pools of water. It is a time when anything is possible.." She says before she flushes again and shakes her head as she goes on.

"Are there? I didn't know!", Belmont replies. "And while I can only agree that there is beauty to be found in the night…" A faint smirk there, "I would very much like to see these flowers you speak of." He walks beside her, even as the flush of her cheeks draws his eye, even in the rather poor lighting conditions. The gardens have been provided with a few oil lanterns along the way, and it seems to be part of the regular route for night patrols of the city guard. "Are you acquainted with my brother, Gauge d'Eresse?" he asks lightly. "He mentioned something when I spoke to him… making me wonder…"

Gabrielle chuckles softly, "See even for one who wonders the night, new things can be found.." She says this as they turn the path and move slowly into an area less traveled, or atleast with less light. That is till a small patch of earth seems to glow gently in the moonlight and flowers of red, purple and blue are open and giving off a scent that is close to the scent that rides along Gabrielle's skin. As he brings up his brother she blinks once, "I didn't know that Guage was your brother. But yes, we have met before. He was putting on something of a show the last time I believe.." She is amused by something but then turns to look up at him with those emerald green eyes. "Now, you know a statement like that, well I can not help but ask.. What was mentioned that made your wonder?"

Belmont seems content to let Gabrielle guide him, even if it seems she is headed for the darker areas of the gardens. Coming to stand beside her before the marvelous wonder of blooming plants glowing in the moonlight, "Oh, this is beautiful." Words that leave his lips in a somewhat surprised murmur. A grin then, hard to perceive in the poor lighting conditions, but perhaps to be sensed by the tone of his voice. "Gauge is my older brother, yes. The only older brother I have left. As our other brother died, along with our father, not too long ago. He's… not what you'd call a typical courtier. But then again, neither am I." He sounds amused, rather than affected by what his words had hinted at. "And… no it wasn't anything in particular. He jested something about possible alliances, between Houses of Eresse and Delaunay." A light shrug there, "Which made me wonder if he had spoken with you."

Gabrielle does not think much of leading the Lord into a dark garden, or how it could seem. But she is beaming as they find the flowers like she had hoped and that smile is heard in her voice as she chuckles softly "Are they not? I am not sure who tends this area, but they do lovely work. I am hoping to get a few of these for my garden. But the timing never seen right.." She gently keeps one hand on his arm as she lowers herself to almost kneeling and runs the back of her fingers gently over the soft petals of purple flower. At his other words an eyebrow arches before she grins softly, "Did he? And not in such a way. We have just ran into each other at different times. As for an alliance.." She ponders this before she gives him a very long look that he might or might see well. "Anything is possible. I will say that each son of Eresse has drawn my attention.."

<FS3> Belmont rolls Composure: Success. (6 2 5 7 3 6)

"Is that so?" This seems to baffle Belmont, glancing down at Gabrielle, where she kneels, his gaze meeting hers as she looks towards him. His brows furrow slightly. "Well… I wasn't aware of such interest, and it is flattering, to say the least." The blush is hard to glimpse, it is more like a faint reddening of his ears. He clears his throat. "Is there a particular reason, or preference for House d'Eresse, my lady? Some old… debt perhaps of your family you wish to pay back?" The hint of a chuckle there. But his eyes are attentive, holding her gaze, returning it even in a similar and appreciative way.

Gabrielle softly takes one of the blooms from the patch of flowers. She will send something to the gardens for her pick and does bow her head towards the temple before she slowly moves to gracefully stand again. "Forgive me if I am a little blunt, m'lord but yes, I find you very attractive and Gauge is very interesting as well.." She is honest as she gives a slight impish smile and offers him the flower with a dip of her chin. "But no, nothing of such things. In truth I would be curious to learn more about your House. I am sure my Mother is working hard to find some political match but I'd much rather get to know someone that leaving it all to chance.." Her voice is husky and warm, sensual but then she is a Scion of her house, so that does not seem to unusual.

Strangely enough, her speaking these words makes some of the awkwardness fall away from Belmont d'Eresse. He chuckles, mirth reaching even to his eyes. "Ah… attractive, hmmm." His brows pull together as if he were trying to solve a puzzle of sorts. "Curiosity is a good thing." He reaches out to accept the flower from her hand considering it as if it were more, an offer perhaps. "It should be sated. It would be rude not to." He offers her a hand to help her up, whilst holding the flower in the other one. His own charm is more subtle, but that doesn't mean he doesn't pick up the tone of her voice. "Now that you've shown me the flowers, shall I escort you back to your residence?", he asks, all politeness, but perhaps there is more to the offer. When he seems quite unable to avert his gaze from her features.

A bite of her lower lip and she takes his offered hand and slowly moves to stand. The air between them is stirred with the movements and she is closer than she was before. Those eyes look up at him and she then she nods slowly, "If you would? And maybe join me for a drink? It would only be polite of me after your escort. That is if you don't mind spending some of your night.. inside with conversation?" There is so much subtext between the pair that it might be hard to know what is being asked and offered, but it's clear she would enjoy spending more time with him…

"It would," Belmont concedes. Only that slow blink of his eyes hints that he too is aware of the things that so far remain unspoken, the faint electricity building there between the two of them. "Be polite of you, and impolite for me to decline such an invitation." Holding that gaze he steps closer, the hand still holding the flower sliding along her side to the small of her back, while his other keeps Gabrielle's fingers in their gentle grasp. "You are very generous. And I fear, I would take full advantage of such generosity on a night like this." His voice is barely above a murmur, chin tipping down as he leans in slightly, a true d'Angeline in that he is willing to seize what a lovely woman such as Gabrielle is offering in her barely veiled advances. His arm is supporting her, but won't keep her in its hold if she wished to break away. "I enjoy 'conversations' quite a bit, a daresay. There have been so few of late…"

That smile is teasing but also warm as she looks up at him as she steps that one inch closer at his advance. A hand slides up and along his chest before gently running along his jaw. "I believe I look forward to all the possibilities that are blooming this evening.." The sound is a whisper, a warmth that caresses as much as the scent of her breath this close. There is a soft gasp of breath as her movements brings her in contact with his chest and her curves are proven where hints were there before. Her fingers still linger on his jaw as her bright eyes spark in the light with the same electricity that seems to be higher with each breath.

His head tilts a little into that touch of her fingers to his cheek, thus causing a favorable angle, that instantly brings his lips closer to hers. That arm of his against her back tightens just so, pulling her closer against him, as if he were eager to feel these feminine curves of hers crushed against his still clothed chest. "Gabrielle…", Belmont breathes, and she can tell from the look of his eyes, the sudden heat in them, how he is affected by that sudden proximity. Those eyes close when that last fraction of distance is braved and his lips claim hers, gently at first, but also with a certain hunger urging him to deepen the kiss, should she be agreeable. A good thing there are her wide skirts, many layers of fabric, and his breeches that suddenly must feel so confining, but yet she may be aware; that this d'Eresse is getting his hopes high indeed, in regards to those 'blooming possibilities'.

Gabrielle's fingers caress his jaw and her eyes seem to find within him something that is fascinating, for her hands move to slide and bury against the base of his skull and into that thick hair as he pulls her completely against his stronger body. A soft sigh and her lips open to that gently but building kiss that offers so many promises. Her taste is of honey and wildberries, teasingly sweet but slightly spicy as her tongue comes into play. One things about her, is that she can kiss and loves to kiss. There in the darkness she offers up her essence as their lips meet and duel, the blooming possibilities coming awake around them as the night batch of flowers awaken and fill the space between with something both exciting and exotic.

<FS3> Belmont rolls Composure: Success. (2 2 2 3 7 1)
<FS3> Gabrielle rolls Composure: Great Success. (7 3 3 7 4 4 8 8 7 4)

For a moment, it is just the two of them, focus entirely upon the intoxicating dance of their tongues, the intensity of the kiss overwhelming almost to Belmont, given, how sudden this rather interesting turn in their exchange had occurred. She can feel it from the soft groan he releases into her mouth, the way, his arm keeps her pressed against him, the heat in that cheek her fingers rest upon, before they slide into his hair. His own taste, a hint of wine he may have enjoyed earlier, a bit of cheese perhaps leaving a bit of aroma that may go well with her fruity note. The pull of passions evident, from the way his breathing becomes deeper, and from his own hand, that suddenly has slid from her arm to her shoulder, and then to the back of her head. When the kiss breaks, he seems slightly breathless, eyes glinting with considerations, crazy considerations perhaps, before he inhales deeply and loosens his grasp about her. When sense slowly regains its hold on him, and he declares, "I should escort you home." With his lips twitching into a faint grin, somewhere between sheepish and clearly pleased.

She would kiss him all evening and be content if the tiny noises of enjoyment was a song of praise. But everything must end, at least in a pause as one breath is exchanged before he pulls back and she ends up resting her hand on his chest and the other within his hair. A flush becomes her cheeks as she slowly steps back and her hands drift away. One moves to her own lips slightly swollen by that stolen moment in time. She then chuckles softly shaking her head with amusement at the turn of events as she takes a deep breath, which highlights those offered curves than then she is gently placing her fingers on his arm once more. "Yes I fear if we linger the flowers will learn more than their tender years allow.."

The kiss may have emboldened Belmont. The blooming flower still in his bandaged hand, he lets it touch against her cheek, before those soft petals brush over the skin of her neck, a collarbone and whatever bare skin there is above the neckline of the dress she is wearing. His cheeks may be a bit flushed as well, and yet, he seems somewhat at ease. "This one flower here though, we could take with us," he suggests softly. "Place it on the table so that it may indeed learn." His brows lift. "That is, if there will be anything to learn." Offering her his arm then, he falls back into courtly customs, as to prevent any curious glances on their way to the Delaunay Residence. "Shall we, Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle shivers and her eyes half close as he runs the flower over her skin. He can smell her arousal build as if the slight caress of that flower on her skin was something she oh so enjoyed. But finally she chuckles softly as she looks into his eyes. "Yes, this one flower should come with us. The night is young and we could not wish to take a moment from it's education.." She is flushed as well as her fingers curl around his arm and he escorts her to the Residence. It is not overly far after all.

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