(1310-05-23) Showdown at Béziers
Summary: At the ruins near Faugères, the group of pursuers comes upon the foreign witch, two of her kin and a number of numbed guard minions. The Marquise and the Marquis are finally found, but only one of them can be saved.
RL Date: 26/05/2018
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Ruins near Faugeres — Eisande

The further northwards the road winds into the mountains, the more stretches of forest there are to cross. Nature certainly keeps these lands under its spell, especially as the scenery becomes more rocky, rising terrain occasionally sloping down to small valleys. After crossing the village of Faugères, there is a forest trail leading northwest towards where the ruins of an old watch tower are said to be. And indeed, after climbing a rocky rise, it comes into view, the dark silhouette of the crumbled remains of the building rising from the opposite side of the small valley, where only a few bushes and twisted trees can offer a hint of shelter from curious eyes.

The delegation from Marsilikos has spent the last two days investigating around the town of Béziers, and within Castle Chavaise. They have followed hints and leads and found out that a foreign looking woman, perhaps a Tsingano, had drugged some people. This, along with the spell of a curse woven, had put these people under the command of someone. The young woman, perhaps? One of the drugged guards had been seized on the way up north, and indeed, several other leads pointed in that same direction. A cart had been seen. With an older Tsingani woman and one or two males of her kind. They had been seen on the road, in the curious company of a number of guards. Whoever had spotted them, had assumed they were on official business.

Apparently the group had left the road at the village of Fougères, now heading further into the mountains in northwestern direction, according to the villagers. It is here that those wishing to find and save the Marquise Monique de Mereliot and her husband Armand are now following the trail in the humid forest ground. The long time it has taken them to get there makes it dubious whether they will find anything there. And yet. There is a loud scream of a female cutting through the deceiving mountainous idyll, like a sharp flechette through flesh. A scream that could make the pursuers of the villains hurry - whilst offering a wisp of hope, that they may not yet be too late.

<OOC> Eisheth says, "You can assume you've been provided with horses by the steward. But the terrain is getting increasingly difficult. Ahead of you is a rocky rise in the terrain, one you won't be able to brave on horseback… unless you want to put the horses at risk."

<OOC> Alexandre says, "Can I be assumed to have tried to make the cure with Reina's help and knowledge of herbalism that I discovered?"
<OOC> Danielle came in late, but could have helped with that, perhaps?
<FS3> Danielle rolls Herbology: Good Success. (8 6 7 6 6 1 3 4 5 6 1)

Belmont is riding with the group pursuers, more to the back, of course. After all, he was more of a supporter in this cause, but not exactly the leading type. His mien is grave and becomes graver when he hears that scream, and he sits up instantly in the saddle of the horse; one of the horses the steward of Castle Chavaise had provided them with. Eyes wide with alarm, he glances towards the others. Holding his breath before he whispers: "What, in Kushiel's name, was that?"

After taking the time to decipher the information he discovered at the Castle Library, and then work with Reina and Danielle to see if they could successfully create that which was suggested by the book it came down to horses. Horses. Always an interesting thing to ride while wearing a breastplate of steel and leathers along with other pieces of armor. Still it is better than walking. At the sound of the scream however, Alexandre does not hesitate he turns his mount towards the sound of the scream, "Two things." He says simply to Belmont, "It is either a distraction, or our quarry. Either way we cannot let it go uninvestigated." The Kusheline is not a leader in the traditional sense, more that he acts first and sometimes people also act with him. As such, he acts. Spurring his horse to greater speed towards that scream.

"Either someone is having too much fun or they are in the middle of torturing a woman," Jean states to Belmont, coolly enough, as he rides the horse that was provided. He did bring his blades this time around, clad in half-plate and his visor lowered. He watches as Alexandre charges ahead, keeping his horse at the pace it is. "If it's a trap, you're falling right into it!" He calls out after the Morbhan.

Reina is dressed in something that is close to leathers and a lady's ware. It is not the armor of her Guards or the Cassiline with her. Though the later dress differently anyway. She is on one of the horses near Alexandre and has pulled Danielle along for the ride. The heiress is made for stealth as she slips from her horse to tie it in place. A deep breath is sucked in at the scream and she mutters something darkly, "A very unhappy lady.." She answers to the whispered question that at least carries to where she is. A glance is given to her guards and a flicker of her fingers before her eyes find Alexandre and she nods towards him as he rides past. Her guards join whoever is riding in first and then with a touch to Danielle to see if the healer will stay hidden, she starts to disappear into the woods, heading much more silently to see what can be seen and done.

Antoine looks a bit thoughtful as they ride. He's kept quiet for the duration of the trip so far, but sits up a bit more athte scream. Patting the unfamiliar horse a few times, he nods to the others. Frowning as Alexandre charges off, he makes the horse move a little faster than their current pace, but far slower than the Morbhan lord. A few glances to his blade, to make sure everything is ready for what might come.

Quiet as a mouse, Danielle had been for most of the ride. On the back of a mule, hanging back most of the time. She does wear the plain garb of a commoner woman, and plain are her looks to match the outfit. As soon as she saw Reina dismount to slip into the woods, she followed her example. Probably would have done so anyway, as she isn't a great rider. A vague smile is given to the lady, as the healer tries to move stealthily up the rocky rise, others try to breach with so much vigour.

<OOC> Eisheth says, "Those trying to brave the rise on horseback, please +roll Riding"
<OOC> Eisheth says, "Those trying to be sneaky, please +roll Stealth"

<FS3> Reina rolls Stealth+1: Good Success. (6 1 7 5 8 3)
<FS3> Sombra rolls Riding: Success. (8 2 1 4 2)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Riding: Success. (1 2 6 8 1 1)
<FS3> Alexandre rolls Riding: Failure. (3 3)
<FS3> Jean rolls Riding: Failure. (3 3)
<FS3> Belmont rolls Riding: Good Success. (1 4 6 6 7 7 4)
Jean spends 1 luck points on Reroll.
<FS3> Jean rolls Riding: Success. (8 4)

Sombra has also kept rather quiet while she has been on horseback, and she remains upon it and follows after her cousin and Antoine. Worry in her features for a moment before she returns to a neutral face as she draws closer to that scream. Her eyes sweeping the area to keep alert.

Alexandre spends 1 luck points on Not to fall off horseback and die.
<FS3> Alexandre rolls Riding: Failure. (5 6)
<FS3> Danielle rolls Stealth: Good Success. (3 6 8 2 1 7)
<FS3> Alexandre rolls Reaction+reaction: Failure. (1 1 3 3)
<FS3> Ammy rolls Stealth: Good Success. (8 2 1 5 1 5 8)

"If it is a trap, then it must be spring regardless." Alexandre says to nobody in particular as whomever he was going to say it to gets pulled out of his thoughts when his horse starts to whinny, buck, and the Vicomte seems unable to control the animal. In the end he gets thrown to the ground with a hard clang and a grunt, the horse bolting and he is left on his back on the ground. Colorful language is hissed softly as he gets up off the ground after catching his breath, and starts towards the scream on foot rather than horseback it seems.

Ammy has been following the group for some time. He's been trekking through the woods, doing his best to stay unseen by the others. He's dirty - a result of being entrenched in the foliage as they go or perhaps a result of just not being the best bather. He lurks, watching the party as they move, and when they hear the scream, he hears it too. He does his best to match their speed, though he's on foot and moving through woods.

Jean remains on the saddle, but barely. The horse whines and complains and tries to shake him off but he manages to make it budge, and amble slowly in rocky terrain. Poor horse, the l'Essoms has no cares for its well-being when there's a task at hand. It does get a ruffle to the mane in reward, and he's drawing his sword in a hiss of steel on leather, holding it low.

Similarly managing to stay in the saddle, Antoine frowns a bit as he finally brings it to a stop, patting the animal a few more time before he dismounts. After all, if there's fighting to be done, he'd prefer not doing that on the back of an unfamiliar horse. "Good job…" he mutters to the animal, before he looks over to where Alexandre landed, and then moves forward as well, keeping his sword ready to be drawn.

Belmont is forced to reign in his own horse, when Alexandre de Morhban falls, and, perhaps inspired from the display, decides to dismount. "The path is treacherous," he remarks towards the man, at a low volume of course, as he joins him now on foot, moving higher up towards the crest. More sounds are drifting towards them now, wisps of a verbal exchange, between a woman and a man. The l'Envers riding past them receives a raised brow from the d'Eresse lord, but inspired by his example, Belmont elects to draw his own sword, and follows along.

Danielle manages to sneak further up the hill, making sure she stays close to where Reina is.

Reina moves silently, slipping between rocks with the grace and movements of a dancer. If anyone was watching it become clear in those movements of stealth which Companion called her Scion. She might not be as fast as the horses but she slips unseen and from the side as she tries to see what is coming up with the others drawing the attention. If Dan follows she does keep the other woman in sight and has her own guard watching them both. Which clearly will cause oh so many talks coming up. Her has dual blades and what looks to be a fan tucked into the center of back as she tiptoes with a soft sway along the most dangerous of grounds. Yep, so going to be "talked" to by someone or another.

Upon reaching the crest of the rocky rise, it comes into view, the dark silhouette of the crumbled remains of an ancient watch tower rising from the opposite side of the small valley, where only a few bushes and twisted trees can offer a hint of shelter from curious eyes. Dusk is almost upon them, and so the fire burning in the center of the valley hides little. Little of the mad grin twisting the features of a foreign looking woman wearing a green dress, a woman in her late forties. A white strand striking in an otherwise black mess of hair. Standing between two shapes tied against poles, holding a curved dagger in her hand, she cackles madly. Blood drips from the blade. And blood stains the front of the shape she is now turning away from.

"See. You shall see. See how you bring death to those you love, Armand. Cursed. Cursed you are. To watch them all die, before I will finally release you…", the woman tells the Marquis who stands there tied against the pole, his features pale, and his eyes wide with terror. "You are mad, Naimah." His voice sounds broken, it is heavy with tears he does no spill. "But I've told you before…"

"One more, Armand… I've sent a disease her way… It'll keep her alive for long enough… till you can see her die with your very own eyes." She speaks heavily accented d'Angeline.

The other shape is kept upright merely by the rope tying it to the pole, there is not a single twitch nor movement. Nor a sound. And there are more dark silhouettes. A number of guards standing a bit further away in current state of apathy. And there is a dusky skinned man of muscular built pacing up and down, at the side, now and then casting a glance towards Naimah. He says something to her, in a foreign language. His gaze sweeps to another dusky skinned man, the third in their conspiratorial trio, and he shakes his head. Drawing a curved blade from his scabbard, Samir walks closer to the Marquis, lifting the weapon.

"I see," Jean doesn't like what he's hearing, and he looks from Belmont to Antoine, upnodding to the man. "I got that one. Rescue the Marquis, and try to arrest the woman. Go!" He'll snap the reins of the horse so as to make it charge forward, intent on intercepting the man with the curved blade, his sword drawn and then wielded upwards as he gets ready to jump off his mount and intercept the man.

Nodding a bit as he hears Jean's words, Antoine glances around briefly. "I'll head for the woman," he says, quietly, before moving forward as well as Jean starts charging. Sword drawn, he runs forward, straight for Naimah. "Stop right there, woman!" he calls out as he approaches her. "Drop the dagger, and surrender!"

Ammy makes his way quietly through the underbrush, getting closer. He makes his way so he is a bit nearest to Sombre, but doesn't make any effort to interfere in all these white peoples' problem. Instead, he licks his lips, and smirks, just watching.

Drawing his heavy blade from it's scabbard, Alexandre walks up towards the goings on as Jean goes riding past and others start charging ahead. "Clearly, not a trap." He says simply and to the point. Stalking forwards towards the group he continues on towards the group. Flipping the sword up into a two handed grip the huge Kusheline moves towards the fight that is about to begin, "Someone check on the Marquessa! She might still be saved!" He calls out to others as he expects the guards to be coaxed into activity again.

Sombra dismounts from her horse and draws her rapier. Her steps quickly leading her to try and aide in rescuing the marquis and stopping the woman. Her gaze trying to remain alert as she draws closer to the danger.

Belmont has grown pale, in the moment he noticed the rather gruesome scene down there. His sword he lifts and then begins to charge right after Jean, aiming for the foreign woman with the curved dagger… only to see one of those creepy apathetic guards step into his way.

Reina is still in whatever shadow that she can find, the darkness of both her clothing and hair helping, leaving her eyes showing as she has draw something across her face during her travels. Her aim seems to be for the one person that none seem to be looking/watching, the woman/figure that does not seem to move. Her attention is what she thinks is the Duchess's sister and she has both a long danger and her fans at the ready if she is caught.

Reina is still in whatever shadow that she can find, the darkness of both her clothing and hair helping, leaving her eyes showing as she has draw something across her face during her travels. Her aim seems to be for the one person that none seem to be looking/watching, the woman/figure that does not seem to move. Her attention is for, who she assumes is the Duchess's sister and she has both a long danger and her fans at the ready if she is caught.

Sombra isn't really used to actually fighting and more just practice sparring so it is no surprise that her attack upon the guard missed and that he got her in the abdomen, she stumbles back to try and make her way to the medic.

Charging in seems to have not paid off all too well for Jean. His brigadine takes a nasty slash across the chest by Samir's scimitar, which definitely has him reeling from blood loss and the impact of the weapon against his armor. Thankfully, he has a moment's respite with Danielle's assistance while he parries the man's subsequent strikes, dealing one back, in turn. Then he continues to attack with overhead slashes, until, finally, Samir is down for the count after he takes yet another nasty jab to his rib. The L'Envers kneels down and stabs his enemy through the throat, ripping the weapon clean and away and turning to see the other fights as they occur.

Stalking forwards into the fight, Alexandre flips his heavy broadsword into a more traditional grip and then he steps forwards and there is a brilliant flash of steel as he cuts at his opponents head, drawing blood even as he gets caught across the chest by a blow that manages to penetrate his breastplate and draw blood. The Kusheline frowns then, his green eyes starting to blaze in his annoyance at having been wounded and he presses forwards. His broadsword flashes out again, returning /exactly/ the same wound he received but deeper as he avoids the return stroke from Farukh, "You are a dead man." He says with that twist and then another cut as he steps forwards, this time slicing into Farukh's neck with a cut from the tip of his sword. "You simply haven't realized it yet." He states plainly. He keeps aware of his surroundings, watching others be hit, and fighting back. A vague note of annoyance as it seems nobody is heading towards the individuals tied to the poles yet.

Belmont wanted to go for the woman, but apparently he got a guard instead. Cursing below his breath, he enters the dance of blades which is decidedly more graceful on his part. There is a cry, bitten back when the silent opponent manages to deal him a nasty strike to his hand, but Belmont pays him back in kind. Nevermind that Antoine moves to finish, what the Eresse originally had intended…

It would seem that Antoine didn't want to risk Naimah actually not surrendering, and so he moves in to tackle her down to the ground. His focus seems to be solely on that task, so he misses a slash from one of the guards, catching him in between parts of his armor. As he he works on keeping the woman subdued, he does his best to stand out of the way of the incoming slashes. "It's over. Surrender!" he tells the woman, words a bit harsh.

Sombra was trying to just keep the guard distracted but was getting herself more harmed than anything else as she takes another hit to her chest, now trying to evade so she can receive more care from Danielle.

And there it begins, the ghastly cutting and slashing, and Danielle is right in the middle of it, ducking away below a strike, as she makes her way over to Jean. Sneaky and quiet as a mouse. Kneeling down beside him, she begins to stuff a piece of clean cloth onto the cut, to at least stop the bleeding. Then crawls off and appears at Sombra's side. Tsk'ing softly as she treats her wounds with the routine of a practiced healer.

Reina stays in the shadows till a path can be seen, her movements are silent and either seen or not seen depending on who is watching. She moves with eyes watching each combatant till she can find a path to the tied and bound figures. She ties to hide in the shadows cast by the fire and the shadows from those bound as she works on their bonds.

Samir is a tall fellow, and he is strong. He smiles a wide victorious smile when his curved scimitar cuts Jean so viciously across the chest. "Give up?", he taunts. In very bad d'Angeline. He seems surprised to see Jean going at him again. When he meets his death at the hands of the l'Envers, a bit of that astonishment is still written across his dusky features. Samir falls to his knees, and then forward, with a thud, as his body hits the ground.

Seeing a path, Ammy emerges from the brush. He begins to move quickly and quietly toward the two poles, avoiding the combatants and doing his best to not be seen amongst the chaos of battle. He gets closer to the two hostages when he sees Reina. He freezes, for just a moment, to see where Reina is heading. When he sees her head to the not moving hostage first, Ammy then to the man who is moving. When he reaches him, the Tsingani young man draws a long dagger over him. "Hold still. I have to cut dese ropes," he says after a moment, and then moves around his back and begins cutting the rope.

Farukh, meanwhile, proves a worthy opponent to Alexandre. The man stares at the Kusheline with deep hateful contempt. "You are bad man, as he.", he grumbles, not really relenting in his attacks, as he continues to swing his scimitar at Alexandre.

The woman called Naimah screams and curses, as Antoine manages to hold her in his grip. "Come… Come… Help me… HELP MEEEEE!", she cries, hands reaching towards more of those guards, as she rouses them to help her.

Sombra takes time to try and study the enemies as she is getting mending before she decides to try and get back into the brawl. And she attempts to attack one of the guards, missing once more. Hopefully changing her stance will better her chances.

As much as Alexandre might have wished to have ended this already, Farukh is a stubborn and tenacious individual, though grievously wounded he fights on. Steel clashes on steel as Guards rush in to try and overwhelm the Kusheline Vicomte but he trusts his armor and it serves him well. Though he is struck twice and avoids several other cuts, he can't seem to get past Farukh's armor either. He looks over towards the battlefield to keep aware of his surroundings. As others are starting to take some hard hits he frowns and then starts to push his attacks more aggressively.

Jean is striking a guard that heads for Antoine as soon as he can, cutting the man at the head and likely cleaving through bone and cartilage in a messy, bloody, nasty way with a hacking swing of his sword. Pulling it free, he tries to assault Farukh from a flank, but it doesn't work out, until he sees the woman about to make a run for it. Not on his watch, though. Wounded and bleeding, he gets tagged on his leg as he tackles the woman into the ground, trying to keep her pinned. "You're not going anywhere." He's too busy to use his staring at her.

Belmont has been on a roll. After cutting down one guard, he proceeds with the next, and with a nasty strike across the other man's chest brings him down as well. "Are you alright, Lord Antoine?", he asks, seeing the same getting treated by the healer. But there is still the third guard that went after the Valais lord, and so the Eresse goes at him. This one seems to be a bit more agile than the previous ones, and so Belmont has to step up his game, or so it seems. He aims for the head now, in his next strike. Aiming to end the man once and for all.

As he's getting so many guards against him, Antoine has to give up his hold on Naimah to try fending off the attackers. He takes a few hits as he tries taking them down, stumbling back and falling over. He remains there for a while, trying to stay out of the way of the attackers as he's getting some help with his wounds. "Thanks…" he offers, along with a brief smile, before he gets back to his feet, and into the fight, moving for the guard he was attacking earlier, a bit more recklessly now. "Remember me?" he mutters.

Farukh laughs, it is a terrible laugh of someone already aware that he is bound to end soon, there and then. "Bad. Man." He punctuates each of his strikes with a word spat in Alexandre's direction. "D'Angeline scum."

Naimah, meanwhile finds herself pinned, and she screams and writhes in Jean's grip. "Let me go… you… CURSED be YOU… If you don't let me go…", she begins. Staring at him, her eyes dark and ominous. "I cursed him too…" A sideways tilt of her head in the direction of the pole, where Ammy is busy on freeing the Marquis. Once the ropes come loose, Armand falls to his knees, hands lifting to bury his face within them. While Reina will find, that any help she can offer the woman at the other pole comes too late. She has already bled to death, from the ghastly looking cut at her throat.

Danielle, after seeing to Antoine's wounds, now moves to aid the heavily injured Jean. "Please, my lord.", she alerts him to her presence, as she gets some bandages ready for a quick first aid treatment.

"I'm not letting you go, mademoiselle. You cannot curse me, either. Kushiel demands justice be done, and you will receive justice." Jean states firmly to Naimah, trying to grab at her arm and bring it behind her. With a nod to Danielle in assent, the L'Envers will allow her to treat him, just as he starts to remove the laces from his undershirt in order to wrap them around the woman's wrists.

Reina gets to the Marquise but not in time. She mutters darkly to herself and reaches up to close the lady's eyes. Instead of trying to get out of the way of combat, she stays where she is to make less of target of herself. But her bladed fans are out to help if she is needed.

Alexandre calls out quickly, "Subdue the guard! We have the cure!"

When Farukh finally falls after such an extended fight, Alexandre looks over towards Antoine and nods, "He was a strong fighter." He admits, not even concerned with his own wound. As the last combatant is a guard he calls out the warning and then goes to help try and subdue the guard so he doesn't have to die. "We'll have to find my horse… but we know how to make more." He says with a look over at the woman who was running the show, "Gag her so she cannot call up the other guards to combat." He suggests even as he goes about wrestling the guard into submission with Antoine and the others, attempting to hold the guard still so that he can be bound and trussed up and not a danger to anyone else for the time being.

Maybe… if that first strike hadn't gone astray, Belmont could have killed the man on the spot. The second slash seemed to be far more devastating, and yet, the guard continued to fight, as if driven by a higher force… When Belmont hears Alexandre's words that change everything in just the blink of an eye, he drops his sword and is ready to help wrestle the man down.

Sombra was going to aide in subduing the guard but when she sees the others are handling it she lets hers relax and grasps her chest where the injuries are. Though she does her best to not let on how much damage she actually took from those guards.

Nodding as he manages to knock down that guard he was fighting, Antoine moves on to help taking down Farukh. At Alexandre's words, he nods, "He was…" Turning to the last guard, he nods a bit, waiting for a few moments to get his sword out of the way, before moving in to try tackling the man down to the ground. "It's okay…" he mutters, nodding as they all help getting this done. "I thought you wanted to go for a run," he offers a bit lightly to Alexandre again, with a grin.

Reina watches this but her stormy eyes are looking into the shadows as well, she moves then. quick and graceful till she comes up to the Kneeling and faced covered Marquis and Ammy. She nods towards the later as she turns to look at the Marquis with pity in her eyes before she takes a deep breath and speaks softly to him, " My Lord?" She asks first before saying his name, "Armand Morhban de Mereliot.." This to get his attention more fully.

"CURSED BE YOU!!!", Naimah continues to shout at Jean l'Envers. "Cursed be the fruit from your loins, d'Angeline. You are no better than him. Why should you suffer a better fate?" When her wrists are bound, the flood of words has meanwhile turned into an unintelligible gibberish in a foreign tongue.

<FS3> Belmont rolls Perception: Success. (6 5 5 8 6 1)

Belmont looks up. And freezes for a moment, seeing yet another dusky face there. "Hey you!", he calls. "You're one of them! Aren't you? Seize him!" Yes, he is talking about Ammy here.

<FS3> Sombra rolls Perception: Failure. (4 5 1)

And that's my cue to go. Ammy spits toward Belmont, "Stupid gadje," and then he turns, running as fast as he can toward the treeline.

<FS3> Reina rolls Perception: Failure. (4 2 4 6 1 3 1)
<FS3> Danielle rolls Perception: Amazing Success. (5 7 2 7 8 3 8 7 8)
<FS3> Alexandre rolls Perception: Success. (7 3 5 1 5 1)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Perception: Good Success. (7 5 1 8 3 3 4 2)

An odd thing happens. A grey mouse becomes something else, when she spots Ammy, and hears his words. "Gadje, hmm?" Rising to her feet, Danielle draws the dagger from her belt and holds it, as if to threaten the Tsingano. "You're as worthless as the rest of your kind." When he runs off, she just shrugs and stows the dagger away again. "Nevermind."

<FS3> Jean rolls Perception: Great Success. (7 8 8 7 1 4 1 2)

Sombra is leaning against the wall and beginning to look a bit worse to wear. She looks curious as she hears the word 'Gadje' repeated but she is distracted by her pain as she shifts to try and look, failing to see who it may have been.

Alexandre stands up after the guard is secured, looking over towards the two bodies, one alive, one not, that are tied to the posts. It is to the living one that Alexandre walks, taking his helmet off he stares that Kusheline stare into his uncle's eyes, "Tell me this isn't what I think it is, Uncle. That your actions have not caused so much death." His tone is hard as he /stares/ into the Marquis' eyes if he can. He wipes his sword off on his leg and slips it back into the scabbard on his waist with a glance towards Reina.

"If you want to cause a scene, wait until we've returned to Beziers with our prisoners, including…" Jean will try to clock the woman uttering profanities in a foreign tongue in the back of her head, strong enough to knock her out, "…this witch right here."

Alexandre says, "You do not command me."

Jean says, "Then stop acting like a child."

Antoine lets out another brief breath as he listens to what's said, pausing as he sees the retreating Ammy. He doesn't move to follow the man, instead moving to get his sword and wiping it clean on the clothing of the fallen Farukh, before he sheathes it. He lets out a breath as he looks around, frowning at Alexandre and Jean. "Please, stop this both of you. I'm sure we can find somewhere else better suited for fighting when we get back. Besides, we have wounded…" A brief sigh as he looks around. "And dead…" He turns to look around at the others present, letting out another breath.

Reina looks between the two males and clears her throat as she stands up slowly and let's the veil drop from her face. "Enough. Here or there the questions need to be asked. It would be better here without other staring and gett in the way. Cover the witch, please take care of the Duchess's sister. That is the important matter. Where, who we are and where we are.." That voice is soft, almost sweet but carries a weight to it.

Armand stares into Alexandre's eyes. "You know nothing," he finally says. Brows twitch upwards, as he hears Jean's interjection. "Really, can it get any worse?" Sweeping his attention back to Alexandre, the Marquis adds, "You are right though. We need to… talk." Saying as much as he moves to stand. Looking down at the bound Naimah, the corners of his lips lift into a mirthless smile, and he spits out, his saliva hitting the side of her face. "Are you happy now? Did you get what you wanted…?" A thought passes his mind, and he looks from one to the other more urgently now. We need to get back to Beziers. And… from there… Ah… Kushiel…"

"Yes, my Lord, my Lady. Forgive me. I simply do not see the sense in asking someone as disoriented as the Marquis over there whether he is responsible for something when the cause for the murders is right here on the ground." Jean rises to his feet, with the prisoner in tow, grunting as he starts to drag her unceremoniously to his horse. Someone who is knocked out is far easier to carry on horseback than an unwilling prisoner. He does level a stare at the Marquis, though. "You're partly responsible for this in some way or another, my Lord, but that's for the Duchess to decide. Either way, I know a young Lady who lost a lot of relatives already, she doesn't need to lose any more."

"No Uncle, I don't think you'll be returning to Kushiel any time soon." Alexandre says simply and to the point, not responding to Jean's comment any further. Antoine gets a nod, so does Reina then he looks back to Armand, "We will talk of that I am certain, Uncle." And then he asks Reina and Danielle, "Try the potion we brewed on the guards. See if it snaps them out of it." The running Tsingano gets but a momentary look before he steps away without seeing his light wounds attended to just yet, going to try and find his horse that ran away before the fight.

"Oh… I will… To Kushiel's Temple at least," Armand responds, eyes losing a bit of focus, when emburdened with visions of the past. Sinking to his knees beside the body of his dead wife, he takes her hands into his. "I've sinned, and brought this upon us. I shall be scourged and cleansed in pain." He falls silent then, staring at his dead wife.

If Alexandre and Reina put their plan into action, they will find that the remaining guard after enjoying said potion, will awake from his poisoned wine-cursed stupor. Same goes for the guard in Beziers and the number of affected commoners.

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