(1310-05-18) An Interrupted Dinner
Summary: An introduction over dinner and dessert after an untimely interruption.
RL Date: May 18, 2018
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The Golden Harbor

Situated close to the Opera and upon the famous wine cellars below, the Golden Harbour Restaurant offers the same refinement it expects in turn from its clientele. The name has influenced the choice of interior, where walls have been painted in sea green with golden ornaments, and one wall features the outline of this city's harbor in gilded painting that will catch the warm light of candles and oil lamps. Candelabras made of brass show the likenesses of mermaids and seasnakes. Tables and seating are of dark mahogany, cushions and upholstery done in dark green velvet, heavy drapes of similar color set into the ceiling that can be drawn to allow a certain privacy when such is wished for. Staff is attentive and discreet, and up to the standards of high nobility in their quality of service. They are clad in the unique livery of the place, sea green gowns, chemises and trousers, always tidy and well kept.

Meals served here are mostly local seafood dishes prepared from sophisticated recipes with inspired seasoning. Finest wines are available, both red and white, a supply never ceasing as they have the wine cellars below, to acquire even the most exquisite and costly vintages if requested. High windows offer a view over the city, especially where it slopes down to the harbor, with masts and sails of ships moored there visible in the distance.

Dinner had been as pleasant as ever at the Golden Harbor, and Juliette had enjoyed it, being here on invitation by a good acquaintance and occasional patron. Impeccable in her carriage, she had delighted him with her company during the many courses of the meal, but now, a few moments before their dessert was to be served, an interruption had happened, by way of a messenger. The lord of her acquaintance had tilted his ear a bit closer towards the murmured message, and soon the easy smile had vanished. There was an apologetic look cast towards Juliette, a moment of hesitation, before he wiped his mouth with a cloth and moved to rise from his seat.

Anyone entering the Golden Harbor at this point would see a pair at a table by the windows offering a delightful view of the port of Marsilikos, the man in the process of leaving, lifting her hand to his lips for a gallant goodbye applied to delicate knuckles. The woman a beauty of dark hair done in courtly fashion, her dress a fine peach-colored affair advertising a slender waist and a tasteful neckline appropriate for the place. Long skirts are mostly concealed beneath the table. She asks something, the lord nods, and then moves to leave. For those with a keener eye, they might take note of the nature of dress, fine couture that covers the back all the way up to the nape of the neck - and an unobtrusive guard leaning against the wall somewhere not too far, with a golden lily stitched upon his doublet.

Entering into the restaurant unaccompanied Alexandre takes a long look around without care for his arriving alone to such a high class establishment. He wears a light violet silk shirt that is cut with an open enough neckline to display enough of his massive chest as to see sharply defined musculature down nearly to the bottom of his pecs to provide a display canvas for the delicate gold necklace he wears around his neck with a large pearl enveloped in embracing gold feathered angelic wings. The shirt is otherwise loose and flowing to hide the exact dimensions of him but it cannot hide the fact that he is simply huge. Black pants that are sharply pressed and trimmed in matching violet along the side seams finish the look along with a pair of highly polished riding boots. Beyond his clothing however is the sheer physicality of him and his bearing displays nothing but complete confidence in who he is, what he is, and there are no apologies for it.

As he is welcomed to the establishment he nods his head over towards an empty table near to where Juliette lingers having just watched the Lord take his leave. As he follows to the table Alexandre pauses long enough to bow his head deep enough to say softly: "It is a pity that a lady so lovely as yourself is left unattended to dine alone. You are welcome to join me should you wish to not linger in solitude, my Lady." He then straightens up and moves to the empty table, drawing out a chair for Juliette then moves to the other chair at the small table and sits down himself.
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Where Alexandre's glance may have been more assessing, Juliette manages to keep her hazel eyes from outright staring at the extent of muscular built on display, revealed in part by the confident negligence of a shirt clinging only faintly to his frame. She is about to attack her dessert, a sweet pastry, when the adept straightens, depositing the fine fork beside the plate instead. He addressed her, and so she lifts her gaze to offer him an amiable smile. "My company for the evening had to leave," Juliette explains lightly. "And thus I am free to join you at your table. For a moment. If you so wish." A fine smile accompanies her words, and a quick glance towards the Lis d'Or guard assures her that he overheard her. "Solitude is a grave thing.", this Juliette says to Alexandre, as she rises gracefully and collects her plate and the fork, to relocate over to his table. "It is a curse that must be averted." The way she voices this, makes it sound like a light jest, and with a soft delighted sigh she settles herself upon the chair, the plate with the pastry onto the table, and then adjusts the wealth of her skirts by brushing over them with her knuckles. "I do not believe I have seen you before, my lord, so I must assume that you are a recent arrival to the city. My name is Juliette no Lis d'Or. If no one else hasn't already done so, I'll bid you welcome to Marsilikos, the Pearl of Eisande."

"I so wish." Alexandre says simply with only the faintest curl of his lips in the hint of a smile. "I would hope that it be longer than a moment even if I must have message sent to la Court de Nuit in order to have a contract drafted for an evenings pursuit and sent here to be notarized appropriately. If that is what must be done," He gestures lightly with one large hand with a flick of fingertips towards the guard, "Then I will see it done." The way in which he focuses in on her with unblinking green eyes is almost heavy, like it has a weight to it, and upon her sitting with her dessert he turns that gesture over to summon a waiter. "Alexandre de Mohrbal, Vicomte De Landaul, Heir to Concarneau." He introduces himself fully so that there is no misunderstandings, "I hope it will be a pleasure, Juliette no Lis d'Or, to meet you. We seem to be off to an equitable start." A beat. "For now." That faint curl of a smile grows larger to flash just the briefest hint of teeth behind his lips before his attention turns towards the waiter. Rather than order for himself though he asks Juliette, "What would you suggest, as my first true meal in the Pearl of Eisande?" He wonders.

His remark about having to send message to the Night Court earns Alexandre a glance that is followed by a chuckle. "You must have keen eyes and a quick way of mind, my lord. People visiting Marsilikos for the first time usually need weeks to recognize the signs of our salons." And after all, there is no marque bared on her back. "Besides, my Dowayne wishes to see and approve of first time patrons in person, she would never agree to a written request, if unacquainted with that someone interested in contracting one of her Lilies." She chuckles again, lightly amused. "You honor me though, by voicing so much with knowing so little about me. Lord Alexandre de Morhban. I think it only fair to grant you a longer moment here at the Golden Harbor, that we may change this - and motivate you to seek me out at Lis d'Or at another time." Her fork has not yet touched the dessert, and the adept won't start while Alexandre is yet without drink and food. His inquiry has her features settle in a cast of spirited contemplation, features that show traits both d'Angeline and Mediterranean. "Ah… you must try the scallops, and other fruits de mer… along with some white wine, perhaps? I'd suggest a Blanc de Preignac. It goes well with fish and muscles. Mussels, I mean." A faint rosiness touches her cheeks, as Juliette bites her lip, aware there of an almost lapse of hers.

"You mentioned it in your name," Alexandre answers without any outward sign at the comment, "Lis d'Or." He considers her for a few long moments, "You are not the first Courtesan I have met in my brief time within Marsilikos, though the vagaries of difference between la Court de Nuit here and in Mohrban itself are interesting. I have found in my travels that there are always idiosyncrasies and differences between the various establishments in each location. So upon seeing one of your…" He pauses for a moment, "White Roses, your innocents, out in public in mixed company and behaving in rather atypical fashion to an extent I decided to see la Court de Nuit and familiarize myself with it's differences here." He nods towards the waiter to order for himself what Juliette has suggested. Her lapse however is not commented on as he turns his attention back to her and the weight of his gaze might be felt most keenly in the sheer directness of it, the way he rarely blinks as if constantly judging and peering for any faults at all. "It is an unusual thing for a Courtesan to not be able to make a contract on her own, unless your Marque is not complete." He presses his lips together just a touch tighter, wetting them from the inside without a display of his tongue and then he nods once. "Thank you, for your welcome, Juliette no Lis d'Or. It is well received."

"Oh, I can imagine," Juliette smiles, lashes moving in a slow blink. "That salons in Kusheth must be of quite… different flavor." She regards Alexandre, keeping focus to his face for now. A slight twitch occurring at the corners of her lips, when he mentions her way of introduction. "As I said, very perceptive.", is murmured, as she uses this to compliment him once again on catching the detail. Shifting just so, she straightens in her seat, chin dipping slightly as she considers the dessert on her plate. "A… white rose? You must be referring to Rose Sauvage.", Juliette wonders lightly. "The more innocent ones may differ from the purity found at House Alyssum in the City of Elua. But… I can hardly blame them, being so exposed to vile influences of Red Roses and Thorny ones." If she notes his directness of gaze, Juliette does not show, keeping her gaze lowered for his inspection to feign she is not aware of it. Until he comments on her rank, and the Lis d'Or meets his gaze with her hazel eyes. "It is not yet, my lord. But… I hope the last inches may be soon inked into the skin upon my back." There is a moment she holds that gaze as if considering something, before the waiter arrives and provides Alexandre with a flagon of Blanc de Perignac, and a glass. "As quick as you were to recognize the White Rose for an Alyssum," Juliette begins, twirling a stray dark brown strand of hair about her finger, "are you able to place me and put me in comparison to canons trained in Elua and Kusheth?"

That gaze does not waver in the slightest, instead Alexandre's attention flicks from point to point about her as if weighing and judging each and every aspect of her. "Your House is a combination that can be hard to determine due to the nature of it." That does not mean he is not going to attempt it, "Dahlia, at least in part." He answers as he holds out his glass to be filled with the white wine from the flagon being attended to by the waiter. "Though given the talents of the Eglantine it may be that direction you aspire. Such would be impossible to determine without hearing you sing, or play a chosen instrument." That faint smile curves his lips but it doesn't touch those intense green eyes of his, those remain nearly unblinking at her as he takes a sip of his white, "An excellent vintage and a good pairing for shellfish." His gaze flicks to each twirl of her hair around that finger, the stray hair, then back towards her face and eyes. "I would like to see that marque, and it's completion, Juliette." His expression lightens just a touch, "I will have to seek out your Dowayne to find out just how much remains to be… purchased."

It may be easier on Mont Nuit, when each of the four aspects are more clearly separated. "Ah…", Juliette calls out in delight, "You are flattering me, Lord Alexandre! Dahlia… high praise indeed, and yet I have to admit that I've been thoroughly trained in the courtly ways and customs. That last bit of pride," here her eyes go distant, crinkling slightly at the corners, "I am lacking though, that would make me as true a Dahlia as any of those flowers of the Capital. No. I believe you have assessed me perfectly, without me even giving the slightest demonstration. Eglantine, yes, as I've been found to have some musical talent. I sing occasionally, but… my true passion is the lute." This she admits, crossing her legs to place one elbow open the skirt-covered knee, features framed by a few shorter curls taking on a slightly intrigued cast. Before Alexandre's rather direct request makes those shapely brows of hers lift and she chuckles again, a sound that is easy on the ears, and at a moderate, alomst subdued volume. "Your generosity is tremendous. Can I already boast to have caught your fancy, after this brief exchange of words? My invitation from earlier still stands, my lord. You are always welcome to pay Lis d'Or a call. I would be glad…" And here her smile deepens, "to offer more enlightenment in regards to our canon, as lived and breathed at the Salon of the Golden Lily."

"You may so boast." Alexandre answers with another faint smile, "There are many aspects of Marsilikos that I will need to familiarize myself with. Who better than one of the Lis d'Or to assist in navigating waters that are unfamiliar. I would trust that an Eglantine would be capable of at least attempting to behave in a manner that may be more suited to a Dahlia or even a Camellia." He chuckles softly, a faint ripple of his voice at that. "For I should only need slight touches of insight here and there." He considers, "I hope at least that the Courts here in Marsilikos place the same value on such direction as other Courts in other Provinces." He smiles a touch wider though at something else she had said, "The differences between the canon here and in Mohrban are of interest to me as well. The differences between here and Elua also. One cannot simply blunder about blindly if they wish to be taken seriously at all." He pauses as he studies her still, "Let alone the other fruits of such a contract I would be able to discover with you."

"An Eglantine won't, probably," Juliette quips back with an easy smile, "but you have here sitting before you a Lis d'Or. The founder of our salon sought to combine the most elegant and perfect traits into our own particular blend. When visiting the palace, you'll notice that Lis d'Or can often be encountered there, on the arm of a noble, escort at times, advisor at others. Enlightening and diverting company, we are said to be. I shall gladly offer such service." There is something about the way her lips curve while pressed together, a glitter in her eyes as Juliette nó Lis d'Or considers the remark Alexandre elects to add. "Oh… that is definitely possible as well, my lord. It is not just courtly etiquette and music I am versed in." Confident words, close to a boast, but confidence seems to be one of the many traits found in someone who claims to be of gold, at least in surname. When his meal is brought, Juliette remembers her dessert, gaze flicking down as she finally lets the fork spear into the pastry, with a look of anticipation upon her features. "Some choose a Lis d'Or to receive some courtly polish. Looking at you, I am wondering, whether you'll accept instruction from on such as me?" It is a light tease, hinting at his Kusheline heritage, and also at his rather tall and muscular built, that makes her look all the smaller and more delicate in comparison.

There is another light laugh at her comments but it is amused rather than derogatory, his eyes actually lightening a bit. "When I was younger, and more hard headed than I am now, I fought against instruction thinking I already knew what I needed to know." He reaches for his own utensils and studies his plate as if trying to decide which bits he wants to eat first. He uses the fork to start separating the scalloped potatoes into something more easily consumed first and foremost. "Eventually my father hired a tutor of the Mandrake persuasion to… reinforce my education." Alexandre's green eyes lift and that intensity falls upon her again, "Fortunately I do not need such persuasion any longer. Especially when it is I who would be hiring your services." A faint smile follows, "As you are still an adept I am sure there is much we can educate each other on. The particulars of those like myself for example. While we are all individuals and unique I am quite certain there are still some similarities that such knowledge may be highly valuable to you."

"I believe, there shall never be a time where we can claim to know everything and thus are not in need of instruction any longer," Juliette opines, before she falls silent to enjoy a first, delicate bite of that pastry. "Where in the life of a Servant of Naamah, care is taken that she'd be able to delight a patron sufficiently even upon her debut night, there shall no end to learning new things, just by having the art on my back finished and acknowledged by the Dowayne. And while I'm relieved that I had no tutoring at the hand of a Mandrake," a faint shudder there, at the unpleasant connotations of such notions, "I can assure you, that the salon has guided me and encouraged me in ways to seek to come closer to perfection. I'm used to patrons of Eisheth's province though, and cannot claim to have entertained many from other parts of Terre d'Ange. A Kusheline certainly hasn't been among my acquaintance so far, umm…" She considers for a moment, then shakes her head, dismissing a stray thought. "You'd be my first, and it would be an honor, as you are of the House holding Kusheth's power. Prestige plays into it, yes, my Dowayne will be delighted."

He eats silently as he listens to her response, watching her shudder, watching her smile, watching her enjoy her pastry and everything else. All the while Alexandre's green eyes continue that intense stare as if trying to see past the outside demeanor that she has cultivated and see the core of who she is by the weight of his eyes alone. At least when he doesn't have to look down at his own plate briefly to portion off another bite of his food. He dabs at the corners of his mouth with his cloth napkin and sets it to the side while reaching for his wine with the other hand. He takes a sip and then says plainly, "Prestige plays into it for both of us in this respect. I have one of the Lis d'Or to accompany me and you have my Patronage, another step closer to having your Marque completed." His eyes brighten just a touch, the green practically shining. "I wonder when would be the best time to call upon your Dowayne on this matter. I would hate to go to the Salon only to find that you have been contracted out while I was bumbling about trying to discover the most opportune time."

The Lis d'Or adept's use of knife and fork is impeccable, and she savors another bite of the pastry with easy grace, chasing that it down with a sip from her own glass of wine, finishing it with that elegant backwards tilt of her head that makes those dark brown tresses framing her face flutter from the momentum. "Mademoiselle Philomène is usually about during the day, my lord. And when she is not available, there is that Second of hers, seeing to matters of contracts and the like. Perhaps you can come and call tomorrow? That is, if you don't have other business to see to?" Hazel eyes turn their gaze towards the windows, and seeing it is already late, Juliette places her fork upon the plate, beside the half of the pastry she intends to leave there. "For now, I must thank you for the delightful and enlightening conversation. It has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance. But I must return to the salon now." Perhaps the bright green of his eyes frightened her, perhaps there are other reasons, but yes, there is that glint in her hazel eyes as she regards Alexandre de Morhban, a pointed grace with which she moves to stand with the ease of a dancer, a flowing motion then following as she lowers herself into a most exquisite curtsey towards the Comte heir. "My lord. I assure you… I shall make no other engagements for tomorrow, in case you should choose to come and visit me."

Everything she does he studies intently, each movement is catalogued, filed away. The grace in which she moves, the ease with which she manages it all, and how she retreats from the conversation to leave certain questions unanswered while giving inspiration to others. A soft laugh escapes him and he stands after setting his own fork and knife down, rising when she does. "Then you leave me in Solitude once more, physically at least, while I shall no doubt have your company in my thoughts." He bows his head slightly, though politely, "They do say that a dessert that comes late is savored over one that is consumed so quickly after eating. I am sure I will savor the morrow exceptionally well." He smiles that faint flicker of a smile again, "Thank you, for your company, Juliette no Lis d'Or. You do your House credit already." He then waits for her to take her leave, watching her go, before he would return to his seat and his meal.

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