(1310-05-15) Eresse Brothers
Summary: Gauge and Belmont reunite after a long time, and there is some catching up, about duels and plans for future diversions.
RL Date: 15/05/2018
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Eresse Townhouse — Noble District

The Eresse residence combines rustique naval charm with a certain noble elegance, as can be seen from the interior of the parlor, where a few windows light the room generously during the day. At the wall hangs a shield with the family crest, the green ship on a field of white. Dark mahogany furniture provides a nice contrast to the green color favored in the upholstery in the furniture. A table with a number of elegantly carved chairs govern one side of room, set before a wall that sports a few paintings of naval scenes. To the other side, there is the hearth, plain dark grey marble, which has a variety of small ship models arranged upon the mantelpiece. Before the hearth, a few comfortable armchairs have been arranged, green cushions thrown in to add more comfort.

A door at the back leads to the kitchens and a stairway leading upstairs towards the private quarters of Eresse lords and ladies currently residing in the city.

Arriving out of the cold drizzling rain, Gauge stomps his feet and shakes his coat out before hanging it up on the rack to drip dry. Covering his mouth with a yawn he squeezes his wet hair out to get it as dry as possible with a towel before he walks further into the townhouse with steps directing him towards the kitchens.

He may be surprised to find someone already waiting there. Belmont is up late, and he is present. He had been gone for a few weeks, not that Gauge may have been aware of that fact. The younger brother may not be as gruff looking, he wears a plain doublet in dark blue with a clean shirt, and breeches of dark grey. He seems to be in thoughts, seated in one of those comfortable seats before the hearth, where a fire is burning. Gauge's entrance makes Belmont look up, dragged from his contemplations, and with a sound of surprise, he jumps to his feet. "Brother! Is that you?"

The kitchen can wait it seems, Gauge looks over towards the fireplace and at the sound of someone jumping up and exclaiming he chuckles, "Belmont!" He says loudly, to hell with anyone who might be sleeping. He walks over towards Belmont and goes to wrap him in a big hug, pounding his back. "Yes it's me." He grates out in a deep gravelly voice, courtesy of the old scar on his throat from years back. "I've been back about a week. Pulled into port when I heard the news…" His smile though fades, "I'm sorry brother. I know you knew them better than I." After all Gauge has been gone much more than home for the past dozen or so years. His mood sombers up, "Last thing either of us expected to happen." He rumbles with a frown.

To see his sibling under these circumstances, after all this time, and after what has recently happened, makes his heart heavy, and it shows in Belmont's face. He had never been someone who could keep his emotions in check, or so auge may remember. "Gauge…", he sighs, leaning into that hug as he returns it, pounding him right back like a brother would. No more words are lost about their father and the brother. At least not at once. "It's good you're here. There is hardly anyone around in the townhouse. Except… a cousin of ours, Angelique, who holds the title of Vicomte over Beaucare. She's a nice lass, very young." One hand comes up as he wags his finger at Gauge. "Too nice for you. And for me as well." The latter he adds with another soft sigh. "I've been away on trade business. La Serenissima." His shoulders lift in a light shrug. "Have returned just yesterday, but somehow we must have missed each other. How are you adapting?" He grins faintly, "Court and all that?"

"Oh is she now? Well we can fix that." Gauge rumbles towards Belmont with a chuckle, pulling back he claps his hands on Belmont's shoulders, "Heard you lost a duel with someone a little while back." He frowns slightly, cocking one eyebrow up. "What was that all about? Do I need to start giving you lessons with the sword again?" He smiles a little crookedly at that. "Tell me about this very young and very nice Angelique. Sounds like something that might be worth looking into." He gives a gravelly chuckle at that but then nods, "Aye, trade business. I had to send the ships out hunting without our flagship. For whatever reason I just can't let La Silverback go without me after all this time, she's /mine/." There is some possessiveness there for that ship of course. "As for Court…" He ughs and throws his hands up in the air in frustration, walking over to sit down in a nearby chair where Belmont was seated at before. "I'm ok so far… been distracting all the Ladies I've run into with my good looks so there's that. Will see how things go at the Duchess' Court coming up soon."

"Her being a nice lass?" Belmont lifts a brow at that, before his features darken slightly in a frown. "Ah… that." The duel, the memory of it makes the corners of his mouth twitch. "How did you hear about that? But yeah, that Ferraut must have spread the word. I wasn't aware…" Sitting down, as Gauge claims the seat beside his, the younger d'Eresse brother sighs, staring into the flames for a moment. "It was… perhaps a calculated move. I can't tell. There was this Ghislain de Ferraut, of Camlach. He kept claiming things about our sister." He blinks and there is a low snort, as Belmont turns his gaze towards Gauge. "Irène." An ominous pause follows, before he admits with another shrug, "I had to challenge him. A pity it didn't go as I had hoped." Reaching out he reclaims his glass of wine from the side table. "Ah… sorry. Care for some wine as well, brother?" There is a flick of his gaze towards the flagon and another fresh glass on the table just beside the seat where Gauge is sitting.

"Her being too nice for us." Gauge clarifies as he shakes his head at the wine, "I was at la Court de Nuit, I am all wined out for the night." He explains with a shrug, "What was this man saying about our sister?" He asks, "Seems an odd thing to do, had you done anything to upset or piss him off before?" He relaxes into the chair and stretches his legs out to cross them at the ankles, drying his boots off by the fire. "Either way, I just heard about it in passing when I first got in. It's not like it's still making the rounds." He laces his fingers across his stomach, tapping the buttons on his vest lightly with his fingertips. "Anything else happen after the duel or was it just a one off event?" He separates his fingers and snaps them on one hand, "Was there a pretty woman or man there that this Ghislain was trying to impress?"

The remark about the Night Court earns Gauge a glance from Belmont, and he smirks. "Of course. How could I have guessed? Things can get lonely when you are aboard a ship, hmm?" Taking a sip from his glass, the younger brother considers. "I can't really tell. Maybe I boasted one late night about my fencing skills. And yes, Gauge. I've gotten better with the sword since last we crossed blades." This he adds witha stubborn flicker in his grey-blue eyes. "Fact is, Ghislain lied. He said things about Irène, that he and his friends had her…" He coughs. "Suck all of their cocks." There is a pointed lift of his brows as he meets Gauge's eyes with his own. "I couldn't let him go around and claim that, could I, brother…?" The rest of the wine is downed and Belmont continues, his gaze returning to the flames licking at the log in the hearth. "It was at night at the Market Promenade. He defeated me. I nearly bled to death, but there were people around. A novice gave me her handkerchief to stop the bleeding. Next thing I knew was that I was in the infirmary." A nod then, when Gauge assures the rumor is no longer making the rounds. "I got into a fight with another man, but that was merely… sparring. In armor. That went even worse… In that we fought until we had to give up, neither of us having scored a true hit. This was someone else… And no, I haven't seen Ghislain since. He must have returned to Camlach. Or whatever."

"Not saying you didn't do the right thing Brother." Gauge says with a bit of a shrug, "Just was trying to find the reason behind it." He considers all of that and then rumbles, "Eh, I spend so much time aboard ship I haven't actually /been/ to a Night Court until recently. You probably don't remember but I even missed my sixteenth celebration due to being out at sea. So… it has been interesting." He chuckles softly, "The ladies in this city are /thirsty/ though Brother. I am surprised you haven't ended up married already at this rate." He chuckles wryly, "Guess I should get to work on that though, for myself." He sits up and then rests his elbows on his arms, "Never thought I would be the one to worry about heirs." He rumbles with some annoyance, "Did… Was there anything in the works for Bertram do you know? I'm still waiting for all the paperwork of Fathers to show up so I can go through it all and try to get a handle on everything as best I can."

"Hah!" Belmont laughs at Gauge's comment about the Night Court. "Interesting, hmm? I've only been to the Night Court twice so far. Once to return a handkerchief, and the other time…" His features grow a bit thoughtful, "I tried to find some relief, but nothing came of it. Maybe… we can have a tour of the Court together, hmm? Just a thought. It's costly. Maybe you could fund me some entertainment? You have the hand on Beaucare's coffers now." Another chuff of laughter follows. "Who wants to marry someone who's unlikely to inherit anything, anyway. You are here now. It will be you they will be throwing themselves at. Beaucare is a nice barony. I don't know about Bertram. He wasn't… betrothed to someone, if it is what you are curious about. I don't even know about any plans father may have had for him. He didn't share them with me."

"That's what I was worried about." Gauge says with a nod, "That Father might have had some deal in place where he was marrying his heir to someone for some political or financial leverage and that deal would then fall on my shoulders." He smiles wryly, "There's a trick to it Belmont." He looks around and then leans in closer, "I learned from one of the Seconds, that if you can convince a Courtesan to spend their /private/ time with you, then you don't have to form a contract, but you would still have to worry about the gifts and such. I mean… it isn't much different from a regular relationship at that point, assuming you can handle dating someone who will not truly be yours." He shrugs, "I can understand how that would be difficult for some people." He chuckles roughly after that, "We can go, absolutely. I've been trying to see about finding a good Heliotrope to deal with losing well… everything." He gestures around to indicate the whole world. "I can also introduce you to some of the Ladies I've been meeting too since I've been back. If you want, I mean if you don't know them already." He reaches up to lightly scritch at his very light beard, about all the facial hair he can grow really. "What kind of Courtesan would you be interested in?"

"You'll have to decide yourself, on which match serves Beaucare best," Belmont quips back, and the way he says it, the remark is a tease. "A good family, an ugly daughter who will appreciate you." Ugly, for d'Angeline standards. "What you are referring to, are fully marqued courtesans. But honestly, it'll be much harder for me, having no real coin to buy them costly gifts. Perhaps… and adept still earning her marque would appreciate me more, for what I am.", he muses thoughtfully. "Heliotrope, yes. Salon de Coquelicot. Or.. perhaps that other one, I've only heard of so far. Glycine." He doesn't mention Lis d'Or nor Rose Sauvage, but maybe there are good reasons for that.

"I know a Glycine who would appreciate you brother." Gauge grates out with a chuckle, "I'll see to it that you at least get to dabble at the very least. Unless you'd prefer a male one, then you're on your own brother." He shoots back with an upraised outrageous eyebrow that is clearly teasing. "I've been seeing a few ladies of late. I'm sure it won't be difficult to put something down in writing if I must." He shrugs slightly, "It will have to wait until after Ducal Court though. There's not quite /that/ much of a rush yet." He studies Belmont for a few moments, "There's some rather nice Rose Sauvage Courtesans too though, I haven't been into Lis d'Or yet. We could get you one of the innocents to practice on getting your own lady with." He grins wolfishly and then rubs at his throat. "Seriously though. Heliotropes for both of us." His expression falls into something more stoic, "We could use it."

"What?" Belmont raises a brow at Gauge, shaking his head then. "Nah. Females. Only." Clarifying that, before he falls silent, almost retorting something to the Rose Sauvage comment, "Umm…", but then nods his head slowly,even if not quite convinced. "The innocents? The veiled adepts there? Ah… I'm not sure. Not my style. As for Lis d'Or… I hear they are pretty high-nosed. They are often attending feasts at the Palace. Don't know if I can get any of those interested to get more acquainted with me…" A nod then. "Yes. We could. Coquelicot it shall be, then. Whenever we get to that." Meaning, right now it is already quite late. Too late to venture out and hunt down an adequate Coquelicot, perhaps.

Quite late indeed. Gauge grins at Belmont's defense of his sexuality, "I don't judge brother. Whatever float's your boat, as the saying goes." He nods, "If you want, I'll give you a letter that lets you sign a contract for a reasonable amount of time with a Coquelicot, or speak to them myself. That way you can go in and do so on your own. No pressure, find who's right for you. Might be a bit difficult if we both go in together. Besides… I'm… adjusting." He says with a little chuckle, "I just lost the sea." He grows a little more sober, "You lost more than me in that respect. You knew them better than I."

"Believe what you want," Belmont says, rolling his eyes. "I know what I need." And there, the smirk returns. "Fine. I'll take you up on that. A written promise of funding me… Now, that's a good brother. And there I was thinking you'd cared so little about me to flee onto the open sea for such a long time. I'll pay them a visit, the beauties at Coquelicot. It was what I tried earlier, in fact." But talk is turning back towards a more sombre topic, and the younger brother nods his head. "We both lost equally, Gauge. But… then again… You'd be still at sea if it hadn't happened. Now I get my entertainment by watching your efforts adapting." The quip may have come out a bit sharp, but the look Belmont gives Gauge tells a different story. "I'm glad you're here, Gauge. And I want you to know, that I'm here for you. Supporting you however I can."

"That's good, because I might have to marry you off in order to secure an alliance or something while I am getting everything hammered down. You're still a Beaucare." Gauge says seriously, but he doesn't hold it for long, smiling afterwards, "Actually, I might have to do that eventually, but not right now. I know that the Delaunay or at least part of it is pretty keen on forging some ties with us. I might be able to spin that into something, maybe get you married to a landed Lady, then you could afford your own Courtesans."

<FS3> Belmont rolls Composure: Good Success. (6 8 7 6 4 4)

"That would be very helpful," Belmont replies with a chuckle. "You marrying me off so that you don't have to pay for my escapades." As if there had been any, so far. The mention of the Delaunay family earns Gauge another lift of a brow. "Do whatever you think you must do. You are the head of our part of the family now. I shall obey. But only if she isn't an ugly old hag." The last sentence is almost drowned in a yawn, as the younger d'Eresse stretches his arms, just like he did back then when he was so much younger. "Anyway. I need my sleep. Perhaps a spar on the morrow, in the gardens?" He casts Gauge an inquiring glance, as he moves to stand. A lightness there in his tone that is not quite convincing. Perhaps he is already getting worried about the jest becoming reality, of being used to forge ties? There is a soft tsk, and Belmont moves towards the stairs. "Good night, brother."

"I am in no rush to marry you off Brother." Gauge rumbles with a chuckle at Belmont, "I just got back, and I promise she would not be an ugly old hag. If I can help it." He stands up as well and then claps Belmont on the back and shoulder firmly, "Yes, we can spar on the morrow." He smiles rakishly, "I'd like that, to see how you've improved."

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