(1310-05-09) Roses Of Differing Flavors
Summary: Busy night at Rose Sauvage, there are many potential patrons and roses of differing flavors.
RL Date: 09/05/2018
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La Rose Sauvage — Night Court

A huge hearth of black marble, with gargoyles of stone adorning the mantlepiece, governs the foyer of the Salon de la Rose Sauvage, which emanates a certain dark air, the interior design of the more heavy sort, that could easily be encountered in a gentleman's club, especially with the dark cherry wood wainscoting used on the walls. Dark leather upholstery is predominant in the furniture of chaise longues, couches and long-backed chairs that are arranged in a half-circle, leaving space in the center for courtesans (or patrons) to kneel for an inspection. Three tall windows with circular stained-glass insets are framed by dark red curtains of heavy brocade, a few golden threads worked into the fabric catching occasionally the light of flickering oil lamps at the walls. The lamps light a pair of portrait paintings, of the two founders of the salon, Edouard Shahrizai and his cousin Annabelle no Mandrake, resplendent in their dark Kusheline appeal; and a cabinet in a corner, holding a number of quality wines and a flagon of uisghe.

The foyer has a high ceiling, and a gallery beyond a balustrade of dark teak wood, carved in the shapes of gargoyles. Sometimes a few veiled creatures can be spotted up there, stealing glances at what is going on below; from the gallery, which can be reached by ascending some winding stairs at the back of the foyer. Beside the stairs leading up is a hallway on ground level, leading further into the building to where the offices of the leader of the salon and his two Seconds can be found, along with the two wings of private quarters for roses of Mandrake and Valerian canon.

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Gabrielle watches as Augustine takes his leave and those green eyes follow him for a moment before she turns back to Marielle where they sit in the salon with a glass of wine before the lady and Mari hugging a box to her chest. Now that Gabrielle's full attention can return to Mari the lady smiles softly. "When I saw it, I thought of you. And as I hope to hold a Masked gathering soon, I thought it was the perfect timing. I brought other lovelies back with me, but I wanted you to get used to wearing this.." Her voice is soft and husky, which seems normal as she reaches for her glass of wine and settles back to simply enjoy the dark allure of the salon.

The roguish look from Augustin flusters the Alyssum Courtesan even more. Were she not holding the box from Gabrielle it might have been a moment where she would cover her veiled face with her hands in embarassment. "I hope you plan on coming back again, my lord." murmurs Marielle to Augustin, still looking terribly flustered. The box is still securely held to her chest as she turns her attention to Gabrielle fully, after curtsying to the departing Augustin, "I will wear it for the masked gathering, should you desire my presence for it." says Marielle. he box is lowered to her lap once more before Marielle opens it once more and lifts the mask to hold it before her face for Gabrielle to see how it looks.

The soft whisper of dark green silk announces the arrival of Séverine. The frail looking blonde with that slight tendency towards red enters the salon from the hallway at the back. The gown is plain, leaving her arms and that portion of the back bare, the marque of the salon on display. Long hair has been gathered in a loose knot, and that slender column of a neck twists ever so slightly, as the Second in charge of the Red Roses turns her head just so to address the adept walking beside her. Grey eyes sweep the salon, taking in who is there, and so Séverine approaches, watching for now the d'Angeline lady in conversation with one of the flowers from upstairs. Curiosity flashes in Séverine's gaze as she beholds the mask, Marielle takes out from the box. The words she will overhear - how could she not? The mention of a masked gathering eliciting the subtle lift of a brow. "Good eve.", she offers, noncommittal greeting, but no less friendly, to alert the other two to her presence while leaving Gabrielle and Marielle the initiative to make it more, or leave it at that. Ready to proceed further into the salon, Séverine lingers for that one moment, while sending the adept at her side towards the entrance, where a late guest seems to be arriving.

A gentle finger reaches over and tucks a soft strand of hair behind Mari's ear as she tries on the mask. Gabrielle leans back so she can look at the way the mask is settled and she nods slowly with a smile. "Lovely, I am glad they were able to work with the colors I desired.." This is said as Severine makes her way towards the pair. Those green eyes sparkle as the Lady looks over the Second curiously, she has atleast seen her in passing so she gives a beautiful smile in greeting. "Good evening. I have just mentioned that I hope to hold a Masked gathering soon. What might your salon think of such an event?" She questions curiously taking time to enjoy the beauty of the other woman even as her fingers gently trail down from where she tucked the curl behind Mari's ear.

<FS3> Severine rolls Politics: Good Success. (5 8 2 8 4 2 6 5 3)

The mask is held into place a moment longer as Marielle cants her head into the touch hat tucks her hair behind her ear. When she hears Severine arrive the msk is lowered once more and carefully placed back in its box. A passing Alyssum Novice is given the msk and left with instructions to bring it to Marielle's room. The young boy, of course, heeds the orders. The Alyssum Courtesan glances at Gabrielle first then stands up to give a curtsy to the Valerian Second. "Hello." a pause is given as Marielle considers if she should introduce the two or not. She is likely watching the two to tell if Gabrielle and Severine know each other before making that decision.

<FS3> Severine rolls Perception: Great Success. (7 3 4 8 1 1 4 7 6 8)

In passing, Séverine may have seen Gabrielle before. Names should cling to her memory, and so the Valerian Second counters with a soft chuckle, "My lady, what my salon may think about a masked gathering, held by the Vicomtesse de Rognac? You are jesting. Or hoping, perhaps? For one of my thornier brothers and sisters to take offense?" There is a light tease there, below the layer of courtesy, a smile blossoming on Séverine's features before mirth dims into a cast of evident approval. "We do hold masques here as well, now and then. I assure you, we can only approve of such events."

Her gaze shifts to the veiled Marielle, and her hand lifts as if to keep the White Rose from rising. But there it is already, the curtsey given to Séverine, and she acknowledges it with an incline of her head. "Marielle." A glance is given the Alyssum novice - a slightly sterner glance. Novices from upstairs will most often stay upstairs, unless they are nearing the day of their debut. With a faint frown, Séverine's gaze follows the boy, as he hurries up the stairs with Marielle's box in hand. With her attention back on the fully marqued White Rose, Séverine notes the hint of hesitation in Marielle's bearing. "I do remember meeting Lady Gabrielle Delaunay once, in passing." But nobles may not have as good a memory as courtesans sometimes, she adds towards Gabrielle, "Séverine nó Rose Sauvage, Second of the Red Roses." With a curtsey.

Gabrielle gives a soft chuckle, her amusement clear but pleased as she dips her chin once more. "A pleasure to see you once more Severine. It seems every time I have been within the Salon you had one patron or another dragging you off for the evening…" She then smiles softly at the teasing. "Mmm, I am always curious of what one of my favorite Salon's might think of any gathering that I might hold. A masque can not be perfect without a gathering of Roses. If for no other reason than I returned with small trinkets of roses to gift in time.." She admits this as she glances towards Mari and smiles softly, "I believe I distract Marielle much when I am here, I do not give her time to see who might or might not know me. While I do not hide who I am, I simply enjoy spending evenings where my title is not as of importance.." She is not upset at all about Severine using or knowing of it, simply setting the other Courtesan at easy and offering information.

"I had asked him to come down with me because I was going to take him to find a suitable outfit for his Debut in the not to distant future." Marielle says demurely to Severine when she notes the stern look to the novice. Marielle does not lack the acting abilities associated with the innocent flowers known as Alyssum. So, it is unclear if she is lying or not about the Novice's presence. The eyes of Marielle are lowered just the right way to obscure tell tale sighs from them. "You do distract me quite thoroughly, my lady." says Marielle to Gabrielle, her voice soft and gentle, as if she were admitting a deep dark secret that a girl as innocent as her would never admit too. Upwards she stands, once more leaning in to touch a fleeting kiss to Gabrielle's cheek, hr hand even brushing along the arm of the Viscomtesse, "Forgive m departure after you have blessed me with such a lovely gift? I have an appointment I can not put off." Then another dip of a curtsy is given to Severine. "I hope we have time to chat longer next time." says Marielle to Severine before she gracefully slips off to the appointment she must keep.

<FS3> Severine rolls Empathy: Success. (5 6 7 5 5 4 6 1)
<FS3> Marielle rolls Subterfuge: Good Success. (1 2 4 4 6 7 8)
<FS3> Marielle rolls Acting: Good Success. (8 6 2 5 7 5 6)

There is a nod from Séverine, and a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. "Masques especially are a good opportunity to leave names and titles behind, I understand.", she remarks smoothly. "We have a few masks available, here. But also upstairs." There is a smile though, and a look of vague fascination as she observes Marielle getting so beautifully distracted. A faint flicker there in her gaze, as Séverine sees the White Rose get to her feet, obviously about to leave. The stern look Séverine had given the novice had been natural consequence of her position, and the manner in which the more innocent would usually keep to upstairs, seldom venturing down into possibly dangerous grounds of Valerian and Mandrake canon. "His debut is still many months away, if I'm not completely mistaken," she declares towards Marielle, but then, after hearing her words of excuse, decides not to linger on the matter. "Ah. Well. He and you are Virginie's concern, not mine." She lifts one shoulder in a light half-shrug. She glances after Marielle, slightly amused, before her gaze sweeps back to Gabrielle, who now probably is about to depart as well.

Gabrielle has of yet not made a move to leave. But she does allow that kiss from the White rose and gives a soft chuckle. "You are forgiven this time, but if you are to be gone so very much I might have to see what or who can be found among the Red.." Her voice is light and clearly teasing as she watches Mari rush off with her mask and then turns her attention back to Severine. Gabrielle is sitting among the dark leather, her hair loose and around her in red curls, she is dressed in deep purple and a glass of wine is settles on the table. "I do remember a lovely mask that I saw on my last visit. It is what gave me ideas for gifts in my travels. But.. please, how does this evening find you?" She leaves it up to the Second to see if she has time to pause and speak.

For the second time, in as many nights, Gauge makes his way into La Rose Sauvage but this time there are people to attend him and it doesn't take but a moment before he has a glass of the crimson wine served in the red rooms. Holding it by it's rim with his fingertips he lifts it up and takes a sip before walking further into the area. He catches sight of Mariella leaving, looking at her curiously as if there is something puzzling about her that he just can't quite put his finger on. As he approaches where the others are though he chuckles, and when he speaks his voice is a gravely and deep grating growl: "Ahh Severine. It is so good to see you again." He then looks over towards Gabrielle, studying her for a few long moments as if trying to make up his mind about something while he takes another drink.
Finally he lowers his wine glass, most of it gone now, "Gauge d'Erisse." He says with a sketched bow towards Gabrielle, it's not very well done, or very formal. "Captain of the Silverback, and Baron de Beaucare." He says an introduction, "Charmed." His lips curl into a wry half-smile half-smirk.

"This evening?", Séverine responds, lips twisting upwards at the corners. Perhaps she is taken a little aback at Gabrielle's question. "I am doing fine." Her hand lifts, slender fingers touching against the side of her cheek, unblemished yet frail looking. "May I join you here, for a moment?" She is about to sit down, when the arrival of a familiar face keeps her from doing so right away. "As for that mask that inspired you," she murmurs towards Gabrielle, you must enlighten me, as to what kind of mask that was." Gauge comes to join them, and she turns to face him fully, only to dip into a curtsey for him. "My lord, how good to see you are finding your way back to our salon. I almost suspect there must be something drawing you towards it." Her voice is gentle, and yet, there is curiosity and confidence in the gaze she lifts to meet the look of his eyes. "My lord." Her gaze flicks towards Gabrielle, but - following the rules of subtlety and discretion - she will leave it to the Vicomtesse to introduce herself, in whatever manner she chooses.

Gabrielle smiles slowly and shakes her head, "Ah, not for the evening no. But she has become very popular and I fear I might need to look into another female from your Salon. But that will simply come with trail and error.." She says this is a husky voice and does motion for Severine to join her. That is till Gauge arrives and those green eyes move from the Red Rose beauty to the tall figure and returns the look curiously before she dips her chin. "A pleasure to meet you, My Lord.." She seems to ponder something before she offers one gloved hand to him. "Lady Gabrielle Delaunay.." She returns, once more not using her title herself when in one of the Salon's, all have there quirks.

Subtlety is apparently not one of Gauge's strong suits, and he does not care about discretion it seems either. At least not concerning himself at the very least. "Of course Severine," He chuckles and quirks a wry smile. "Where else am I to go to get an education on all of this?" He gestures around with his free hand and takes another drink of his wine with a tilt of the glass but then his attention turns back towards Gabrielle and he considers the extended hand in it's glove for a moment and then moves over towards where she sits as if he was just remembering something, "Right." He says to himself before he reaches to take Gabrielle's hand in his fingertips and bends over her knuckles to place a light kiss to her knuckles or the back of her hand, or her fingers. His aim is not the best, and this is something he is clearly not practiced in. That done he straightens up and then looks between Severine and Gabrielle, "I apologize for interrupting your conversation, and any other faux pas I make. I am afraid I do not know all of the.." He hmms, "Rules." A wry smile, eyes sparkling with mischief, "I am sure I will be educated one day. Sooner more than later." He looks towards Severine, "I would hate to embarass you after you have been so kind to me."

Séverine's brows twitch ever so slightly, as she now elects to sit down beside Gabrielle, takeing the place Marielle vacated. "Your curiosity honors you, my lady," she counters, enduring that gaze with a temporary downcast of her own. "And yours as well," this she adds towards Gauge, as her eyes look from the gallant kiss offered to Gabrielle's hand to the face of the d'Eresse. "If Lady Gabrielle is agreeable to it, you may join us here." She indicates a vacant seat opposite of the couch. "As for you embarrassing me, I assure you that you are not." His remark about her being kind to him earns him a lift of a brow, however, and a look veiled momentarily by a slow blink of lashes. Her attention shifts back to Gabrielle at her side, a brief brush of a glance. "It cannot hurt to widen the scope, now and then. Variety usually adds to the thrill of pursuits.", she remarks lightly, but there is a faintly questioning look towards the young red-haired Vicomtesse.

Desarae's arrival back to la Rose Sauvage is within the company of Sophie, her chaperone for the evening. Whatever guards that might have accompanied the pair on their foray into the evening's city have melted away on the safe deliverance of their charges, allowing the pair to enter alone. Whatever adventures Desarae has had tonight have left her with a sparkle in her eye and a spring to her step, and she looks delectably fresh with the colour that still flushes her cheeks. Dressed in a confection of a white fox fur that encases her figure from where it folds about her shoulders to where it flirts with the floor about her feet, she looks perhaps a little like a dandelion seed that's blown in on a breeze. Her attention is immediately captured by the trio by the couches, not least because on of them is Gauge whom she'd met the previous evening. A quiet question is asked of Sophie, the answer to which sees a smile blossom upon the young novice's face. And thus it is that she's able to linger a moment or two, hoping perhaps that she'll be called to approach by her second.

Gabrielle smiles slowly, "I am sure the Rules will come with you in time. As for your gallant kiss. That is clearly not something you must practice.." She is clearly pleased or at least not displeased by the display and she nods gracefully, "Please join us. You seem to know the beautiful Severine. So who am I to keep you from her company?" The lady offers a glance towards Severine and reaches out to gently touch the back of the other female's hand. "You are correct and I do meet this who seem as they they will be a good companion. But I can't help but spoil those that I grown close to. They offer me what I need and there for are treasured for it.."

Gauge looks over at the other couch, looks back to Severine, then back to the other couch, then back to Gabrielle and then he raises an eyebrow curiously. "Is there a rule that states if someone else is here, I would not be able to be without permission?" He asks curiously in his gravely voice but he moves over towards the seat indicated and then sits down, shrugging his coat off to bare his shoulders and arms entirely. Seems he's taken to not wearing a shirt at all again today. The sword on his hip also has to get adjusted so that he can do so comfortably. "Kissing a beautiful woman, hand or anywhere else, is something everyone should practice." He rumbles towards Gabrielle with a sly smile, the glow in his eyes growing a bit brighter with his mirth as his heritage shines. He lifts his glass of wine and takes another sip as he listens to the conversation.
Movement out of the corner of his eye draws Gauge's attention towards Deserae though and he examines the novice's state of semi-disarray, or at least, those flushed cheeks and the like. Stretching his legs out before him on the couch as he relaxes he crosses booted feet one ankle over the other then he looks back towards Gabrielle, "From your words it seems you prefer La Rose Sauvage," He rumbles conversationally, "I can understand why. The more I learn of it, the more I find myself waiting with less and less patience for a certain date." He then says to Severine, "Thank you for the written invitation, Severine. I have made sure my schedule is clear."

<FS3> Severine rolls Composure: Success. (1 3 1 4 4 4 1 8)

<FS3> Gabrielle rolls Perception: Good Success. (5 2 4 8 6 5 1 7 7 5)

Desarae's entry is noted by the perceptive Séverine, the burden of being responsible a thing that has sharpened her senses towards watching over those under her charge. "Ah… Desarae! How delightful. Come over, please, so that I can introduce you to this lovely lady of House Delaunay." Her hand gestures for the novice to approach, even as Gauge will make certain to be where everyone else in the salon will be staring at in the next moments. His bared torso, in that alluring mixture of scars and d'Angeline perfection drawing the eye of not just Séverine. There is a moment where she catches her breath, and the ghost of a blush touches the paleness of her complexion. "You may not have the polish of a courtier," she allows softly, "but you got me wondering about the 'anywhere else'. I shall look forward to seeing you attend Desarae's debut." As for Gabrielle, the rosiness has not quite managed to fade from her complexion, as she smiles to the remark of the lady about tending to spoil those in her favor. "Such generosity honors Naamah, and those that in serving Her, manage to please you, my lady." And with her gaze flicking towards Desarae, she adds, "It is this delicate flower who will soon enter into full service of Naamah. Allow me to introduce to you Desarae Mereliot nó Rose Sauvage."

There's no hesitation on Desarae's part when she's summoned by Séverine. Though generally more headstrong and less compliant than others to be found within the ranks of the red roses, there are occasions when that is put to one side. "Good evening Séverine. My lord, and my lady." Despite the glorious fluff of the cloak that she wears, her curtsey is beautifully executed as she makes her greetings towards the three. Her eyes do cut towards Gauge on the rise, though they're just as quick to drop away as hands flitter over the front of her cloak, smoothing the furs into place. It's to Séverine she next speaks. "All of my invitations are delivered save one, Séverine. It is one that I wished to hand personally to the recipient, so with your permission I will attempt that tomorrow." No names are mentioned, though a smile lingers around the edges of her mouth with her words.

Gabrielle can't help but notice the display put into place by the Lord Baron. And so she is happy to let her own eyes roam slowly over his chest, the warmth of the green hue almost like a caress as she moves to meet his eyes. "Of course, but it would seem some things come naturally.." She must be speaking of his display and she gives him a knowing smile as she turns back to Severine and the coming Desarae. Here again those green eyes look over the fresh, flushed and fey-looking woman and she tilts her head to the side. A moment of thought and then another smile touches her lips, though this one is softer, maybe sweeter. "Another beautiful Rose indeed. it is a pleasure to meet you Desarae. I wish you only the best in your debut.." As she has not gotten an invite, she gives her wishes to the young woman now as she leans back and takes another sip of her wine.

"I would be happy to discuss it with you, at length, in the future Severine." Gauge says with a faint smile curving the corners of his lips but he does seem to notice the reactions, even if they were not intended perhaps. Or maybe the were. Hard to say. "There are some things which only come naturally." He agrees with Gabrielle, "No matter how it tries, a barnacle will never form a pearl." He lifts his wine gliss by the rim again to take another sip as he settles in comfortably, his free hand rests on his abs and he lightly drums his fingers over them as his gaze moves over towards Desarae when she arrives in a fur cloak. A faint thoughtful 'mmmm' escapes him for a moment before he looks back over towards Sevarine, "I am hopeful that I will have some instruction on how contracts are agreed upon before Desarae's Debut." He smiles wryly, "That one of course, is known to me, but there are many days between here and then. I was contemplating a contract before then at least for a time." He finishes his glass of wine and then holds the empty out for someone, anyone, to come and replace it with a full one. It seems like there might be many attendants who would be willing to do so currently so it doesn't take long before he gets a fresh glass.
He meets Gabrielle's gaze when she looks over him though and doesn't look away, just holding her eyes for as long as she is content to do so. When the gaze breaks though he glances over at Desarae briefly drinking in her appearance before he looks back towards Sevarine and Gabrielle.

"It is almost a month away still," Séverine murmurs towards Gabrielle, her own hand touching lightly upon the hand resting on her lower arm. "And I can write more invitations, for truly interested parties." Leaving that subtle suggestion lingering there in the air, along with a pointed look towards Gabrielle. "A favor in return for a favor. Or merely as means to keep interest in our salon alive." There is an interruption though, an adept approaching the Valerian Second to murmur some words into her ear, and there, the subtle thrill at present company must fade into a frown, when Séverine suddenly has to extricate from those that are with her, and move to stand. "I am sorry. But there is a matter I must attend to. I hope it will be quickly dealt with, but who knows?" Her eyes roll ever so slightly. "Desarae, make sure our guests are entertained well. If there is anything of grave importance, I'll be in my office." And with that said, she offers a graceful curtsey, giving Gauge and Gabrielle a slightly apologetic look before she vanishes towards the hallway at the back.

"A month," Desarae confirms, the word drawn out with a certain hint of despair in her tone. Her nod to her Second is immediate when her withdrawal is announced, and after shedding her cloak and laying it neatly to one side, she relieves one of the other novices of the tray of wines that she carries. "You are most certainly invited to attend my debut, even if you do not desire to bid on me my lady. All are welcome, and it will be the loveliest of evenings. Debuts are rarer here than in Elua, and one is not something that should be missed, especially when held by Rose Sauvage." Pride in her Salon edges her words, and she offers fresh glasses to the pair that are left, despite the fact that Gauge has so recently refreshed his own.

Gabrielle takes the offered wine. "Thank you and for the verbal invite Desarae. I do hope to attend if possible. But you are correct debuts are harder and harder to find. I can only count a handful that I have attended since I came of age. As for bidding.. it always comes to what the debutte is comfortable with. Some have a desire for one gender over the other on such a night… " She dips her chin at that as she leans back. As for the semi staring contest with Gauge. That lasted as long as she desired to look. There was not shy look away, simply a curious look and smile to her lips as she allowed Severine and then Desarae to draw her attention away.

The lack of any type of look at all when Gabrielle looks away makes Gauge respond with a faint smile and a slight lift of his shoulder in a shrug. When Desarae comes over after Severine leaves he reaches for another glass of wine, empties the wine he had just received in a few swallows and then sets the empty on the tray. He does not however, start sipping on the new glass just yet. Instead his wrist rolls and he swirls the wine within the glass around and around. "You spoke of masks when I had arrived, Lady Gabrielle." He rumbles over towards her in that gravelly voice, "Is that a common thing?" He gestures with his free hand to indicate, well, everything, "In Marsilikos? It makes me wonder what one would be trying to hide, it is not as if our culture is very restrictive mmmm?" He raises an eyebrow at the question.
Glancing over at Desarae he smiles a little more wryly. "Almost makes me wonder as much as why Desarae here was wearing a fur cloak in spring. It is hardly cold." He lifts his spare arm up to drape along the back of the couch he is sprawled comfortably upon and only then does he takes a small, tiny really, sip of his fresh wine before he goes back to swirling it around with his hold on the lip of the glass in his fingertips.

An singular brow arches at Gauge's comment on cloaks, and there's a slightly wry twist to Desarae's lips as she sets down her burden of wine and tray, and kneels on one of the cushions at the foot of the couch. "My lord would have me to catch a chill when walking the streets?" A hand slides behind her neck to draw the wealth of her hair forward over one shoulder so it falls across her left breath, and her attention cuts thereafter to Gabrielle with a softening of her smile. "I have no preference, my lady, and wish only to serve Naamah." Eyes hold a depth of intensity that'd be hard to read as they lock briefly upon Gabrielle's before dipping away, the bow of her head enough to expose the babyfine hair at the nape of her neck, and the gentle slope of her shoulders. See? Desarae knows how to behave.

"The thrill of the unknown, even if one thinks they know who is who. Some simply wish to come and relax and be a nameless face so they are treater just the same way as everyone else. But the reason I can brought it up, was I am thinking of hosting a gather and having it a Masque. During my travels I was able to bring back many masks that are suited better to be displayed on the form of living flesh than simply on a wall.." She glances down into her wine and then back to the draping lord. She might not be drooling as some of the Roses, but she is happy to watch his known or unknown display.

It is then that the kneeling Des gains her attention once more and she slowly smiles at the reply. "Then we will see what might happen that eve, if nothing else a small token to honor that night…" She is about to say more but a novice comes to whisper softly to her and is blushing all the time. A sigh, chuckle and smile is offered as she starts to gather herself to stand. "I had hoped to escape for a bit longer, but it seems I need to return to the townhouse. It was a pleasure meeting you both and I look forward to the next time…"

As Gabrielle goes to rise, Gauge also decides to stand up and he picks up his coat from behind him and walks over towards Gabrielle, "I believe it was about to rain when I came in. If you wish you may use my coat to protect you from the rain. It can be returned to here by a servant when you make it to the townhouse mmm?" He shakes the long fine coat out and then opens it up to offer it to Gabrielle. Of course it will have a unique scent about it, salt of the sea, fine oiled leather, and that male musk that is unique to Gauge should she decide to accept his offer and allow it to be draped over her shoulders. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lady Delaunay. I am sure we will see each other again soon enough." He rumbles a chuckle, "One can hope."

Desarae watches the offer Gauge makes to Gabrielle, and her eyes flick over to where her own cloak now lies. If amusement in the irony of his remark about its use on a spring evening shows in her expression as she waits for the two to say their goodbyes shows, then it'll likely be missed since they're otherwise engaged. Playing her part well for the evening, she remains kneeling in abeyante posture, and will do so perhaps until dismissed.

The difference is, his coat is not fur lined on a warm spring day no matter the sprinkles.

Surprise is the incorrect word for Gabrielle's reaction to the other of the cloak. But emotion is there as those deep green eyes peer up into Gauge's own eyes. A slow smile twists her lips as she allows him to place the cloak around her. A moment as she breaths in the scents and then she speaks softly, "This is very kind my lord. And of course I accept. One of my servants till return soon.." The woman is shorting than Gauge but she moves to place a hand on his chest for balance and brushes her lips slowly against his cheek (if allowed) and then turns to leave. A gentle touch to Des's lovely hair and then with a walk that is much sway as glide, Gabby will make her way out of the Salon, with one glances back over her shoulder before disappearing into the night.

Gauge settles the long coat on Gabriella's shoulders, though the coat does indeed envelope her like a cloak more than anything else, nearly reaching to her ankles due to the height difference between the two. The brush of a kiss to his cheek is accepted and he inclines his head in a polite nod to Gabrielle and watches her sway and sashay out the Salon. He lifts his wine glass up by it's lip and then takes a sip before he goes back to swirling the liquid around in the glass. A quick toss of his head shifts his long hair down his back as he moves back to where he was sitting before and once more sprawls indolently comfortable on the couch, long legs stretched out as he drapes both arms across the back of the couch now, elbows bent and his arms hanging down the back. He considers the other novices and attendants and then gives Desarae a hard thoughtful look.

And there is much to be stared at in Desarae. The shine of her hair, the fragility of her jaw. Her eyes. Such eyes. She knows it of course, for with the nearness of her debut she is currently the most treasured asset of the salon, and she follows Gabrielle's departure from the Salon with thought-filled eyes. It's not until one of the other novices closes the doors behind her, that her focus returns to Gauge. Truthfully, it's not often that one of the patrons so blatantly displays himself within the public areas of la Rose Sauvage, and he won't, by any means, be the first naked torso she's seen. Far from it. It seems that with both her Second's and Gabrielle's departure, that some of rigid adherence to the House rules relaxes, and there's a tilt of her chin as she plainly meets his regard with one of her own, and her words when she speaks are designed to provoke. "My lord. You are staring."

"Yes." Gauge says simply, "Your lack of respect towards me, and me alone, is rather telling." He swirls his wine around some more and then turns his head towards his wine glass to take a sip. "You provoke. You push. You prod. I am trying to decide if you are worth the time and the ducats." He says rather bluntly in response to her words. "There is an art to provoking someone to get what you want. You have yet to master it."

Desarae draws a heavy breath, her shoulders rising and falling with such an almighty effort. "I apologise, my lord, that my words and actions fall short of expectations. It would be so very simple for me to kneel as quiet as a mouse at your feet, and to be the exquisite example of what a Valerian is. If that is what you desire from your visits here, then let it be so. I thought…" Her voice tails off, a distant look replacing the boldness that had previously ruled her demeanour. Eyes close briefly, and when they open again it's to look down at her hands where they're folded upon her thighs, presenting of herself that carbon cut model of perfection that's to be generally found in the Salon. It is as if she's simply switched off that part of her spirit that suffuses her with the vitality for which she's best known, leaving a shadow of her persona in its place.

Rising to his feet Gauge walks over towards her and reaches down to cup her chin lightly with his index finger and tilt her head up so he can look into her eyes, "There are many levels of spirit and passion, Desarae. You are not able to be acquired for any length of time for over a month. It will be an intolerable month if all you present is either blind subservience, or ceaseless provocation." He searches her eyes with his own, gaze still hard though. "Find the line, know when to step across it, know when to dance it, and know when to step back from it. You do yourself, and me, a disservice." Then he lets her chin go and straightens up to finish his wine before he sets the empty glass on a tray before the shirtless Baron turns and walks for the exit.

Desarae's eyes smoulder dark when Gauge lifts her chin. There's a flicker of something deep within them, though smiles are far from her thoughts. "My lord." she intones, that her only response. Her eyes cut from his as he abandons her where she kneels, though as he leaves for the door, she does track his exit. It's only as he depart la Rose Sauvage that the smallest of smiles returns to haunt her lips. Her words are quiet, perhaps not even spoken but merely imagined. "You do however desire me still. This much I know."

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