(1310-05-05) Common Courtesy
Summary: Belmont encounters a new arrival at the Eresse Residence, the recently arrived Vicomtesse de Nimes.
RL Date: 05/05/2018
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Eresse Townhouse — Noble District

The Eresse residence combines rustique naval charme with a certain noble elegance, as can be seen from the interior of the parlor, where a few windows light the room generously during the day. At the wall hangs a shield with the family crest, the green ship on a field of white. Dark mahogany furniture provides a nice contrast to the green color favored in the upholstery in the furniture. A table with a number of elegantly carved chairs govern one side of room, set before a wall that sports a few paintings of naval scenes. To the other side, there is the hearth, plain dark grey marble, which has a variety of small ship models arranged upon the mantelpiece. Before the hearth, a few comfortable armchairs have been arranged, green cushions thrown in to add more comfort.

A door at the back leads to the kitchens and a stairway leading upstairs towards the private quarters of Eresse lords and ladies currently residing in the city.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring day. The weather is cool and stormy.

Spring is proving as little predictable as usual, when a rather fair morning has already shifted into cool and stormy weather outside. Belmont has returned from a venture into the city about an hour ago, and now he sits in the parlor, in one of those comfortable armchairs before the hearth, legs loosely crossed, as he watches the flickering flames of the fire, a considerate servant has started in the hearth, in his hand a goblet of red wine. The young nobleman is attired in fine yet not too flashy clothing. He is after all, just a younger brother to the heir of a barony. His gaze is slightly pensive, as he stares into the fire, thoughts having gone a-wandering, obviously.

The Eresse Townhouse received a new visitor last night; the recently installed Vicomtesse d'Nimes. Angelique d'Eresse arrived with little ceremony or announcement, preferring to maintain a low profile as she's still getting used to being the Vicomtesse. For now, she would rather stay inconspicuous and observing of the goings on in Marsilikos; gathering information and, hopefully, allies before diving into the politics of the city and provence. She enters the common room, dressed in a gown of burgandy with gold brocade and accents; appropriate for her station, but not so ostentatious as what would be worn in court. Her long, red hair has been styled into a tight braid that reaches to below her shoulder, with a few strands along the sides of her head already slipping loose, as is their wont.

Angelique sees the other noble occupant of the room sitting near the fire, and she smiles in recognition; and, a slight hint of a blush on her cheeks? "Good day, Lord Belmont," she says with quiet warmth. "Although, it's not quite a fine day outside, is it?" she mentions after glancing at one of the windows. "Regardless, it is good to see you again. How do you fare?"

Belmont rises… no! He jumps to his feet, startled perhaps a little from the sudden interruption. An interruption of his thoughts, and so the first impression of surprise is followed by a faint sheepish look. But first, he offers a bow, as would become the Vicomtesse de Nimes. "Lady… Angélique." At least he remembers her name as well as she obviously recalls his, even if last time they saw each other, she was just a lady and not higher in station as she is now. The red fire of her hair catches the glow of the current additional lighting from the hearth, and Belmont catches himself, being caught by the possibility of a blush on her cheeks. "It is a bit stormy, yes.", he agrees, remembering that following the easy course of conversation helps to thwart awkward pauses. Her question makes both of his brows lift. "Oh, fine. Marsilikos is a fine place to be. Certainly." A smile appears, vague but there. "Welcome. I wasn't sure when you'd arrive?" As obviously he missed the arrival itself.

Angelique gives a curtsey in response to the bow, and she seems to relax a bit. "I intended my arrival to be quiet," she says as she maneuvers to one of the chairs near Belmont, taking a seat and smoothing out her gown for a bit. "I know it's not possible to last forever, but I'd like to have at least some time to myself without eyes being upon me or questions of where I stand on this matter or that. I'd like…time to prepare, I suppose. Learning history and politics in theory is one thing; putting them into practical application when your choices directly affect the lives of those you are responsible for…that's quite another thing altogether." The last part is spoken quietly, and her right hand begins fidgeting with the braid that falls over her left shoulder. "I always thought…we'd always thought, that there would be more time. That I could gradually assume duties and get practical experience to go along with my education. But…" Angelique sighs and closes her eyes for a bit; even 2 years after the fact, the death of her parents still affects her deeply.

<FS3> Belmont rolls Politics: Good Success. (2 3 5 7 8 1)
<FS3> Belmont rolls Perception: Great Success. (8 8 4 7 5 7)

That fiery red hair seems a fine focus for Belmont's thoughtful gaze, fo a moment. And yet, when Angélique approaches and takes a seat on the other chair beside his, Belmont resumes his own seat from before. Curious is his glance towards the relative, of thoughts and questions boiling behind the shield of his forehead. "I can hardly boast to be a proper tutor in these things," he finally begins to speak, his voice a pleasant lower timbre that is easy on the ears - very much like a voice that delights in telling stories, to entertain with these. "And yet. I am sure you already have a capable steward handling things for you at Nimes." His gaze flickers a little, and Belmont cants his head to the side, considering this very young Vicomtesse. "You are younger than me," he finally states. "I believe you must feel overwhelmed with it all. But then again, you have family, back in our Eresse lands, and here in Marsilikos. Be assured, that I shall assist you, wherever I can." His gaze falls to the goblet of wine in his hand, and he asks, "Would you like something to drink?"

The words do, in fact, assure her, and Angelique looks more relaxed. She gives her relative a smile and a nod. "Thank you." Angelique pauses for a moment, deciding to add "Belmont." Her eyes widen a bit, and she adds, "If that's not improper. I…I don't enjoy formality all the time. There's a time and a place for it, to be sure, but not constantly. Forgive me if I was a bit too informal there." The blush returns, but so does a smile on her face. "At any rate…yes, I would enjoy a glass of wine. Thank you."

The matter of wine seems to be the easier one, and much quicker resolved, as it takes merely a wave of Belmont towards a servant to provide Angélique with a filled goblet of her own. "You may call me Belmont," the same remarks with a smile, "and if you feel comfortable with it, I shall call you Angélique." One shoulder lifts in a half-shrug. "We're family, after all. Formalities… pshh." His free hand gestures vaguely and dismissively. "You'll find Marsilikos to be a bit provincial perhaps, compared to the City of Elua. But yet, there are nice places to see, the Ducal Palace shines in almost blinding splendour…" His gaze flicks to the Vicomtesse. "You will certainly wish to visit the Palace, no?"

"Of course," Angelique agrees with a not to the dropping of formalities. "Whenever the situation does not require formal titles." She smiles and gratefully accepts the wine from the servant, thanking him. "And, I will definately visit the palace soon. Perhaps tomorrow. It is only proper that I speak with the Duchesse to inform her of my arrival." She takes a long sip of the wine, allowing the comforting warmth to spread throughout her body. "And what of you? What are your plans and goals here in Marsilikos? Will you be staying here or joining a trading expedition?"

Questions about his own person have Belmont blink for a moment, as if he needed to consider an appropriate answer. "I am here on my father's wish, to see interests of our barony presented here in Marsilikos, and some trade overseen." A quick nod he gives to her other question, "Such may indeed happen. A trading expedition, I mean. I am waiting for word from one of our affiliated merchants. But until that happens? I am free to stay here. Why do you ask?"

Angelique looks taken aback for a moment at the question. "Common courtesy," she replies. "Small talk." She sighs and drinks more of the wine. "Perhaps I was just curious as to what someone related to me does and is interested in so that I can find something in common with them to talk about. I am sorry if I offended you."

"Oh." There is that twitch of his brows, the openly apologetic look of his features, as Belmont regrets his question as soon as it left his lips. "You didn't… offend me, no, I just wondered…" And again, his words trail off and he closes his eyes for a moment. "Forgive me. Truth be told, I've found myself a bit impatient of late. And sort of fed up with this waiting." His demeanor lights up suddenly, "That's why I'm glad to have a duty now, at least. Until there is word on that venture, I shall be at your service." A very courteous and dutiful incline of his head, there. Affirming, stressing his support, like a good Eresse should do.

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