Le Requin

Le Club du Requin Vorace (the Wild Shark Club) was founded thirty years ago, by the late Duc of Eisande, Lord Gisbert Trevalion de Mereliot. Some say it was to constitute a counterpart to the feminine domination of matters at the ducal court. Others claim, that Duchesse Priscilla's consort running a salon prompted her husband to create a space of his own.

Membership of this club is restricted to men of d'Angeline nobility. Landed title is of advantage, even though not really required. The club is a place where men can hang out, unhampered and unrestricted by the presence of their noble wives, to share conversation out of earshot while enjoying a glass of wine, uisghe and other diversions. It is perhaps the logical consequence of Eisandine matriarchy, to nourish such a refuge for noble masculinity.

The building has been neglected in the past ten years, such as the club's activity has dwindled after Lord Gisbert's demise. The husband of the current Duchesse did not see any ambition to take over the place, and so it has been left to the care of other members from the time it was founded. Until these members died or were otherwise kept from keeping Le Requin active and in order.

Just recently, the club has been rediscovered. And in the Vicomte de Rognac it has found an eager investor, even if the young man only knows of the previous grandeur from tales of his uncle. After many weeks of renovations and badly required maintenance, Le Requin will open its doors for once to a wider audience. After which doors will close again, only to admit those that have joined the club as member.

Membership Rules

  • Only male nobles are admitted to the club, and non-members can be brought along by a member.
  • Females may only enter if they have been assigned for entertainment purposes.
  • What happens at Le Requin, stays at Le Requin.
  • Any non-member angering a member must leave the club at first notice.
  • A dispute between two members is to be settled either in a fist fight or in a duel to first blood.
  • In case of such a dispute, a member may retract their offence and offer adequate (if symbolic) recompense to the offended — to avoid aforementioned traditional solution.
  • There are rooms that can be used temporarily, but never permanently by members.
  • The rules above will have to be followed at all times. Disregarding them can lead to expulsion.

Membership Requirements

  • If your character wants to join the club, you need to put in a +request.
  • The character is required to be male and of class 'noble'.
  • IC, applications for membership need to be directed to one of the current members.

Current Members

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