House l'Envers
Patriarch Leonce l'Envers, Sovereign Duc de Namarre
Heir Sébastien l'Envers
Seat Troyes-le-Mont
Province Namarre
Motto "<motto>"
Colors Gold, red and purple
Exports <text>


House l'Envers has held the sovereignty over Namarre for many centuries. It is an old and proud House, which has also had a good share of Kusheline blood mingling into their line. Most members of this family have indeed Naamah's traits flowing through their veins, evident from the rare violet hue of their eyes.


In the recent past, the bloodline was joined once again with the old Kusheline family of Shahrizai, when Duc Leonce l'Envers married Mireille, the younger sister of the Comte d'Anjou. It turned out to be quite the fruitful marriage, and to this day, there are three sons and one daughter to the Duc. His eldest son and heir has turned out to be quite the scoundrel and wastrel, and for that reason, was taken from the immediate line of succession, placed now merely after the youngest brother. The matter itself was less of an affair compared to what caused it, a scandal in the City of Elua, where Jean spent fortunes to win the debut of an Alyssum, and buy out her marque.


  • Duché de l'Envers — Leonce l'Envers
    • Marquisate d'Auxerre — eldest child of Absalon l'Envers
      • Vicomté de Courtenay
        • Baronnie de Dicy
        • Baronnie de Joigny
      • Vicomté de Bazoches
        • Baronnie de Avallon
        • Baronnie de Vézelay — Grandmother of Soleil
      • Vicomté de Tonnerre — Jean l'Envers
        • Baronnie de Épineuil
        • Baronnie de Lézinnes
    • Comté d'Orléans — Hadrien Vadim l'Envers
      • Vicomté de Chaumont
        • Baronnie de Vouzon
        • Baronnie d'Ardon
      • Vicomté de Poupry
        • Baronnie d'Artenay
        • Baronnie de Toury

Family Tree

Note: (m.) Married, (c.) Consort, (d) Deceased, (a) Abdicated

  • Alphonse l'Envers (d.), Duc de l'Envers
    • (m.) Seraphine le Blanc l'Envers (d.)
      • Leonce l'Envers, Duc de Namarre
        • (m.) Mireille Shahrizai l'Envers
          • (b. 1275) Jean Shahrizai l'Envers, former heir, Vicomte de Tonnerre
            • (l.) Aurélie Basilisque nó l'Envers (b. 1293)
              • (b. 1311) Marc Antoine l'Envers
          • Sébastien Médard Shahrizai l'Envers, heir to the duchy
            • (m.) Brigitte d'Essoms l'Envers
              • three children, all with just one surname l'Envers
          • Noelle Jacqueline Shahrizai l'Envers
          • Gaston Shahrizai l'Envers
      • Célestine l'Envers
      • Noemè l'Envers
        • (m.) (spouse tbd)
        • (l.) Argon Honoré de Fhirze, Marquis de Fhirze
      • Elodie l'Envers (d.)
        • (m.) Sir Francois Guillard, Knight of the White Swan

Auxerre Branch

  • Absalon l'Envers (b. 1257, d. 1312), Marquis d'Auxerre
    • (m. 1278) Mielle Fhirze de l'Envers (b. 1259, d. 1296)
      • (eldest child tbd), Marquis/e d'Auxerre
      • (several other legitimate children)
    • (l. 1292) Estelle Lacroix (b. 1271)
      • (b. 1293) Phariel l'Envers
    • (m. 1298) Azalaïs Mereliot nó Alyssum de l'Envers (b. 1279)
      • (b. 1299) Grace l'Envers

Orléans Branch

  • Hadrien Vadim l'Envers, Comte d'Orléans
    • (m.) wife
      • heir
      • more sons and daughters
    • Helene nó Jasmine

Current Members


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