Even so had Kushiel cared for the damned in his charge, when he was still the Punisher of God; he loved them so well they received pain as balm and begged not to leave him. So too it made Kushiel vulnerable, for the One God was displeased with him and would have cast him down. But he followed Blessed Elua, who said, love as thou wilt.
– Phèdre's narration,
Kushiel's Chosen, "Chapter 45"

Kushiel served as the punisher for the One God before he became one of Elua's Companions. He understood the pain and chastisement he gave his subjects was an act of love, and his subjects came to love him for it. When the sinners in his care were offered a chance to repent, they refused out of love for him. He chose to join Elua because he felt that Elua understood what he did. Endurance, suffering, atonement, these are the gifts the punisher of the One God, Kushiel, brought to the people of Terre d’Ange, and the Yeshuites identify his sin as loving his charges too well.

Kushiel founded the territory of Kusheth along the north coast of Terre d'Ange, and it is in this land that his main temple resides. His symbol is a rod and flail.


Built of stone, the façade clad in travertine marble of muted honey-colored hue, the Temple of Kushiel stands apart from the others. Heavy double doors coated with bronze, reliefs and ornaments worked into the metal showing depictions of the Companion of Punishment, open into an antechamber. Thick are the walls, and darkness is only slightly alleviated by tall candelabra filled with burning white candles marking the corners of the room. Dark curtains can be drawn in several alcoves to the side, where visitors can withdraw to speak of their guilt with one of the bronze-masked priests and priestesses. There is a definite chill that seems to decrease slightly, when stepping through the next pair of heavy bronze doors into the main room of the temple.

The Inner Sanctum is a hall of high ceiling, just high enough for the tall effigy of Kushiel in its center. A winged bronze mask covers his face and gives him an unrelenting air. With his two arms crossed before him, he holds a rod in one hand and a flail in the other. Close to the pedestal there stand two braziers where incense is burned, to open the mind and soul to Kushiel's unrelenting stare. It almost seems as if he were looking down to the whipping post before the pedestal, with the bowl of saltwater beside, to be applied after the flogging.

A bronze door to the side leads to a hallway with rooms, one of them holding the bath of purification, a pool there filled with steaming hot water emanating the faint scent of sulfur where penitents go to prepare before they will do penance inside of the inner sanctum. The hallway connects to the antechamber through a black curtain that can be pulled aside, hiding the passage at other times.


The priesthood of Kushiel wear black robes and bronze masks whilst within his temples, making identifying them difficult. It is believed that those that come to the temple for the cleansing of their sins must believe that it is the hand of Kushiel himself punishing them, using the priest or priestess as his vessel to do so.

Position Name
High Priest/Priestess Open for Application
Second to Kushiel Open for Application




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