Investigation Rules

First of all, someone starting an investigation needs to put in a +request, where all required rolls will be documented. Please line out in your request which area exactly you will be investigating. The more precise the area, the more precise the answer you will receive.

In case further rolls are required, like, for example, a Stealth roll if someone was observed, these would have to be documented as well. Staff will page the parties involved, ask them for rolls and add the rolls in a comment to the job.

The person investigating can use one luck point once, as to add a bonus of +3 to the roll. Please note, this is not the same bonus that will be used by default when spending luck usually.

As for rolls of the one being investigated, they can spend luck in the same manner as the investigator (bonus of +3).

Use of luck points has to be recorded in the job as well.

Teamwork rolls: It is possible to have more people work together in the investigation. Please note, that there won't be any individual rolls, but instead only the main investigator does the +roll, they will add the skill of those assisting as bonus.

Example: Main investigator has Investigation 5. He has helper A with Investigation 3 and helper B with Investigation 2. Main investigator spends a luck point for applying a +3 bonus. The roll would be: +roll Investigation +8 (+3+2+3)

Once the rolls have been made, staff will make inquiries with those investigated, or in case of posted logs, define the amount of information gathered, based on the success of the roll(s).

The information will be added to the job and +mailed to the (main) investigator.

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