Inactive Characters

Characters listed here have been away from the game for at least a month. They may not have idled out yet (as this would take 3 months of inactivity), but due to their absence they are for now removed from the active character listings. If your character is listed here, please log your character on to the game, and we'll set you back to active. If your character is in the freezer, please contact staff to get the character out of there.


alexandre_icon.jpg angelique_icon.jpg annaliesa_icon.jpg atreis_icon.jpg bastien_icon.jpg carenza_icon.jpg ciel_icon.jpg dimitri_icon.jpg edgard_icon.jpg edmund_icon.jpg ezio_icon.jpg gaston_icon.jpg gauge_icon.jpg guillaume_icon.jpg henri_icon.jpg imogen_icon.jpg iolanthe_icon.jpg irene_icon.jpg laurent_icon.jpg leonide_icon.jpg lucienne_icon.jpg marlon_icon.jpg matisse_icon.jpg philippe_icon.jpg sacha_icon.jpg sombra_icon.jpg stephane_icon.jpg timeo_icon.jpg tourmaline_icon.jpg tristan_icon.jpg tybalt_icon.jpg victoire_icon.jpg viviane_icon.jpg vollaire_icon.jpg weston_icon.jpg


annais_icon.jpg belladonna_icon.jpg celeste_icon.jpg dominique_icon.jpg elodie_icon.jpg etoille_icon.jpg fayette_icon.jpg inaya_icon.jpg juliette_icon.jpg lilyana_icon.jpg lorathena_icon.jpg madelynne_icon.jpg manon_icon.jpg margot_icon.jpg marion_icon.jpg melville_icon.jpg merielle_icon.jpg miette_icon.jpg morgana_icon.jpg noemie_icon.jpg sylvie_icon.jpg violetta_icon.jpg ysabeau_icon.jpg


clarisse_icon.jpg aoife_icon.jpg avalyn_icon.jpg aziza_icon.jpg brizia_icon.jpg dariush_icon.jpg diego_icon.jpg frida_icon.jpg leandra_icon.jpg luka_icon.jpg marisol_icon.jpg niamh_icon.jpg zariya_icon.jpg


abraham_icon.jpg auriane_icon.jpg felicite_icon.jpg


alderic_icon.jpg juste_icon.jpg
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