Grid Map


This is a very old grid map from when the game was still in the planning stage. While it gives a certain feel for where certain quarters of the city can be found, it is by no means accurate or even complete. For finding your way around the grid, please make use of the +hangouts command on game and check out the overview of the city here, which has a more up-to-date list of locations.


Port: The Citadel, The Kraken's Den (tavern), L'Amour Méchant (brothel), Grand Plaza

City Center: Le Marché, Le Parc, Place des Mains,

Le Marché: <inn>, <tailor>, etc

Le Parc: l'Infirmerie, Les Jardins

Place des Mains d'Eisheth: Rue du Palace (heading eastward, towards the Ducal palace), Quartier des Temples, Le Court de Nuit, Avenue Mereliot (Noble District)

Le Court de Nuit: the four salons, names are still subject to change, more detailed room list tbd soon.

Avenue Mereliot: Here is where noble residences (of Eisandines but also other d'Angeline nobles) will be located. Properties will be built on grid, only if needed. Descs to be submitted by those requesting lodgings.

Quartier des Temples: Temple of Eisheth, and others, Le Parc (which can be reached by a path leading past Eisheth's Temple)

Rue du Palace: Ducal Palace, Road to Eisandine Countryside

Ducal Palace: Entrance Hall, Great Hall, Council Chamber, Gardens, Guest Tower

Countryside: L'Areal de Tournoi, Le Bois d'Aubagne, Le Cascade
(Waterfall in the mountains overlooking Marsilikos).

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