Salon de Lis d'Or
Motto Shine and Inspire.
Head Courtesan Philomène nó Lis d'Or
Marque Golden Lily
Salon Traits Dahlia, Camellia, Cereus, Eglantine
Surname nó Lis d'Or


The Salon de Lis d'Or was founded seventy-four years ago, by a Dahlia trained Montreve nobleman who had found a certain grandeur and sparkle lacking in the entertainments offered in Marsilikos. It was about the time, when there was a wave of courtesans from the City of Elua seeking to found salons in the capitals of the provinces. Not so much to distract from the ulitmate treats as could be found on Mont Nuit in the City of Elua; but rather as a subtle reminder of it; a service that would warm local nobility to the idea of travelling to the Capital one day, to see for themselves the breath-taking variety of the thirteen Night Court Houses.

Giscard de Montreve's aim was to provide a place where perfect companions would be shaped, for courtly occasions, leisurely strolls around the city and evenings of accomplished entertainment. The Golden Lily would embody all the traits of perfection, regality, transient beauty and inspired artistry, that high nobility could wish for.


Perfection in comporting oneself with exquisite grace and an air of regality are the principles pursued by courtesans of this salon. It also showcases the talents of its members that are sufficiently accomplished, in the arts of music, literature and painting. Courtesans of the Golden Lily are a most welcome addition to any fête held by nobility, as they offer the sort of refined entertainment that is costly and yet so immaculate.

Some courtesans of this salon receive nicknames they get known for in Marsilikos, such as Diamond, Sapphire or Pearl. Perhaps provoked by the canon "Shine and Inspire!"

Cereus Trait

The principle of transient beauty is the canon of House Cereus, and it is a quality that is conveyed in the light blonde courtesans with skin that shows the course of veins as if they were not of flesh but chiselled from marble. True Cereus courtesans are a rarity in Marsilikos, because, as a Cereus there is more power, wealth and influence to be found upon the pinnacle of Mont Nuit. There are some courtesans however, that qualify in their bearing to at least in part pursue the high ideal of Cereus. They have a thorough understanding of how court works, of the most powerful families in the grander scheme of Terre d'Ange.

The Cereus trait awards a +1 bonus to all Politics +rolls. It is rare that a marqued Lis d'Or courtesan will have more than one level in this trait.

Dahlia Trait

The motto of Dahlia House on Mont Nuit is "Upright and unbending", a quality that shows in in the impeccable countenance and composure displayed by those trained according to this canon. Dahlia courtesans are known for their proud and almost regal bearing and a true sense of courtly customs which makes them often the company of choice to show on an arm of a noble at courtly occasions. Some noble families contract a Dahlia to instruct and train certain members in the subtleties and customs at court, in addition to other implications of such assignations. It is no rare thing, that a Dahlia ends up as consort or even wife to high ranking nobility. They are highly coveted as this, due to their connections and thorough understanding of courtly workings and machinations.

The Dahlia trait grants a +1 bonus to Composure per level of the trait.

Camellia Trait

"Without Fault or Flaw", is the canon of House Camellia in the Capital, and it expresses the high standard of perfection each courtesan of this trait will strive for. Perfection, as extends to the daily styling, the choice of dresses and attire, the arrangement of interior, the way of a hairdo, never a single strand out of place. Perfection in beauty and grace as well. There is a common jest about Camellia courtesans, that they cannot stand imperfection, always compelled to fix it, and be it the tiniest detail. They are actually the perfect adornment upon a noble's arm at social occasions.

The Camellia trait grants, through yearlong practice of attaining perfection, a +1 bonus to Presence. As this is an attribute, it will need two levels to take effect.

Eglantine Trait

Accomplished in the arts, mastering at least one instrument, and most often in possession of an astoundingly beautiful voice are Eglantines, which leads to them being contracted often for providing musical entertainment at social events alone. But there are more areas they often excel in, such as painting, writing poetry and the design of clothes and jewelry that lends them a creative air - and often a means to earn their living beside their service to Naamah.

The Eglantine trait grants a +2 bonus per level on rolls on one artform they have specialized in, such as Singing, Dancing, Painting, Fashion Design, a musical instrument, poetry or another form of creativity. Please note: Levels can be assigned to two differing skills, meaning that Eglantine trait at level 2 for one single skill is possible (leading to a bonus of +4 for that one skill), but also Eglantine traits with one level in one skill and one level in another (each at +2).

People of Note

  • Giscard Donatien Edouard nó Dahlia de Montrève (NPC) — The salon's founder, deceased.
  • Philomène nó Lis d'Or (NPC) — The present Dowayne, Dahlia by training.
  • Émilie Perigeux nó Lis d'Or — Former Camellia Second, retired due to ill health.

Current Members

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