Salon de la Glycine
Motto Shower Me With Joy.
Head Courtesan Bertrand Albert de Perigeux nó Glycine
Marque Wisteria
Salon Traits Bryony, Jasmine, Orchis
Surname nó Glycine

Canon and History

This is the salon that caters most openly to hedonism, and it unites the traits of Jasmine, Orchis and Bryony under the same roof. In the time since its founding in 1295 it has managed to become a primal spot of bubbly night life, where gambling and betting draw a certain clientele of nobility. Similar to the Salon of the Rose Sauvage, the salon has a leader and two Seconds, each in charge of one of the other two traits. The place is famous for their regular erotic wrestling events, crazy occasions of cross-dressing and special theme-nights held by Bertrand de Perigeux, of middle-eastern bellydances and frivolous orgies in old Tiberian style.

Jasmine Trait

"For Pleasure's Sake" is the canon of House Jasmine on Mont Nuit, and courtesans following this precept will usually impress with their passion and stamina. Beside that, they are trained to offer entertainment that stirs the senses, some are skilled dancers, capable of sensual performances such as the Dance of Seven Veils, or belly dances of foreign influence. Passion is often paired with a more exotic appearance, and so courtesans of this canon are sometimes halfbloods, with one darker skinned parent. Another treat this canon is known for, is to inspire creativity in pursuing their passions. Including food, at certain dinner parties, when courtesans find themselves used as plates for sensual menues, decorated with a variety of fingerfoods - and little more.

Jasmine trait benefit: Seduction +2 per level of the trait.

Bryony Trait

Numbers and gambling are the fortés of Bryony trait courtesans. They are experts at the most common games of chance and dexterity, such as cards, dice, kottabos, and betting in general. Their cleverness is complimented by the allure of being Servants of Naamah, and they are coveted for their skill in economics. There are a number of Bryony courtesans that have left service after completing their marque, to become a companions or even consorts to nobility - and to assist thus in making holdings flourish even more.

Bryony trait benefit: Gambling skills +2 per level of the trait.

Orchis Trait

Mirth is the prerogative for an Orchis courtesan, and to see it united with Naamah's Service gives an assignation a definitely light yet freeing character. Wit can be challenged in an exchange of quips, and even more bawdy humor finds its place among the repertoire. A room of oddities at La Glycine provides laughter and diversion, even so an Orchis will not confine themselves to this room alone. When prowling the terrain of the Room of Games, the Sensual Baths and the Foyer itself, jests are received best when they come unexpected.

Orchis trait benefit: Persuasion +2 (Mood lightening)

People of Note

  • Bertrand Albert de Perigeux nó Glycine (NPC) — The salon's founder and present Dowayne, Jasmine by training.
  • Cochonnet Cocotte nó Glycine — Orchis Second.
  • Amaryllis nó Mereliot — Retired courtesan.

Current Members

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