Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play on this game?

You need to connect to the game server, using the port as listed here. To do this, you need to use a MUSH client application, such as potato MU* client, MUSHclient or others.

For a brief introduction to MUSHing basics, you can check out this particular information. It is from another game, but it gives you a quick overview if you haven't played on these kind of games before.

What system is used for rolls and combat?

We use Faraday's FS3 Skills and Combat system, Second Edition.

What are the most common commands, and how do I use them?

Typing the command 'help' in game will give you an introduction and overview to basic pennmush commands and functions. If you type '+help' instead, it will give you an overview of additional commands (as per FS3 addition or individually coded commands like +econ and +marque). These latter commands will most probably be the commands you will use more frequently.

Is this MUSH in any way affiliated with other MUSHes of the Kushiel theme?

Nope. Staff may have played on other games of the theme. They never staffed there, however.

Is it possible to port/recreate characters from other Kushiel themed games?

Of course. That is, if these characters were your characters, your creation, so to speak. They might need a bit of adjustment though, to fit to our scope and theme.

Can noble characters own/run businesses in the city?

This is possible, as long as the character in question does not hold a title. Please note, that running a business will not enhance your in game wealth, but it can facilitate finding RP.

What about characters of criminal/shady backgrounds?

These concepts are of course possible. Keep in mind though that IC actions might provoke IC consequences. Your character could get caught. When in doubt, ask staff if such a concept would work and how to go about making it fit into the game as a whole.

Is it absolutely required to know the books of the Kushiel-series?

Nope. In general, you can get along fine with all the information as is provided on the wiki. It can help though to read at least the first volume to get a good feel for the setting.

Can I play a princess, a king or a duke?

Not on this game. We actually restricted status for a reason, as a) high station does not add to flexibility of a character and b) our focus of play is in the province, not the Capital, where high ranking nobility would be a more common sight.

More to be added here soon…

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