“My grandfather's Heaven is bloodless, and I am not. Let him offer me a better place, where we may love and sing and grow as we are wont, where our children and our children's children may join us, and I will go.”
– Elua, Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 1"

Elua is the most important deity in the religion of the people of Terre d'Ange. He was conceived from the blood of Yeshua ben Yosef and the tears of Magdalene in the womb of Earth. Elua was rejected by many in his travels as being the illegitimate son of God. The Yeshuites identify his sin as loving earthly things too much.

“Love As Thou Wilt”. The only commandment Blessed Elua gave to the people that followed him. Love was the gift he gave to d’Angelines, and he and his Companions lived with the populace, creating a nation of people with angelic bloodlines.

They caught the attention of the One God, who sent his messenger to welcome Elua into heaven. Elua rejected his offer, taking Cassiel's dagger and slicing his palm. He informed the messenger that because heaven was bloodless and he was not, he would not go there. This led to the creation of the Terre-d'Ange-that-lies-beyond, where Elua and his Companions went and where d'Angelines believe they go after death.


Of all the temples and shrines to Elua and his Companions, only Elua's are perpetually beneath the open sky, having no roofs, only four pillars to mark the corners. Any kind of plants are allowed to grow in the temple undisturbed. Temples usually have a statue of Elua, and he is typically depicted with his hair unbound and a smile on his face. One hand is raised while the other is scored with the mark of his mortality. Visitors are required to walk barefoot in the temple. Anemones and lilies are flowers associated with Elua and may be given in offering. When entering the place of worship, be it a shrine or temple, all must do so with their feet unshod, in honor and memory of Blessed Elua whom walked the earth in his wandering wearing no sandal, boot, or shoe of any kind, and where his bare feet touched the earth, flowers grew and bloomed.

Elua's Temple in Marsilikos

The edges of the temple are all done in white marble with four pillars reaching up into the sky done in the style of ancient Hellene. The pillars are encircled in vines which flower in a multitude of colors during the warm seasons and are carefully tended by the temple clergy. The temple grounds itself are left wide open to the air, the ground well cared for grass and bushes and flowers are found freely throughout, kept in careful order by the attendant clergy. At the center of the temple is a massive oak tree, nestled within its roots a stone statue of the blessed Elua, as if the tree formed around the statue itself. Here at the foot of the statue of Elua people leave offerings of incense and prayer, leaving a pleasant aroma as the various offerings are burnt throughout the day.


Elua’s priesthood wear robes of light blue and, like Blessed Elua himself, have their feet unshod as they walk the land. Priests of Elua, along with priests of Naamah, perform D'Angeline marriages.

Position Name
High Priest/Priestess Open for Application
Second to Elua Open for Application






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