Eisheth bestowed the gifts of the healing arts, music and storytelling upon the d'Angeline people. Many of the best healers and chirurgeons come from Eisande, the province in which she settled and claimed for her own. Some say that she favoured it for the alleged healing properties of its waters, and others claim that she loved the culture that her lands embraced with its being the gateway to Caerdicci, Aragonia and others. Some say that she simply had a fondness for sailors and adventuring. She gave rise to mendicants, or travelling storytellers who would carry their tales through the whole of Terre d'Ange and beyond. She is also attributed with the gift of fertility, and the d'Angeline wedding ceremony involves the bride lighting a candle and saying a prayer to Eisheth to open the gates of her womb. When the time comes, the woman makes her way to the temple where one of Eisheth's priestesses will perform the ceremony that will open her womb to children. Her head, breast and belly are anointed with oils, and prayers are offered to Eisheth before the woman is dipped in a pool of water. Before then, a d'Angeline woman cannot conceive, and once done, it cannot be taken back.

Eisheth's symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions. This is the arms of House Mereliot, the ruling house of Eisande. Because Eisheth was female, the head of House Mereliot is always female, and is known as the Lady of Marsilikos.


The main Temple dedicated to Eisheth lies within the city of Marsilikos.

Architecture so very reminiscent of Hellene style is apparent in the tall columns of milky white marble rising all the way to the high ceiling that has been painted with floral patterns of finest artistry, giving the hallways surrounding the atrium-like space in its center an airy feel. More frescos cover the stone walls, some depicting Eisheth healing the sick and the wounded, others showing scenarios of lighter atmosphere with Her as the patron of arts, playing a lap harp, singing and telling tales.

There is a path if one follows the pattern on the floor inlaid with moasic stones of various green shades, a path that leads from the impressive double doors in a winding circle deeper into the center, an inner square with no roof where the sacred pool is located. Moss covers the rocks surrounding it, and they must be climbed if one wishes to anoint themselves in the holy waters of the pool. Fire and candles of beeswax can be found in a cabinet in one of the hallways. And there is hardly a day, when the effigy of Eisheth on the larger rock in the center of the pool has not one or two freshly lit candles at its feet.

Priests and acolytes attired in the sea-blue robes of Eisheth clergy roam the temple, ready to offer counsel, arrange for healing services in the nearby infirmary or perform rituals to worship the patron Companion of Eisande. Light filters in through circular windows of stained glass, painting the interior occasionally in shades of blue, turquoise and green, especially on sunny days.


The priesthood of Eisheth can be identified by the sea-blue robes they wear. The Priestesses of Eisheth perform the ceremony known as 'Lighting the Candle'.

Position Name
High Priest/Priestess Open for Application
Second to Eisheth Open for Application



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