Eisande: Vacant Holdings

This is where we list titles that are currently available for application. If you are interested in applying for one of these, please notify staff on game. Titles in italics have been previously claimed, and may require an additional explanation in your BG.

Greater Houses

House Mereliot House Rousse
* Béziers (Barony)
* Aubagne (Barony)
* Bessèges (Vicomté)
* Mende (Barony)
* Quézac (Vicomté)
* Fraissinet (Barony)
* Sault (Vicomté)
* Malaucene (Barony)
* Sorgues (Barony)
* Sartène (Vicomté)
* Bastia (Vicomté)
* La Motte (Barony)
* Chateaudouble (Barony)
* Chateauneuf (Barony)
* Tanneron (Barony)

Other Houses

House Baphinol House Delaunay House Eresse House Valais
* Carpentras (Vicomté)
* Venasque (Barony)
* Caderousse (Barony)
* Ventabren (Barony)
* Gardanne (Vicomté)
* Meyreuil (Barony)
* Nimes (Vicomté)
* Bellegarde (Barony)
* Lunel (Vicomté)
* Chaudon (Barony)
* Clumanc (Barony)
* Thoard (Barony)
* Draix (Barony)

Available Advanced Positions in Eisande

These concepts require a bit more than standard, in regards to background and in game activity. They are, at this point, limited to heirs to comte titles. These positions may have been held previously by other characters, but in some case we have removed older entries from the family branches to allow new players more space to fit in their particular vision and leave room for new immediate family.

Comté House Predefined Family
Florac Mereliot Father
Vaucluse Mereliot Mother
Cannes Rousse Father
Eresse Eresse Mother, father, siblings

Specific Applications

Please add specific wanted concepts to the table below.

Name Position Details Contact
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