Eisande: Vacant Holdings

This is where we list titles that are currently available for application. If you are interested in applying for one of these, please notify staff on game. Titles in italics have been previously claimed, and may require an additional explanation in your BG.

Greater Houses

House Mereliot House Rousse
* Aubagne (Barony)
* Mende (Barony)
* Fraissinet (Barony)
* Malaucene (Barony)
* Sorgues (Barony)
* La Motte (Barony)
* Chateaudouble (Barony)
* Sartene (Vicomte)

Other Houses

House Baphinol House Delaunay House Eresse House Valais
* Venasque (Barony)
* Caderousse (Barony)
* Meyreuil (Barony)
* Vauvert (Barony)
* Sommieres (Barony)
* Chaudon (Barony)
* Clumanc (Barony)
* Ventabren (Barony)
* Thoard (Barony)
* Draix (Barony)

Specific Applications

Please add specific wanted concepts to the table below.

Name Position Details Contact
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