In this game, income will not be treated as an attribute, but as figure that is calculated when needed. Hence, a new character is not at a disadvantage compared to an established character, as it is the status that determines their wealth and not accumulated prior income. What this means in particular areas is described below.

Taxes and Income in general

General costs for upkeep and general income of holdings/businesses won't be issues that will be considered on this game for now.

The Marque

Usually it takes about two to three years to complete a Marque. In this game, we define the time needed as 20 months, after which (even without playing out assignations) a character will have completed their marque. This can of course happen quicker through assignations that are referenced through RP. Each month, each adept will receive 5% fixed and a bonus of 1% each per RPed assignation to add to their marque, up to a monthly bonus of 5%. At least playing out the agreement on contract would be required to be counted. In case these RPed assignations have occurred, the player of the adept can put in a request so that potential bonuses are noted in the progress on their marque. Please note that no transfer of resources from patron character to adept character is required on this game.

The costs, so to speak, are handled via the requests where progress of the marque is updated by staff. The player of a patron can reference a patron gift in his roleplay, but the amount is fixed. To pay off a marque via over-generous patron gifts will have to happen through other means (see below).

An adept starts at 0% right after the debut. If creating an adept character, the player can determine how far the character is already on their marque, by setting the value in the Special Merits room in chargen.

  • You can see the current state of your character's marque when typing '+marque' or '+sheet2'
  • By the first of each month staff will handle the standard monthly marque raise for you. You will get notified by +mail. For any extra bonuses to be applied, you can put in +requests.


The financial potency of each party intending to bid will be calculated at the beginning of the bidding process. Staff will ask each player to do a +econ/set which will set the limits, based on a chance roll that also uses the character's station as a factor. Each limit will only be viewable by the respective player and staff. It is possible to exceed the limit by upto 25%, or to involve further parties (friends, allies) to boost financial potency, and after calculating their coin they can fixate how much they are willing to contribute. Just keep in mind that this spend may affect other financial ventures for the coming weeks or even months, for those parties involved.

Affected Finances

Winning a debut will have the following effects on the winner/winning parties, restricting their extra coin for the time specified below:
Debut Price Economy Block
<=50% of limit 14 days
>50% of limit 30 days
>85% of limit 40 days
upto 125% of limit 60 days

An Example

It is the night of the debut of a Glycine novice. As agreed upon between debutant player and respective Second/staff, the bidding is to be run as open auction. Everyone intending to bid has to do an +econ/set. The limit is calculated and shown to the player setting it. The Baronesse of Cargèse (player A) has a factor of 5, and her limit is set to an amount of 18,500 ducats. The Vicomte d'Orange (player B), has a factor of 6 but less luck tonight, with a limit set to 18,400. Bidding ensues in rounds, rising from 12,000 to 15,000 ducats swiftly. Player A is eager to win and raises the bid all up to her limit of 18,500. This would already place her at an inconvenience of blocking her from other auctions for the next 40 days to come, in case she wins. Player B knows this as well. B is very insistent, though, and very much taken with the debutant, so he goes further. Raising his bid to 20,000, while the baroness keeps up with him. He raises his bid to 21,000. And there the baroness suddenly remembers another debut which is to happen 50 days from now. She gracefully abstains from bidding further, and so the debut goes to the vicomte. Who will now be unable to bid on that other debut, as this one already puts much strain on his finances.

Financial Ventures

Sometimes it is required to make an investment, to boost a certain asset of one's holdings, buy out someone's Marque or merely finance an expedition, a sea voyage. If planning some of that kind, please put in a request and work out the cost and financial feasibility with staff. Sometimes it can spark great RP to involve more investors/players.


The table below gives an overview of factors. If you are not sure about your factor, please contact staff on game. For now, factors of played characters will range from 3-6.

Title Factor
Unlanded Noble 3
Noble Heir 4
Baron/Baronesse 5
Vicomte/Vicomtesse 6
Comte/Comtesse 7
Marquis/Marquise 8
Duc/Duchesse 9
Royal 10
Rank Factor
Fully Marqued Courtesan 4
Salon Second 5
Salon Leader 7
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