Salon de Coeur De Lavande
Motto Love is powerful but fragile.
Head Courtesan Alucard nó Coeur de Lavande
Marque Lavender
Salon Traits Cereus, Heliotrope, Jasmine
Surname nó Coeur de Lavande

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In 1305 Coeur de Lavande was established by three Courtesans that were closely associated with the Viscomte de Chaumont, Ciel d'Essoms. They each met him when they were quite young, making them quite close to him. Though MArgot, Alucard, and Avril all had different marques they wanted their house to represent something special to them and that was lavenders and how their heart’s were connected. Thus the name ‘Lavender Heart’ was born. After years of being in his service or favored by him, there became a secret signal between the three of them: a bundle of lavender left outside of each other’s door to meet in secret and spend time together. These three love each other dearly and so much that after their marques were complete they wanted to stay together. Their love for Ciel had grown over the years and thus had decided to stay with him or become part of his household. However they did express a wish…a wish to open their own Salon in Marsilikos. After many talks, the Viscomte had decide to not just help their wish but to fully fund it for these three courtesans.


Cereus, Jasmine, and Heliotrope. While perhaps an unexpected combination, those of Coeur de Lavande often embody the whole of one but aspects of the other. Those of the salon are quite loving but, like those of Cereus in Elua, it is easily broken. Those who join the Lavender Hearts, mainly those that are Heliotrope inclined, are often free with giving their love and the relationships they form often build like a wildfire. They also display their love in such a way that it builds up slowly and is very frail, this style is often done by those inclined towards Cereus. Regardless of how those of Coeur de Lavande show their fragility and their love it shows how powerful it can be but also how fragile.

People of Note

  • Ciel d'Essoms - Investor
  • Alucard nó Coeur de Lavande - Head Courtesan / Founder
  • Avril nó Coeur de Lavande - Courtesan / Second / Founder
  • Margot nó Coeur de Lavande - Courtesan / Second / Founder

Current Members

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