The City of Marsilikos

Marsilikos roughly corresponds to our medieval Marseille. It has a harbor with a citadel overlooking the port, an infirmary, various districts for temples, night court, nobles and commoners. And of course, there is the Ducal palace, the Dome of the Lady, where the Eisandine Council comes together to discuss Eisandine matters, mostly.

General Information

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Marsilikos was built by the Hellenes, so it predates Elua and his Companions by several centuries. Eisheth took a liking to the city and it lies within her province of Eisande. Because of this, many of the finest chirurgeons come from the city.

The ruler of Marsilikos is always female because Eisheth was female. No one has succeeded in breaking this tradition. She is known as the Lady of Marsilikos. If there are no daughters, the heir's wife will be the Lady of Marsilikos and will share power with him. Marsilikos is ruled by House Mereliot. During the series, Roxanne de Mereliot is the Lady of Marsilikos.

The seat of House Mereliot is the Dome of the Lady. It is an impressive structure of white marble with a large golden dome surrounded by minarets. There is a legend that the golden dome can be seen far out to sea and has saved the lives of sailors during storms.

Marsilikos is the home port of the Royal Fleet, though they may occasionally dock elsewhere in Terre d'Ange.

Places in the City

Court de Nuit

The Night Court of Marsilikos consists of a number of salons located next to the Place des Mains. It offers entertainment through courtesans, in the variations found at Mont Nuit in Elua. Go here for a more detailed description of canons and specializations.

Noble District

The theatre in the Noble District has reopened a few years ago, now under the leadership of the great vocal talent, Clémentine nó Trevalion, and is now known as the Opera de Marsilikos. Make also sure to visit the Golden Harbor restaurant and the Wine Cellar, both offering adequate refinement in dishes and beverages not too far away from the opera.

Gardens of Eisheth

  • Infirmary

The Harbor

  • The Kraken's Den
  • The Citadel

Temple District

  • Temple of Eisheth

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