Character Concepts

Possible Concepts

  • Landed (lower) Nobility: Vicomte and Baron concepts only, for now, with the possibility to rise in station.
  • Heirs upto Comte titles. Heirs to Marquisates/Duchies require a strong BG.
  • Unlanded nobility. Noble Siblings, cousins. Adventurers, scoundrels, ladies-in-waiting to the Lady of Marsilikos.
  • Courtesans: Local Salons and independent courtesans, or those attached to a noble. Novices, Adepts and fully marqued courtesan concepts.
  • Shop owners: Commoners running smaller businesses in Marsilikos
  • Retainers: servants, handmaidens of noble characters; guards
  • Clergy: priests, acolytes, healers
  • Tsingano: Even if more common in Kusheth, they can certainly be encountered in Marsilikos as well.
  • Foreigners: Ambassadors, adventurers, merchants.

Advanced Concepts

These are highly encouraged but need a bit of extra work.

  • Head courtesans, runner of salons: If you have an idea for a salon, please do approach staff about it, and they will be happy to work together with you to bring this idea to life.

Restricted Concepts

  • Royalty: No Kings, no princesses, sorry. These can appear in plotlines, though, but then only as the occasional NPC that is run by staff.
  • High Nobility (Duc, Marquis, Comte): At least for now. Comte and Marquis types may be playable concepts in the future. Same goes for the heiress to the Duchesse.
  • Cassilines: These would be sidekicks to High Nobility, and thus can come into play once these are available for chargen.
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