Character Concepts

Views may vary about which are the 'best' concepts that are most likely to find RP. We started out with the conviction of 'the lesser the noble, the better', as these concepts tend to be the most flexible ones. But what you choose to play, pretty much is up to your personal preference. Here is an overview of possible concepts on our game. The list may not be complete. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask staff.

Possible Concepts

  • Landed (lower) Nobility: Vicomte and Baron concepts only, for now, with the possibility to rise in station.
  • Heirs upto Comte titles. Heirs to Marquisates/Duchies are considered advanced concepts (see below).
  • Unlanded nobility. Noble Siblings, cousins. Adventurers, scoundrels, ladies-in-waiting to the Lady of Marsilikos.
  • Cassilines: As elite guards for High Nobility, this concept needs to be apped for with a particular played noble character to protect (heirs to duchies, marquisates and comtés).
  • Courtesans: Local Salons and independent courtesans, or those attached to a noble. Novices, Adepts and fully marqued courtesan concepts. Seconds, if an adequate position fitting their canon is open.
  • Shop owners: Commoners running smaller businesses in Marsilikos
  • Retainers: servants, handmaidens of noble characters; guards; hunters
  • Other commonfolk: Barmaids, sailors, city guards, etc.
  • Clergy: priests, acolytes, healers
  • Tsingano: Even if more common in Kusheth, they can certainly be encountered in Marsilikos as well.
  • Foreigners: Ambassadors, adventurers, merchants.

Advanced Concepts

These are highly encouraged but need a bit of extra work.

  • Head courtesans, runner of salons: If you have an idea for a salon, please do approach staff about it, and they will be happy to work together with you to bring this idea to life.
  • Exposed Alts: Heirs to higher titles, such as Duchies or Marquisates. These will require a strong background and are expected to drive RP, and be it just by pursuing their own agenda. Goals are required, and also the willingness to involve others in your RP of achieving these goals. Non-Eisandine heirs usually will have to return now and then to their home provinces, due to their duties, they don't have to be constantly active in Marsilikos. Please be aware though, that staff will have to decide on a case-by-case basis whether a long absent player may reclaim a +freezered exposed alt. As the RP of others may depend on your alt, it is always advisable to announce a longer absence in advance, and to set yourself on vacation in game.

Restricted Concepts

  • Royalty (Courcel Main Branch): King and queen, their sons and daughters and any d'Angeline concepts of Prince/Princess of the Blood are not open for application on this game. These can appear in plotlines, though, but then only as the occasional NPC that is run by staff.
  • High Nobility (Duc, Marquis, Comte): At least for now. Comte and Marquis types may be playable concepts in the future. Same goes for heir/heiress of Eisandine Ducal branches.
  • Anguissettes: These are supposed to be extremely rare, if one can tell from the stir Phèdre nó Delaunay caused. There won't be any played characters of this concept on this game.
  • Landed Nobility and heirs of the Namarrese Courcel Branch: Currently, such concepts won't be approved. This may change sometime in the future.
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