Zoé Chalasse
Fullname: Zoé Selene Chalasse
Played by: Josie Lane
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthdate: November 12, 1289
Class: Nobility
House: Chalasse
Occupation: Vicomtesse du Tulle
Province: L'Agnace
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Alain and Arabelle Chalasse
Siblings: Two younger unnamed brothers
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information


Her birth was typical by any means, especially for the first born child and daughter of Alain, the Vicomte' de Tulle. It was a crisp and bright day in mid-November 21 years ago when her mother, Arabelle, gave birth in a cattle barn. She was coming and upon a soft pile of hay she was brought into the world.

She would be raised in two worlds, the world of the politics and nobility of those most fortunate and those of the hard-working people that drove the Vicomte' and toiled in the fields and dirt. While she was learning about how to run a Vicomte and how do deal with the bureaucracy of politics, she was also learning how to plant a field and birth a calf. It was a decision that her parents would not sway from, their daughter and heir to the Vicomte would have a foot in both worlds.

The young girl would be barefoot as often as possible, running amongst the fields in the morning with other commoner children, back inside for her educational lessons and dressed up in her finest for dinner and social obligations. This not only allowed her to escape the abusive actions of her father, but it was this exposure that made her very well-rounded and helped her to understand the people she would one day rule.

It was when she was fifteen or so that her mother finally had enough and left the family with Zoé's two younger brothers. Despite her efforts to tolerate and deal with her alcoholic husband, it was simply to much for her to handle and she returned home to her family lands. She begged Zoé to come with her, but Zoé felt a sense of duty and truth be told was not target of his drunken aggression. However, when she was the only one left, she quickly became the recipient of his rage.

She would be chosen by her father to be the face of the family, which worked out well as he always found himself behind the bottle as the years progressed. It was Zoé that would visit the towns and people of the Vicomte to hear of their grievances and concerns. Her understanding and relatability made her easy to talk to without fear of repercussion and was valuable to her father in running the Vicomte. She has lived by the motto her father told her about ruling, "It is best to keep the bull happy. Once he starts charging, all you can do is get out of the way." And to Zoé, her father was the bull.

Recently, in a reason that is still swarmed in mystery her father passed. He was a man that was not missed by his people and only helped to grow support around the new Vicomtesse from her people. Her mother has also recently returned to the family estate with her brothers, which has allowed Zoé to travel to Marsilikos in an effort to further her lands prosperity. However, she does so with that aura of mystery still swarming around her father's death and her possible involvement.

Will the "Mud-Princess" be able to find guide her and assist it in finding prosperity and growth? Has she been followed to Marsilikos to further an investigation in a possible murder? Time will tell, but this young woman is as stubborn as the bulls that she was raised around and that can only be a benefit.





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