Zéphyrine Rousse
Fullname: Zéphyrine Agnès Eliana Rousse
Played by: Leighton Meester
Gender: female
Age: 21
Birthdate: March 24th, 1291
Class: Noble
House: Rousse
Occupation: Baronne de Filitosa
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Marcel Didier Rousse, Bérenice d'Essoms Rousse
Siblings: Léandre (deceased), Oreste
Marital Status: unwed
Children: none

Known Information

Young adventurous lady recently thrust into responsibility and leadership of a barony


The young baronne was born as the second child to Baron Marcel Didier Rousse and his wife, Berenice in the year 1291. Naming their daughter after a mild westwind would not appear odd in a seafaring family such as House Rousse, and so they gave her the name Zephyrine. Located in the center of the pleasant Mediterranean island of Corsica, the Baronnie de Filitosa was where the young girl was brought up in the first fifteen years of her life. She developed a talent for riding and a love for horses, and a certain affinity for climbing and hiding in the woods, being quite the energetic child. Her younger brother, Oreste, was an esteemed partner in playing hide and seek in the woods, and all other kinds of mischief. Until he departed for the city of Elua with their mother, to be presented to the Houses of Mont Nuit in the year 1303. Her older brother, Leandre, five years her senior, was mostly absent, as he would often accompany her father Marcel on sea voyages. And it was due to an attack of pirates on one of those travels, that Leandre got killed, and her father was taken hostage, in the year 1306. Instead of paying the ransom the Comtesse de Corsica, a far removed Rousse aunt of hers, decided to send a group of skilled and seasoned fighters on a rescue mission. They made landfall on the small isle of Ustica, North of Sicily, where the pirates had their hide-out, and the Baron de Filitosa was saved, most of the pirates were killed and some were taken hostage.

With his heir dead, Marcel considered his options. Zephyrine was the next in age, not quite unreasonable even if a bit impulsive. Oreste had been given to the Mont, an arrangement he could not be pulled out of, and so her father began to work on establishing some of the family traits within his daughter. Zephyrine was thrilled, she was eager to see new lands. She accompanied her father on a few travels to Aragonia and Caerdicca Unitas, the languages of which she had already received lessons in and could improve by speaking with natives of these lands. Her father made sure that Zeph would know basic techniques of defense, hiring a bodyguard for her who was also to train her in the use of a dagger. At sea, she learned some basics of navigation, of using the tide and the wind to one's advantage. Her knowledge in these areas remains basic, even so, as more focus would be put to other areas, like economics, management of the barony and dealing with the taxes.

Zephyrine is of a rather open and straight forward character. This also is a reason for her being really bad at lying or keeping up pretensions. There have been a few minor dalliances with minor members of the Delaunay and Valais family. More of a platonic relationship evolved with Jordain Verreuil, whom she encountered in the year 1310, on a sea voyage to La Serenissima. They keep exchanging letters, and he has influenced her in a way that she has tried to focus more on her studies lately. Also prompted by the fact, that her father fell ill in March 1311 and soon has found himself unable to continue with leading the barony. He abdicated just recently, in the month of December. And so, with the help of her mother Berenice and a trusted Seneschal, Tristan d'Oisy, who also instructs her, Zephyrine finds herself thrown into a position no one expected her to hold when she was born. She has recently arrived in the city of Marsilikos, to present herself at the Eisandine Court, and to make contacts, while Filitosa is left in the care of her mother, Berenice d'Essoms Rousse, and Monsieur d'Oisy.





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