Yves Nicodème Valliers
Fullname: Yves Nicodème Valliers
Played by: Matthew Bell
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthdate: September 19th
Class: Noble
House: Valliers
Occupation: Lord
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Jervais Auguste Valliers, Duc de Valliers and Evianne Montchapetre de Valliers
Siblings: Roche, Phileas Valliers and others
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

A young man recently arrived from the country with a knack for the blade and absolutely no idea what he is doing.


One of the younger of Duc de Valliers' children, Yves like many of the children in the family was handed a sword as soon as he could walk and taught in all manner of warfare against the Skaldic menace. In all things martial, he excelled, and continues to exceed expectations showing the strength of his lineage as a scion of Camael. But blood would only do so much, and what he lacked in natural aptitude the youth more than made up for with obsession and drive. Never wanting to be left behind by older siblings for any reason.

Such was his recognized talent that he was quick to find himself in defense of the land, and swinging his sword without mercy, perhaps several years earlier than might have been expected, even of a son of a Valliers. That said, the young man aspires to become a proper warrior for the realm, and not just another nobleman living on the good graces of his forebears.

A true aspirant of the Camaeline virtues.

Aside from his warrior aspirations and thirst for knowledge of the blade, what then can be said of the young Yves Nicodeme Valliers? Among the children in Nancy, he was quick to make friends, but always hyper, always moving, always constantly looking for something to swipe at with a stick or a new friend. He enjoyed the company of girls a bit earlier than most, perhaps because of how quickly he'd grown into his frame, or perhaps just because it was his particular nature.

His studies as a young nobleman were a bit stunted at times, as none consider him likely to ever be heir, so he was mostly left to his own devices. Learning to dance, speak clearly and play a skilled game of chess so as to pass the time when he isn't training for battle with Skaldia.

Due to recent pressures from the family and recent developments along the border, the Duc has recently made the decision to send his son to the Ducal palace in Eisande where he hopes some exposure might help him broaden his horizons and perhaps secure a wife.





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