Xiao-Ling Zhang
Fullname: Xiao-Ling Zhang
Played by: Yifei Liu
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthdate: November 9, 1287
Class: Foreigner
House: Other
Occupation: Ambassador
Province: N/A
Country: Chi'n
Parents: Zhang Jing-Wei (father), Zhang Li-Ling (mother~deceased)
Siblings: Older step siblings
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: None

Known Information


It was the Year of the Pig, 1287, when Zhang Xiao-Ling came into world; the daughter of the Emperor's most trusted political Advisor. However, the birth was not without difficulty and sadly her mother passed during her delivery.

She would not be the Advisor's only child, but the only child he had with his second wife; a woman he truly adored. Her father, Zhang Jing-Wei, saw to it that his daughter was given everything she needed in terms of education and opportunities.

From an early age, Xiao-Ling proved herself to be a willing student but possessed a strong will that tested her educators daily. She would question, she would persuade, she would do anything she could to learn more or to get out of learning completely.
However, the best education she received was when her father insisted, she sit in on many of the political discussions with the members of the Emperor's staff and even some with foreign dignitaries. As her father stated, "It is one thing to learn all a book has to teach you, but it is what you do with it that matters most." He was raising her to find success in the political world, in a culture where this was not a normality.

As Xiao-Ling grew, she found herself in three different worlds; one of etiquette and finery, one of politics and persuasion, and one of martial training. Xiao-ling would learn to dance and play traditional Chi'in instruments, she would learn the courtly ways of a lady in Chi'n. It was something she did not particularly care for, but she knew of its importance and she took it quite seriously. With a protective father knowing that he could not always be around to keep her safe, Jing-Wei sent her to train at a well-known monastery in a Chi'in martial form when she was 12.

Recently, when the Emperor sought a replacement for the Ambassador to Terre d'Ange, Jing-Wei suggested his daughter. She was certainly qualified to do so, a persuasive and strong-willed young woman who could take care of herself. The Emperor had great trust and admiration for his Advisor, thus the decision was made and within weeks Xiao-Ling was off on her long journey to Terre d'Ange. What does the future hold for the young Chi'in woman? Will she be able to further the interests of Chi'kin with the d'Angelines? So many unanswered questions, but she is poised to find out.





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