Vincens d'Eresse
Fullname: Vincens d'Eresse
Played by: Tygh Runyan
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birthdate: Mar 19
Class: Unlanded Noble
House: d'Eresse
Occupation: Shipwright
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Landry d'Eresse (d.1307) & Baronesse de Vauvert, Camille d'Eresse (d.1310)
Siblings: Odric (Baron of Vauvert)
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information

A noble that spent several years at sea, Vincens is a promising shipwright and a sometimes painter/sculptor who creates distinctive, peril filled naval scenes.


Vincens was always a studious child, much taken by art and the sciences. He couldn't settle on any one thing. There was always something new to pursue. It made for an endearing, interesting, child but without the strict focus provided by family and talented tutors he would probably have ended up a hermit walled up in some library somewhere with dirty clothing and rack upon rack of pretty but rather uninspired artwork. Luckily for Vincens, he was born into the nobility, and his mind and creativity was given plenty of space to flourish even as they were guided into more useful things.

The idea to attend university was planted in him and from there flourished into a driving need that saw him head to the great university in Angelôume, Siovale, there to study mathematics and the art of engineering. But without the carefully crafted schedules that enabled him to focus he soon lost himself in the tendency to jump from one passion into another. His studies started to fall along the wayside as he spent more and more of his time chasing the latest bit of gossip, absorbing irrelevant books or creating cute pieces of art.

It was on one of these side-ventures, during his twenty second year of life, that Vincens met an Aragonian ship captain called Ursola and fell headlong into an obsession that would dominate the next five years of his life. It was a time of adventure and hardship, hard work and great passion, that caused him to lose a lot of good will with his family. There were three little girls, not his by blood, that he helped to raise, and who helped him to shed a great deal of the immaturity that had so far dogged his life. He learned to sail and read the wind, to see things out of the normal, work with people, and most dramatically of all to fight.

He wont talk about what happened to bring him home. But it was not the same man that went away to university that came home from the sea. Where before he was dreamy and scattered in his approach to almost everything, driven by curiosity and a love of experiencing life, now he is self-possessed, cynical and sometimes cruel. A strong believer in the concept of an eye for an eye. He would have the world think that he is unaffected and without strong feelings on almost everything but that isn't really true. All you have to do is listen to him talk on a topic he is interested or see the drama and peril that fill his naval themed artwork to get an inkling on that.

When he returned, mere days before his twenty-eighth birthday, words were had, and it was decided that he would finish the expensive education he so casually threw. The Baronesse, his mother, arranged for him to serve as an assistant, and apprentice of sorts, to the nearby shipwrights run in the lands of the neighbouring vicomte de Lunel. To start with it was an activity done mostly to reduce a nagging feeling of guilt, and to prove that he had changed and become reliable during his absence, but he soon realised that he had a genuine knack, and passion, for the 'art' of ship design along with sufficient ability in the organisation and management of the tasks that would see his designs become reality. Although he has yet to associate himself with a shipyard he's already got a reputation as a talented ship designer amongst the shipbuilding community.

When his mother, the Baroness Camille, succumbed to illness in 1310, he turned his attention to assisting (or perhaps getting in the way of) his brother Odric as he became the new Baron de Vauvert. When Odric felt it would be helpful to spend time in Marsilikos during the earlier parts of 1311 Vincens followed.



odric Odric d'Eresse, Baron de Vauvert : Older Brother


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