Veronique d'Aiglemort nó Glycine
Fullname: Veronique d'Aiglemort no Glycine
Played by: Victoria Justice
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthdate: April 7th
Class: Courtesan
House: Salon de la Glycine
Occupation: Courtesan
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: TBD
Siblings: Tempeste d'Aiglemort
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: Hahahahahano

Known Information

Veronique d'Aiglemort no Glycine is a known noble and courtesan of the Salon de la Glycine. She isn't famous for her supernatural seduction skills or divine love-making ability. She doesn't make fantasies come alive, can't play the music of the angels, and won't cause the Gods themselves to weep with the beauty of her dancing.

If you have come to Veronique, you have come to have a good time. Not in the way many who seek courtesans do. There are better Salon members for those who just want an intimate encounter with a lovely young woman. Her specialty is taking locals and foreigners out for the night of their lives, showing them the night life and hidden pleasures to be found within it. Watching and betting on brawls in a tavern on Fight Night, gambling in a house of ill repute, listening to the bards at the local inn and eatery with a pretty, laughing, encouraging trophy on one's arm are what she provides, followed by what one would expect at the end of the evening. Many also simply enjoy renting a known noblewoman for all the sorts of things one tends to pay a courtesan for.

Her patrons are known for winning big when listening to her advice, and being charmed into losing more money than they had cared to spend if they're foolish enough to make bets with her.


Born to the noble d'Aiglemort family, Veronique is the (current) youngest daugher, far behind in the line of succession from her sister Tempeste. She was pampered at a young age as the 'baby' of clan d'Aiglemort, which prompted resentment amongst her siblings that boiled over into, mostly good-natured, bullying.

Having enough children underfoot and eager to ride (and die) in battle, Veronique was sent to the service of Naamah, the one closer at hand rather than the one in Elua, so as to better keep tabs on their progeny. Veronique grew up without the care and pampering she had received in her earliest years, but never quite lost her spoiled nature and taste for the finger things, despite it.

Showing promise with charm, games, and levity, she was quickly shuffled into the Glycine, particularly the Bryony. Though containing some noble skills, the ability to ride, know courtly customs, and such, most of her arts were turned towards entertainment. Being in the Glycine brought her in close with the Jasmine and the Orchis, allowing her to learn some wit, as well as dance and singing that might entice an otherwise reluctant client.

Her true skill lies in the areas of finance and games of chance, where perception and keeping one's cool are paramount as the stakes grow ever higher. She is a nightmare when money is on the line, always taking her winnings with a radiant smile and enticing patrons to empty their wallets long before they are able to afford her for a night.

Her skills in acquiring money did not allow her to earn her Marque as quickly as it might have otherwise, as her ability to hold onto money is as poor as her ability to generate it is grand. Nevertheless, at the age of twenty-one, the courtesan came into her own, her Marque completed, and has chosen, for now, to stay in her Salon in service to Naamah.


  • Courtesan: Veronique is no naturally-gifted lover. She's known for catering to travelers, merchants from afar, and foreign dignitaries, to show them the best of what her lands have to offer in entertainment. She's the 'fun' one, the one that will take you out to the best places to eat, to where they serve the best drinks, to the rowdiest brawls, the raunchiest orgies, and the highest stakes gambling. What she lacks in skill, she tries to make up for in charm and enthusiasm.
  • d'Aiglemort: She's a member of the family! Looking for a connection there, or a member yourself? Hit me up!
  • Gambling: She may not be the sexiest courtesan alive, but one would be hard-pressed to find one who is better at playing the odds and coming out on top. She is prone to not knowing when to quit, getting in over her head, and making trouble when the stakes are high.
  • Mercantile: Just because she's a divine prostitute who gambles her way through life, doesn't mean she can't haggle and trade like a holy terror. Her time with foreign merchants has not been idly spent rolling her pretty eyes when they talk about their business affairs, fortunes, and travel. She learned their languages to learn more about it herself. Looks won't last forever.


tempeste Tempeste d'Aiglemort : Older Sister and the 'Evilest Person in Camlach'. Their relationship is touch and go, with the younger constantly trying to thaw the heart of the elder, and the elder constantly showing her why she shouldn't bother.
adeline Adeline Merliot : A sweet interior begging to burst forth out of a bitter and hardened soldier. Once you knock the crust off and get a little drunk, the armor loosens and the fun begins. A horrible gambler.


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