Valerie Cherevin
Fullname: Valerie Cherevin
Played by: Adelaide Kane
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthdate: November 17th
Class: Noble
House: Cherevin
Occupation: Unlanded lady
Province: Kusheth
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Elodie Cherevin & an unknown courtesan
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

The niece of Marquis Donatien Cherevin, raised in his household. Valerie tends to be a calm reserved and calculating sort. She keeps a wall between her and others, to protect herself and to keep emotions from affecting her ambitions. She is a skilled duelist and rider and has just as much talent there as she does in the more lady like arts.


Valerie Cherevin is the daughter of Donatien Cherevin's sister, Elodie Cherevin and a courtesan whose identity was never discovered. Rumor has it he was from Marsilikos, but that is all that is even slightly known. Elodie lasted long enough to name her daughter before she died peacefully after the birth. That left Valerie to be raised by her uncle in his household. She wasn't his daughter and she knew this, no matter how hard Valerie tried she never could gain the approval she sought. She learned to duel and ride along with the arts and politics and she mastered keeping her emotions locked away early. If you were hurting and someone knew it was a weapon they could use to hurt you further. Valerie became cold outside, a stone wall protected her heart that grew more jaded by the day. In the end, all that mattered was power and reknown and she swore when she finally left home at age twenty that she would have both. Rather than journey to Elua city, Valerie went to Marsilikos, not because of her father possiblly being from there like many thought but for different reasons. A tournament was coming soon, and it was the perfect chance for her.





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