Fullname: Uncumber
Played by: Played By
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Birthdate: 23 February
Class: Foreigner
Occupation: Performer
Country: Aragonia
Parents: Orphan
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: None

Known Information


Uncumber, or "Cumby" as she is more affectionately called, is something of a mystery. Her name She was was most likely born in Aragonia, at least that is what the she was told growing up. The orphan girl was abducted, or perhaps rescued by a roaming band of vagabonds. Her ever changing coterie of merchants, entertainers, and thieves have taken her up and down the coast of the Mediterranean. Along the way, Cumby has picked up on a variety of trades, skills, and languages.

The main difficulty in discerning Uncumber's true life story is her unwillingness to tell it truthfully, or perhaps her blatant exaggeration of the truth. She has claimed to have met with kings, been abducted by bandits, and have sailed through past the most ferocious of sea creatures. Some of these tales may have a slight truth to them, but the gypsy tells them with such flamboyant exaggeration, that they become almost entirely unbelievable. The one thing that keeps her from simply being scoffed at as a blatant liar is the speckling of honest and truthful details within the embellished stories.

There are a few facts of her life that are very likely true. Uncumber has traveled at least as far east as Bhodistan, but a shipwreck prevented her from venturing much farther. She has bedded a prince or at least a Jarl's son, most likely in Skaldia. She has followed the rhenus river as far north as Alba, and says she has been further south than Menekhet. She is widowed to an esteemed sailor. She was, at least once, kidnapped by bandits, and she has once been caught in a siege.

It is sufficient to say that Cumby has lived a relatively exciting life, and she seems to know just enough to get by. She recently finds herself in Marsilikos with a small fraction of her most recent band. The main reason for their entering port is the ailment of a long time traveling companion who has become withered with age, and looks to live out his last days in his home country. Sentiment for the old man is the main draw that keeps her here, but the city is also one she has yet to spend much time in, and, for her, seems worth exploring.





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