Tristan de Fhirze
Fullname: Tristan de Fhirze
Played by: Alexander Vlahos
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthdate: October 19
Class: Lord Sage of the Bacchante
House: Fhirze
Occupation: None worthy of the name
Province: Namarre
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Athenais Fhirze di Firenze, Gaspar Shahrizai
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Very much single
Children: What do you take him for?

Known Information


Tristan de Fhirze is a first cousin to the ruling Namarrese comte through his mother's side. His father was a unlanded, wealthy but distant Shahrizai cousin invested in vineyards in southern Kusheth. The estates on the Lusande River produce the finest wines — and cognac to boot. It matters only to account for those tremendous blue eyes of Tristan's, and his good bank account.

All in all, it was a marriage that swiftly appeared and vanished when Athenais Fhirze gallivanted off to Caerdicca Unitas for a second match, one much more to her liking with the powerful duke of Firenze. Tristan was all of five. His Fhirze relations did reasonably by him, his absentee father paid for a his education and a grand tour in wine, women, and song. Sadly, an idle lord hasn't much to do.

For all the world, Tristan grew up one of those incredibly wealthy sorts without any direction in life. That has a lot to do with how besotted he is with wine, women, and song — his three great weaknesses. After boring entirely of the City of Elua and its lack of excitement, he relocated first to Aragonia for the sunshine and Milazza for the drinks… Not that Mama was thrilled.

Eisande is his latest conquest, where the women are beautiful, the salons divine, and the weather infinitely more favourable than the north. Let the Courcels have their wet and windy town. He'll take Marsilikos any day.

For all that, he's adventurous and a businessman of a kind, looking for an opportunity to support and… Well, mostly something to make his name. He'll never inherit. He isn't made to be a priest. There must be something he can toss all that coin at. He is a gregarious, open-minded patron of the arts and someone who always runs up a tab.

Supremely social and utterly undirected, he falls in wherever the excitement goes. The money he reaps by inheritance goes into a life wasted on fashionable appearances and the Court of Night Blooming Flowers or whatever ventures he's interested in.

So they say.




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