Trinette Valais
Fullname: Trinette Valais
Played by: Chloe Grace Moretz
Gender: Female
Age: 16!
Birthdate: November 16
Class: Noble
House: Valais
Occupation: Unlanded Lady
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Father: Adrien Blaise Valais (d)
Mother: Jehanne d'Essoms de Valais
Siblings: Arterre older brother and Vicomte de Barrême
older sibling
younger siblings
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: None!

Known Information

Rumor has it this almost 16 year old is quite the spoiled flirt and perhaps a bit of a diva.


Trinette was born upon a bright and sunny November day to Adrien Blaise Valais (d), Vicomte de Barreme, and his young wife Jehanne d'Essoms de Valais who happened to be the younger sister to the Vicomte de Bazancourt. And as one of the younger children she was quite spoiled and had her father wrapped around her little finger since she could talk. Thanks to this she was able to pursue whatever she desired and was rarely ever told no. And even at a young age she was very flirty and vivacious, her Namarre scion trait often shining through. And as she grew she never wanted for anything and would usually just need to threaten a tantrum and she would get her way. Often getting more out of him as he grew older and sometimes more forgetful.

Though upon his death she lost her 'Yes man' father and her oldest sibling, Arterre quickly became the Vicomte. Though she was afraid to inquire things of her brother, more out of respect than fear given how he had to take on their father's position at such a young age. Now she is coming to Marsilikos since her coming of age party is just around the corner and she wants it in Marsilikos! Let's see if she can work up to courage to ask for a big grand ole party for her coming of age.






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