Timothée Rafael de Somerville
Fullname: Timothée Rafael de Somerville
Played by: Spencer MacPherson
Gender: Male
Age: 18 years old
Birthdate: 22nd of December
Class: Noble
House: de Somerville
Occupation: Ducal Heir
Province: l'Agnace
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Léonidas Frederic de Somerville and Theodosie Tremaine de Somerville
Siblings: Lucien Gaillard de Somerville (d) and many others
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

After the sudden death of the firstborn Lucien Gaillard de Somerville two months ago, his five years younger brother had to take up a position of a Ducal Heir. The young man has been set up to become an adviser to his older brother and his martial abilities were developed by a highly respected uncle Basile de Somerville, Comté de Brive. As a consequences of this, Timothée is considered to be fit for his new duties as he does not lack necessary skills for such a future. Though, the young man is considered to have less charisma than his older brother but that doesn't mean that he lacks the knowledge of a courtly etiquette. His taste for expensive fashion and a skill at many various games is noticeable during the social gatherings. It also seems that he is taking not only the political position of his brother but he is suppose to marry the same lady Lucien has been engaged to but he died a couple of days before their wedding.



Léonidas Frederic de Somerville and Theodosie Tremaine de Somerville were favored by the angels and have been blessed with an opportunity to have many children even if not all of them had a long and happy life. Their firstborn was an apple of Leonidas and Theodosie despite his innocently mischievous and trouble-maker personality. Lucien Gaillard de Somerville was a lean and tall man whose white hair, eyes blue like a clear daylight sky and a playful smile charmed many ladies. He was intelligent, a quick learner, agile, strong, patient on top of that. His perfect taste in humor made him a social butterfly at any festivities, what made majority of the nobles praise Lucien to his parents increasing their pride and joy. Everybody thought him to be a perfect future Dec de Somerville.

Their second born Timothée Rafael de Somerville was born five years later. He was more lean and lacked a few inches of height to stand equal with his brother. His hair were dark brown and his thick arched eyebrows were almost as black as coal. Even his eyes were dark as the deepest ocean. As Timothée demonstrated a sharp mind and passion to details since early days, Duc de Somerville has decided that Timothée shall grow to be a powerful military leader who could command the “banners” of the many soldiers who lived on their lands, leading them into battle for the Lucien once he will be the Duc.

“Timothée, you shall remember to watch your brother’s back. Politics is a fierce game of survival and your brother needs an ally he can trust. You are bond by blood. It has been decided by the angels that you shall be his fort for the sake of our name and for the sake of our people,” Léonidas Frederic de Somerville has repeated many times to his second-born. However, until boys were eight, they were under their mother’s supervision, learning basic life on the estate. Soon they have been joined by a few charming and fair sisters who branched the tree of a House de Somerville even more. Once Timothée turned eight, he has been sent away as a page to Basile de Somerville, Comté de Brive. When he was twelve, a young boy raised to squires and started his training with weapons and horses. That’s when he found out about majority of his likes and dislikes in life.


However, it is important to have in mind that since Duc de Somerville perceived Timothée as a right hand to Lucien, the second born’s life was structured and organized in a way that incorporated military training into the daily schedule. He also had to learn social grace, management and business skills, and even financial management. He had less of those lessons than his brother, but whenever they happened Timothée had to sit at Lucien’s side.

One of the things Timothée fell in love with was hunting. Bow and arrows were his main weapons. He also found love to falconry. While he still is not an incredibly good hunter, he loves the process and does not shake off the duty of field dressing what many other nobles leave to common servants. Parents perceived Timothée's rational, sharp mind and a strong will as traits fitting to the future military adviser. To add to this, Timothée also showed passion to weaponry and is known for taking a few classes guided by the talented blacksmith Monsieur Harman.

The older this young man grew, the more Basile de Somerville has strengthened his grasp on the young man. Restless training, lessons and attendance of tournaments, festivals, balls, and feasts took away all Timothée's free time. His passion to the house Valerian after his age of sixteen also became noticed and most likely gave the only pleasure to the young man between all those heavy lessons and duties. Lucien has been betrothed to the lady of high importance in the meanwhile. However, three days before marriage Lucien slumbered to the ground during a small festivities. Five days of heavy illness were more than enough to take Lucien’s life. Funeral had to be arranged instead of the wedding.

The angels have turned to Timothée now placing a heavy burden of Ducal Heir's responsibilities on the young man's shoulders.




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