Thaddeus Trevalion
Fullname: Thaddeus Trevalion
Played by: Andres Risso
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birthdate: Sep 18
Class: Noble
House: Trevalion
Occupation: Heir to Comté d'Amiens
Province: Azzalle
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Archard Trevalion (Father), Aurore Eltoine de Trevalion (Mother)
Siblings: 4
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: None

Known Information

Married once, but she died of Illness, Aimée Eresse de Trevalio.

He is the heir to Comté d'Amiens.




narcisse Narcisse Trevalion : Little brother, you honor your family in your own way. But don't try and get yourself in too much trouble.
rosalie Rosalie Claire de Somerville : She will be my wife, the other side of my coin. I'm taken and stolen, by her ways, she glows for me in my mind eyes. She is a friend to both of us, and I hope it remains.
isabelle Isabelle de Valais : An artist, a maker of clothing, witty, a joy to chat with, a friend maybe or maybe not, time will spell it out.
ailene Ailene Lili-Ange de Trevalion : Lovely, amazing, my dearest of the heart. Trouble as the day is long, but normally worth saving.
arianne Arianne Cosette Trevalion : Kind, good, true, not as much trouble. But is there a streak hidden there, sometime I see glances.
alcibiades Alcibiades Rousse : My newest sailing friend, I sadly have much work for you, but together we will clean the seas.


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