Teiso Lakatoš
Fullname: Teiso Lakatoš
Played by: Willy Cartier
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthdate: November 11th
Class: Commoner
House: None
Occupation: Horse Trader and Leatherworker
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Camlo and Elophia Lakatos
Siblings: Two older brothers, one younger sister
Marital Status: Unattached
Children: None

Known Information


Teiso is the third child of Camlo and Elophia Lakatos, with two older brothers, Ithal and Lasho, and a little sister, Jilí. Born into the kumpania of Tsingani that dwell just outside of Marsilikos, Teiso is the wilder one of the brothers, blessed with less duties and expectations. An inability to sit still has always forced him out into the wilderness, made him climb trees and explore less populated parts of the forest. Typical Tsingano that he is, he has some skill in dealing with horses.

An unhappy love story has already dampened his youthful enthusiasm, when the lovely Maireni was married off to another by her family.

It is Teiso's dream to some day travel and see other parts of Terre d'Ange. Speaking of dreams and visions, he is one of the few male Tsingani who have been blessed with the gift of Dromonde. It is not particularly strong in Teiso. And he must not tell any of the others in his kumpania, as it is vrajna (forbidden) for a man to practice the Dromonde.




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